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Vienna then Back to Germany 16.07.2023
Salzburg; the Salt Mines 09.07.2023
Austria; 1st Stop Salzburg 02.07.2023
Munich; The Good and the Bad 29.06.2023
On To Geneva for a Visit to CERN 26.06.2023
Verdun and Douaumont; World War I Sights 20.06.2023
Another Day, Another Grandkids Trip 18.06.2023
Last Day In London 10.06.2023
A Long Day At the Tower of London 07.06.2023
A Very Short Visit in Paris 01.06.2023
A Day for the Maserati 30.05.2023
It's All About the Italian Cars 26.05.2023
Grandkids in Rome, Day 2 25.05.2023
Grandkids in Rome 24.05.2023
Grandkids Trip, Getting to Portland 23.05.2023
Siena, Italy, The Hilly Country 08.10.2022
Off to Verona Italy 29.09.2022
A Day In Rome 27.09.2022
A Day in Rome and A Day at the Herculaneum 05.09.2022
Trying To Get To Rome 03.09.2022
Moving From A Stick House Into An RV 23.08.2022
Airing Ourselves Out 22.08.2022
Winter Solstice Sunrise at Stonehenge 31.12.2021
Sunset on Winter Solstice in Stonehenge 30.12.2021
Phantom and the Gold Experience 29.12.2021
Back to London and the Shakespeare Globe 28.12.2021
Our 49th Wedding Anniversary Celebrated In A Medieval Castle 26.12.2021
Spending a Day with Jane Austen in Bath 19.12.2021
Stonehenge and Salisbury 17.12.2021
Another Day at the British Museum and A Day at Hampton Court 16.12.2021
A Day in Kensington Palace and An Evening at Barbicon 14.12.2021
And Then We Were Off to London 13.12.2021
Another Day, Another Family 12.12.2021
Family and Friends in Gauting, Germany 10.12.2021
A Day in Amberg, Germany 10.12.2021
Travel Challenges 08.12.2021
A Much Postponed Trip to Europe 06.12.2021
One Last Day in Taos 07.11.2021
Taos, Noche de Altares 03.11.2021
A Day of Play in Santa Fe 01.11.2021
A Beautiful Day in Taos 31.10.2021
Finally, An RV Road Trip 26.10.2021
A Day With Vincent Van Gogh, Then Time at the Royal Palace 30.08.2021
A Day in Amsterdam, A Day in Leiden 28.08.2021
A Day Trip to The Hague 27.08.2021
A Day in the Botanical Gardens 26.08.2021
Two of Our Days In Amsterdam 25.08.2021
Rembrandt and A Day At His House 24.08.2021
Amsterdam, A Day of Contrasts 22.08.2021
Amsterdam, A City Walk 20.08.2021
Settling Into Amsterdam 18.08.2021
Amsterdam, We Are On Our Way 17.08.2021
The Last Day in London and This Trip 02.08.2021
An Afternoon in London, An Evening At the Globe 01.08.2021
Living In a Castle For a Day 31.07.2021
From Stonehenge to Thornbury Castle 30.07.2021
Salisbury and Stonehenge 30.07.2021
A Day of Play In London 29.07.2021
Harry Potter Meets Zaya's World 27.07.2021
Life in Quarantine in the UK 27.07.2021
d'Orsay and 2 Picnics in Paris 25.07.2021
Paris, The Louvre 24.07.2021
Bolzano, the Ice Man Museum 16.07.2021
Opera at the Verona Arena 15.07.2021
A Day in Verona, A Day in Modena 13.07.2021
Venice, A Day Trip 11.07.2021
3 Days in Pisa and Florence 02.07.2021
A Few Last Days in Rome 27.06.2021
One Whole Day for Pompeii 24.06.2021
Rome, Finally We Are Here 20.06.2021
Athens, One Last Day 16.06.2021
Athens Adventures 16.06.2021
A Day in Ancient Olympia 15.06.2021
All Things Acropolis In a Day 13.06.2021
Day 3 & 4 in Athens 11.06.2021
Day 2 in Athens 09.06.2021
1st Day in Athens 08.06.2021
32 Hours of Travel Adventure 07.06.2021
Life After A Year of No Travel 06.06.2021
Spending A Day In The Fall Colors 05.11.2019
Overnight in Bishop 04.11.2019
A Week of Playing With Grandkids 03.11.2019
Exploring the Whistler Area 02.11.2019
Business and Play in Vancouver 30.10.2019
Working Our Way Across the Border 29.10.2019
A day in Oregon City 28.10.2019
Working for Our Dinner 26.10.2019
On to June Lake and then North 24.10.2019
Searching For Changing Leaves 22.10.2019
A Fall Trip 18.10.2019
An Old Car and An Old Friend 17.10.2019
Visits to Pemberton and Penticton, BC 16.10.2019
Another Day, Another Museum in Vancouver 14.10.2019
A Day at Science World 05.10.2019
2 Days in Victoria 04.10.2019
Grand kids Trip Part B 29.08.2019
Yellowstone Day 2 28.08.2019
Yellowstone Day 1 24.08.2019
Locked Out But Lucked Out 18.08.2019
A Stop in Reno 17.08.2019
An Overnight Stop At Lassen National Park 10.08.2019
A Few Days Of Quiet Before the Storm 09.08.2019
A Grandkids Trip #2 07.08.2019
San Francisco with a 4-Year-Old 06.08.2019
Camping at Sun River 04.08.2019
Not the Way to Start a Trip 02.08.2019
Sharing London With Good Friends 08.12.2018
The London Eye and Westminster Abbey 06.12.2018
One More Performance, Les Mis 02.12.2018
The Tower then Royal Albert Hall 01.12.2018
1 Night, 2 Concerts in London 30.11.2018
Shopping, Walking and a Concert in London 27.11.2018
A Visit to Parliament 24.11.2018
Downton Abbey aka: Highclere Castle 22.11.2018
Sightseeing in Winchester England 21.11.2018
A Day Trip to Chawton 20.11.2018
Winchester and the Great Hall 19.11.2018
Day 1 in Winchester 18.11.2018
Trying To Get To London 17.11.2018
Mesa Verde's Long House 13.11.2018
A Little Time in Balcony House 10.11.2018
Santa Fe and Taos 09.11.2018
Memphis and Oklahoma For Food and Family 07.11.2018
Kill Devil Hills and Jamestown All in A Day 12.10.2018
Heading Home With Lots Of Stops 11.10.2018
On The Road For Hurricane Florence 10.10.2018
The Birthday Backpack Trip Is Over 15.09.2018
Birthday Backpack Trip, Day 3 14.09.2018
Birthday Backpack Trip, Day 2 13.09.2018
A Birthday Backpack Trip for the Oldsters 12.09.2018
Last Day in Bryce Canyon 16.08.2018
Hiking in Bryce Canyon 15.08.2018
A Day With the Dinosaurs 14.08.2018
A Real Adventure To Start A Grandkids Trip 13.08.2018
A Road Trip With No Point 24.03.2018
Road Trip Delays 16.03.2018
Sharing Some Family History in San Antonio 02.03.2018
A Hike Into Mug House 07.10.2017
Santa Fe Cooking, Yum 28.08.2017
We Are On Our Own In Santa Fe 25.08.2017
A Tribute to Our Journey 16.08.2017
The Great Mouse Adventure 22.06.2017
A Cave Walk 21.06.2017
A Hike in Great Basin with Kids 20.06.2017
Arriving at Great Basin 19.06.2017
The Loneliest Highway in America 18.06.2017
1st A Graduation to Attend 12.06.2017
Car Rental Adventures 02.06.2017
Summer Trips, What Were We Thinking? 27.05.2017
Adventures Await 01.05.2017
An Anniversary to Remember 20.12.2016
Finally, The Glass Igloo 18.12.2016
Rovaniemi, Another Day 17.12.2016
Rovaniemi, Lapland, The Land of Santa 17.12.2016
Off to Oulu 14.12.2016
Visiting Kuopio 13.12.2016
Today it's Tampere 12.12.2016
On to Turku 11.12.2016
Helsinki Day 2 10.12.2016
Helsinki Day 1 08.12.2016
A Winter Trip to Finland 03.12.2016
A Last Day in Taos 27.11.2016
Thanksgiving in Taos 26.11.2016
Back to New Mexico 24.11.2016
The End of a Road Trip 18.11.2016
Hovenweep For A Day 17.11.2016
Another State, Another Restaurant 16.11.2016
A Day in New Orleans 14.11.2016
On to NOLA 13.11.2016
Playing Tourist on Miami Beach 10.11.2016
Wind Created Havoc 08.11.2016
A Little Fall Color 05.10.2016
A Few Days In Fort Bidwell 04.10.2016
On to Crater Lake 30.09.2016
Birthdays and Camping 29.09.2016
A Day For the Beach 28.09.2016
Gotta Get Back On the Road 25.09.2016
One Last Day in Alaska 13.08.2016
Denali, Another Day in Paradise 07.08.2016
Denali Camping, Fine River Mud 06.08.2016
Denali Camping, Day 2 05.08.2016
Denali Camping, Day 1 04.08.2016
A Nice Breakfast Out 30.07.2016
Sled Dogs and Glaciers 29.07.2016
Grandkid Travel in Alaska 28.07.2016
Alaska Bound 25.07.2016
Alaska With Younger Grandkids 23.07.2016
Another Weekend, Another Birthday 22.07.2016
Birthday Cake with Butterfly-Flowers 21.07.2016
Fun in Ft. Bidwell 21.06.2016
Fun On A Road Trip 20.06.2016
Murphy's Law When Trying to Leave 19.06.2016
Camping Equals Eating 18.06.2016
Back to Inyo 18.06.2016
Kings Canyon Between Storms 17.06.2016
Camping in Kings Canyon 16.06.2016
A Bit of Luck In Kings Canyon 16.06.2016
The Hike Begins 15.06.2016
Treats On A Camping Trip 14.06.2016
Summer Plans Revised 13.06.2016
Cape Town During Apartheid 21.05.2016
The Ups and Downs of a Road Trip 17.05.2016
Another Hike in Joshua Tree 16.05.2016
A Short Hike in Joshua Tree 15.05.2016
A Snake In the Night 14.05.2016
Riding Out the Storm 06.05.2016
Road Trip to The California-Mexico Border 26.04.2016
Family Time in Fort Bidwell 23.04.2016
Sunset Beach at Sunset 21.04.2016
A Cold Pre-Easter Oregon Beach 20.04.2016
Camping at South Beach 18.04.2016
Oregon In the Springtime 17.04.2016
Last Trip into Death Valley 13.04.2016
Champagne Brunch in the Superbloom 29.02.2016
Adventures in the Life of a Road Warrior 27.02.2016
A Road Trip From Sacramento to Death Valley 27.02.2016
A Day in Taos 20.12.2015
Celebrating at Grand Canyon 17.12.2015
An Anniversary Trip 15.12.2015
Driving Down the 395 13.09.2015
Working Our Way Down Vancouver Island 02.09.2015
Quadra Island 31.08.2015
The Journey Begins 30.08.2015
Old Friends, New Friends 28.08.2015
Making Our Way to the Border 26.08.2015
Sonoma to Oregon City 25.08.2015
Old Friends, Good Wine 23.08.2015
A Little Work, Lots Of Play 22.08.2015
And It Starts With a Bang 20.08.2015
More Travels 14.08.2015
Family Gathering, Part 2 13.08.2015
Family Gathering, Part 1 10.08.2015
Giant Steps, The Horse Gala 08.08.2015
A Tough Hike 06.08.2015
A Birthday Dinner 04.08.2015
More Kings Canyon Adventures 03.08.2015
And Then There Were Bears 02.08.2015
Zumwalt Meadow to The End of the Road 01.08.2015
Setting Up Camp for a Family 31.07.2015
A Not So Fun Vacation Day 30.07.2015
A Side Trip to Craters of the Moon 29.07.2015
Running Around Glacier National Park 21.07.2015
Glacier; The Road to Apgar 20.07.2015
Drumheller, A Side Trip 19.07.2015
High Tea Fit for a Princess 18.07.2015
Made it to Banff 17.07.2015
Adventures and Mis-Adventures in Vancouver 12.07.2015
Seattle with Cousins 10.07.2015
A Visit To A Volcano 08.07.2015
A Little Hiking 06.07.2015
Downtime with the Family 04.07.2015
Long Driving Days 01.07.2015
And the Grandkids Trip Is Rolling 30.06.2015
Shopping for the Big Time 29.06.2015
The Granddaughter Trip 26.06.2015
Summer 2015 is Vacation Time 24.06.2015
Last Day in Europe 17.08.2014
Copenhagen, the Last Of Scandinavia 03.08.2014
Orebro, the Most Romantic Castle 01.08.2014
Oslo and Roald Amundsen 27.07.2014
Norway Glacier 24.07.2014
The Grieg House and Bryggen 22.07.2014
Norway, A Most Beautiful Country 21.07.2014
Off to the Hinterlands of Europe, Or Northward 20.07.2014
On the Road in Czech 19.07.2014
Last Day in Prague 16.07.2014
Stormy Day in Prague 15.07.2014
And It's Off to Prague 14.07.2014
Touring Regensburg in the Rain 13.07.2014
Down Time in Germany 10.07.2014
A Drive in the Vienna Countryside 09.07.2014
Music in Vienna 08.07.2014
Dessert 1st then Vivaldi 07.07.2014
The Salzburg Fortress 06.07.2014
Mozart in Salzburg 06.07.2014
Made it to Salzburg 05.07.2014
Strikes and Rain Interupt Travel 03.07.2014
Festivals and Ruins 03.07.2014
Canoeing in the Franconian Switerland 01.07.2014
Onward to Germany 01.07.2014
Waterloo, The Monument 29.06.2014
A Visit to Bruges 28.06.2014
Brussels, The Next Leg 26.06.2014
One Last Day in Italy 25.06.2014
Rome- We Made It 23.06.2014
Another Day in Florence 21.06.2014
Florence, a Wonderful Place to Visit. 20.06.2014
The City of Assisi 19.06.2014
Made it to Italy 18.06.2014
3 Days and Counting Down 14.06.2014
It Really is Always Something 11.06.2014
A Route Thru Europe 10.06.2014
Trying to Get This Show on the Road 08.06.2014
Paying It Forward in Northern California 05.06.2014
BBQ at Stories Beach 03.05.2014
Alert Bay 30.04.2014
Life at Port Hardy 28.04.2014
Flying Adventures 27.04.2014
Just Trying To Move On Down the Road 23.04.2014
Up and Around a Waterfall 19.04.2014
Visiting the Living 12.04.2014
More Ancestors 11.04.2014
Introducing a Granddaughter to her Ancestors 10.04.2014
Moving Right Along Now 06.03.2014
New and Improved Europe 05.02.2014
A Last Day in New York 31.10.2013
Playing in New York City 30.10.2013
The East End of Long Island 29.10.2013
Living and Working on Long Island 28.10.2013
Dominican Food for Lunch 24.10.2013
And It's Off to New York 23.10.2013
A Labor Day Camping Trip 22.10.2013
The Adamson Estate 21.10.2013
Another Hotel Yarn 20.10.2013
Toronto Hotel Adventures 18.10.2013
Working in Toronto 17.10.2013
Off to Work in New York 13.09.2013
And It's Off to Work We Go 17.07.2013
A Trip Inspired by Genealogy 27.06.2013
A New Mexican Meal 01.04.2013
Cooking in Paradise 31.03.2013
1st Cooking Lesson 29.03.2013
A Day in Taos 28.03.2013
Santa Fe Arrival 26.03.2013
Eating Extravanganza in Santa Fe 20.03.2013
Ever Evolving Travel Pans 26.02.2013
Happy Birthday In the Backcountry 04.08.2012
It's About the Journey 02.08.2012
Upward & Onward to Hidden Lake 31.07.2012
Backpacking in Inyo -Day 2 30.07.2012
Made the Trailhead 29.07.2012
Finally On the Way to the Sierra's 24.07.2012
Backpacking Menus 23.07.2012
Equipment and Food Decisions for Backpacking 21.07.2012
Food and Backpacking 19.07.2012
Planning the Food for the Backpack Trip 17.07.2012
Backpacking With A Knee Injury 16.07.2012
Preparing for Backpacking 15.07.2012
A Little Celebration of Life Before the Drive Home 14.07.2012
One Last Night at Grover Hot Springs 13.07.2012
Playing in Grover Hot Spring 12.07.2012
A Hard Night In Grover Hot Springs 11.07.2012
A Quiet 4th of July at Grover Hot Springs 09.07.2012
A Birthday on the Road to Grover Hot Springs 08.07.2012
Swimming in the RV 03.07.2012
A Surprise Father's Day Weekend 08.06.2012
Lots of Trips in the Plans 07.06.2012
Disneyland, 2 Trips in 2 Weeks 29.05.2012
Preparing for Living Abroad 24.04.2012
Airport Security That Isn't So Secure 15.03.2012
Addicted to Downton Abbey 20.02.2012
Not So Quick Last Minute Trip 23.01.2012
Taos and Beyond 19.01.2012
Exploring the Exploratorium 19.01.2012
San Francisco with Grandkids 15.01.2012
Starting our Grandkids Trip to San Francisco 14.01.2012
Ready for San Francisco 13.01.2012
Pots from the Picuris Pueblo 11.01.2012
2 trips 1 week 09.01.2012
Saving the Frequent Flyer Miles 05.01.2012
Living with Life's Complications 02.01.2012
Grandkids, One of Life's Sweet Surprises 16.12.2011
1st Stop Indiana 18.10.2011
Gettysburg and Life 16.10.2011
The Underground Railroad Condensed Version 11.10.2011
Finishing Work and Starting to Explore 10.10.2011
Almost Ready to Play 02.10.2011
And Look, He Has No Pants 28.09.2011
A Maryland Wine Tasting 26.09.2011
Maryland Crab Cakes 25.09.2011
1st Days of Our New Life 15.09.2011
Claims Work Includes Therapy 13.09.2011
My Hubby Is On His Way 13.09.2011
Living Through More Storms 10.09.2011
The People Who Keep Us Going 08.09.2011
New Day, Better Everything 30.08.2011
A Day Not to be Repeated 29.08.2011
Ups and downs of Being an Independent 28.08.2011
Surviving the Edges of Hurricane Irene 28.08.2011
Travel to the Hurricane 27.08.2011
Earthquake Claims in Virginia? 26.08.2011
Catastrophe "CAT" Adjusting 25.08.2011
Grand Canyon, Day 3 25.07.2011
Grand Canyon, Day 2 25.07.2011
Grand Canyon, Day 1 25.07.2011
A Day in Taos 25.07.2011
Trying to Get to Taos 21.07.2011
The Road to the Top of the World 21.07.2011
Hike to Sprague Lake 19.07.2011
Back to My Vacation 14.07.2011
Now to the Rockies 14.07.2011
Detour on the Cut-Off Road 13.07.2011
Crazy Horse & Mt. Rushmore 13.07.2011
A Birthday in the Badlands 13.07.2011
A Return to Pierre S.D. 12.07.2011
4th of July in Custer, S.D. 12.07.2011
Down by the Lake Superior 05.07.2011
A Day In Yellowstone 30.06.2011
They're Off, On the 7th Annual Grandkids Trip 27.06.2011
Last Minute Chaos 25.06.2011
The Annual Grandkids Trip 23.06.2011
Hotel Adventures 20.06.2011
Last Concerts in Prague 04.06.2011
One Last Day in Prague 04.06.2011
An Opera at the Estates Theater 28.05.2011
Prague- Our 1st Opera 26.05.2011
Inside a Cathedral Dome 20.05.2011
A Concert in Vienna 17.05.2011
Vienna- Mozart's Requiem 16.05.2011
Concerts in Salzburg 15.05.2011
The Austrian Alps 15.05.2011
Salzburg; Old Town & New Town 15.05.2011
Riding the Rails 15.05.2011
We are the Americans Who Know Everything! 14.05.2011
Munich: A Palace and Yet Another Beer garden 14.05.2011
Looking for the Beer Garden 10.05.2011
A Side Road Trip to Franconia 08.05.2011
Waterloo and then Germany 07.05.2011
Belgium, Old Friends and Fun 06.05.2011
We're Off 02.05.2011
More Tickets for Music in Europe 16.03.2011
A Little European Music 07.03.2011
A Wolf Family 20.06.2010
Grand Slam in Denali National Park 20.06.2010
Teklanika Campground 20.06.2010
Equipment fits 20.06.2010
Hiking Exit Glacier 17.06.2010
A Wildlife Cruise 17.06.2010
Seward and the Big Suprise 17.06.2010
Wrangell- St. Elias 17.06.2010
The Fabled Yukon 15.06.2010
Little Town Traditions 15.06.2010
Alaska Bound Day 4 13.06.2010
Alaska Bound - Day 3 09.06.2010
Alaska Bound - Day 2 09.06.2010
On the road 08.06.2010
Getting Out The Door 08.06.2010
Making Reservations 06.05.2010
6 Weeks to Alaska 21.04.2010
Dreaming of Alaska 03.02.2010
Grandkids Vacation is Cancled. 13.07.2009
First day of the Grandkid's trip 12.07.2009
Home Today, Gone Tomorrow 03.07.2009
A day in the Life of Taos 03.07.2009
Abluquerque to Taos 03.07.2009
Ready to Leave 02.07.2009
Losers along the way 02.07.2009
Done with Inspections on one more storm 29.06.2009
What a day! 28.06.2009
"I Believe in Humanity" 27.06.2009
Learning about Batteries 25.06.2009
Small towns 24.06.2009
Alone again 19.06.2009
Flexibility is the key 18.06.2009
Driving to Kansas 16.06.2009
The Drive to Dallas 16.06.2009
Off to Dallas 15.06.2009
Tokyo and new adventures 30.05.2009
Kyoto 29.05.2009
Beijing to Kyoto 28.05.2009
Hangzhou day 2 27.05.2009
Hangzhou 26.05.2009
Yichang and the 3 Gorges 26.05.2009
Xian and beyond 25.05.2009
Travels to Xian 25.05.2009
Louyang Day 2 25.05.2009
arriving in Louyang 24.05.2009
XinXiang day 2 23.05.2009
XinXiang day 2 23.05.2009
A day in the life of XinXiang 22.05.2009
A day in the life of XinXiang 22.05.2009
train adventures 21.05.2009
sitting at the west Beijing train station 19.05.2009
Beijing and the Great Wall 18.05.2009
Beijing and the Great Wall 18.05.2009
Beijimg day 2 17.05.2009
Beijimg day 2 17.05.2009
we made it 16.05.2009
New last minute itinerary 15.05.2009
1 day 14.05.2009
On our own in China- 3 days 12.05.2009
The Itinerary 11.05.2009
Countdown - 5 days 10.05.2009
Another trip to the Embassy 08.05.2009
Saga of the Visa, part 2 06.05.2009
China, Will We Make It? 06.05.2009
using the phone 04.05.2009
It's a Go 04.05.2009
Last minute hitches 03.05.2009
Equipment for China 25.04.2009
Prepping for the trekking 24.04.2009
Working out 24.04.2009
The Visa 22.04.2009
Preprations for China Part 4 15.04.2009
Preprations for China/Japan 3 10.04.2009
Thinking China and Japan 09.04.2009