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Kings Canyon Between Storms

Enjoying the canyon between the storms

overcast 60 °F

It rained all night with thunder and lightning. The thunder went on and on sometimes not stopping, just continuous. We could only imagine what was going on, on the trail and hoped our kids were not getting soaked.

The rain let up some so we packed up a picnic lunch complete with wine and tablecloths. We thought we’d have a picnic at Zumwalt Meadow.
After a stop at Grizzly Falls, and then Roaring River Falls, we drove east to the Meadow. Of course, as we carried our picnic to a table it started to rain. As we carried everything back to our truck it started really raining. It was time for a picnic in the RV.
Late in the afternoon, when the rain had stopped, we headed back to the Meadow for a little hike. It was cool but at least not raining.
As we started to walk we hoped that we’d see the boys if they came out of the mountains.

We took the loop trail around the meadow. It is mostly unpaved and partly thru rocks. Emilio was able to walk the entire way. When a deer headed down the rocky steps toward us, Emilio got a little frightened, but then the deer ran away.
As we were heading back to our truck we saw Justin’s truck pull into the Meadow parking lot. They’d been rained out. Turns out that everything they had was soaked, there was no way they could spend another night on the trail.

Our intuition was correct, and fortunately, we’d planned for a large dinner and sleeping for all. But we were so happy and relieved to have our kids back.

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Zumwalt Meadow to The End of the Road

An afternoon walk

sunny 80 °F

When we 1st suggested to Justin that we could meet for a few days of backpacking we left the options open. We didn’t have any set agenda, only that we’d backpack or hike over his birthday.

Because there are younger kids here he decided that we’d start with a short hike one day, a longer hike the following day and then 2-overnighters. The shorter hike was yesterday. We walked to the Roaring River Falls. Unfortunately, the hike to the Zumwalt Meadow from the falls was impossible as a sign said that hundreds of trees are down on top of the trail. But the kids scampered up and down the rocks and had fun anyway.

We drove to the Zumwalt Meadow intending to take the loop hike around the meadow but instead kept on the trail to the End of the Road. This was a beautiful hike with the meadow on one side and large trees on the other with the river flowing beside them. In some places, we went between the trees. 277D38E0A19948B86F90802108E36725.jpg An interesting side note is that a family donated money to build the trail for all to enjoy, including the disabled. So while the trail is not paved, it is an easy walk and wide enough for wheelchair access.

We left the meadow and started thru the mountain IMG_20150723_160757091.jpg to the End of the Road where we found the river again with a large beach area. Kids took off their boots and socks and went right into the shallow area of water. Justin and his friend went to the large rock and jumped into a deep spot. It was way too cold for me.

Everyone was starving when we got back to camp. Nothing like some good fresh air and a little moving around to feel like a person again.

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