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Almost Ready to Play

Ready to finish up this storm and start some traveling

Now it is the push to get finished. I have 2 days of inspections left but several days of actual claims to write up. It is always hard at the end to take the time necessary to get everything done properly, I just want out of here. Funny because it is so exciting to start a storm but then so great to finish working. But like a supervisor said today, it is so great to go driving off for home with some money in the bank and a job behind you.

So tonight Dale and I started looking more seriously at the end game here. We have a bunch of people we need to see but we also had ideas of things we wanted to do. We mapped it out and found that seeing a few things but mostly driving and visiting with relatives and friends took up 16 days, then we’d need to drive straight home. We both got a little upset with this.

We then looked at what we had wanted to do originally and decided that we’d stick with our plan of doing what we want, not what everyone else wants. However, if our sister-in-law needs us we will help her out and then do our travels later. And we will try to visit my niece on our way home. Otherwise, we will see who we see.

So the plan now is to stay in the D.C. area for a couple of days. I want to go to see Kennedy’s grave, the monuments again, the Air & Space Museum and maybe a couple of other sites. Then start north via Gettysburg to Maine, Vermont and Long Island, then up into Canada. That is what we have so far.

I think that we have some travel books that I bought when Border’s was going out of business so we will need to find those in the next day or so to get a good idea of what it is we want to do.

We do want to be home by the end of October so we will only have about 3 weeks to do whatever it is we will do. But it is fun to think about being foot loose and fancy free.

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My Hubby Is On His Way

Dale is driving across the country to join me

So I think I’ve written about the fact that Dale will be driving here but now he is actually on his way. For a couple of years now Dale and I have planned that we will follow the storms; he will be back up for me and I’ll work. Then we will travel after we are done working.

We’d planned for Dale to come here after he got the RV and truck in shape but I was so worried about him driving alone across the country. Then I remembered that Dolly Hei has always wanted to see DC, she would be perfect.

A bit about Dolly and hopefully I am not repeating myself: Dolly has been a friend since about 1979 when I helped start a food co-op that she joined. Dolly and her husband then came to a couple of our parties and put up a couple of exchange students when we needed to be gone.

Dolly’s husband passed a few years ago so she is on her own. I hadn’t seen her in several years and then ran into her at a peace vigil. We reconnected and exchanged email addresses.

Soon after the peace vigil I got called to Virginia started blogging for the very 1st time and added Dolly to my list of contacts. I only blogged on myspace then so emailed the blogs to a few friends, including Dolly. As it turned out she was so interested in Thomas Jefferson that I encouraged her to join me for the remainder of my time plus the drive home and the travel I wanted to do: Monticello, Poplar Forest, Mt Vernon and so forth. She came and we have been close friends ever since.

So I thought of of Dolly to accompany Dale here. Dolly has always talked about visiting Washington DC and I thought this would be a perfect time for her. We can drop her off in DC, do our inspections, then pick up Dolly and go back to the RV. She can also come along when we are going to other areas.

Dolly agreed quickly to come along and promised to help Dale out on the drive by reading, talking, helping with meals and so on.

They left on Sunday afternoon. Dale reported yesterday that they woke up at dawn at the rest stop in Cedar City, Utah and started their drive across on I-70. They reported that the colors were beautiful driving down thru the buttes. I was so happy that they got to see that amazingly beautiful area in the early morning light.

If you have never driven that stretch of highway I-70 I strongly suggest that you incorporate it into a trip. It is a favorite highway- whoa; I certainly have a bunch of favorites!

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