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Not the Way to Start a Trip

Right away we had a breakdown

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Having worked all winter and spring we made plans for a trip with the Jag and an elaborate plan for grandkids trips. Note the plural!

We had a great plan to include a trip with our 6-year old grandsons to the Oregon coast and 1 for the 10 and 9-year-old granddaughters to Yellowstone National Park. Our 12 and 10-year-old grandsons would be busy this summer with swimming and a visit to their mom’s so we would need to figure out another trip for them at a later date. We even had a little trip planned for our 4-year old grandson to San Francisco.
Our plan was to drive to Northern California and pick up 1 grandson, Emilio, then drive to Oregon City and pick up the 2nd one, Fynn. We’d take them to a Safari Park and a beach day.

We would then drive to Lost Lake and meet our youngest son and family. From Lost Lake, we’d all go to Sun River for a week. Our oldest son’s family would also meet up with us in Sun River and from there we would take our youngest grandson, Jasper to San Francisco for a 2-day stay.
It worked out that Emilio came to our house prior to our departure so we headed straight to Oregon City. We spent the night before Oregon City at a rest stop and figured we be at our youngest son’s house by 1 pm. Fynn was ready to go and couldn’t wait for us to arrive and Emilio could hardly wait to pick up Fynn.
About 10 am we stopped for fuel at Seven Feathers in Oregon, a place we normally stop. Unfortunately, when we started to get back on the highway, the truck wouldn’t shift out of 1st gear. Mind you, this was a Friday.

We got off the highway and stopped so that Dale could check everything out. Some local guys came by and suggested that we go to an auto shop just down the road. The mechanic tested the car and it pointed to the transmission control module. He suggested that we drive the truck back to the Seven Feathers Campground, unload the 5th wheel and bring the truck back. He said it would take about 1 week if the transmission had to be sent out. UGH!
We drove to the Seven Rivers Rest Stop and called AAA who gave us the names and phone numbers of the approved mechanics in the next town, Roseburg. We called the shops and one told us to call the AMCO shop, that he sent his employees’ there for training. We appreciated his honesty. The AMCO shop said to have the truck towed there, he would order a control module and start on it Monday.

We soon also realized that we needed a place to have the RV towed. AAA said to have it towed to wherever we and it would be safe. I started calling RV parks and my daughter-in-law was calling them as well. There were no spaces at any parks in Roseburg. I then called Seven Feathers, right next to us and after working on a site for several minutes they found one. We could stay for the week if we had to.

In the meantime, while all these phone calls were taking place, a lady who had parked beside us took matters into her own hands. She couldn’t get her mirrors to work so we showed her the button to set them and mentioned that our truck was not shifting. She then pointed at our truck and commanded Jesus to fix our truck. We started the truck as per our mechanic at home to see if resting had helped and the lady was so happy as she was sure that she’d healed our truck. As resting didn’t help we went back to the rest stop and called to make verify with AAA to tow both the truck and trailer. The lady seeing us parked again and me on the phone, came over to our truck and laid her hands on the hood, then prayed. Oh, we of little faith, we didn’t even bother to talk with her, we only laughed. We wondered why she needed our help to get her mirrors working.


The truck was towed to Roseville and the RV was towed into the RV park next to us and poor Fynn and Emilio were not happy.

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The Ups and Downs of a Road Trip

Side visits with friends and vehicle breakdowns

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Now it was time to pack up and go back to the circus we call home. We didn’t need to check out until noon so there was no rush.

We made a nice breakfast of potato, fresh asparagus, and eggs, with a little leftover champagne, then sat outside on the picnic table, set up in the shade of a Joshua tree, and ate.

On our way to Joshua Tree, I’d realized that we’d be near the grandmother of one of our daughter-in-laws. I got her grandma’s info and we set a date to visit on our way home. This is a plus side of a road trip.

We drove to Great Mimi’s house intending to take her and her husband out to lunch. Great Mimi informed me by phone that it was her husband’s birthday and they would be taking us to lunch. Alas, our plan was thwarted and we were empty handed as well.

We got to Great Mimi’s and visited for a bit then went to lunch, Dale and I each taking a turn riding in her wonderful car!!!! What a treat, great people, great lunch and a ride in a great car. After lunch, there was more visiting and cake and ice cream.

It's always fun to visit with Great Mimi, she loves my photos and always makes us feel like we are doing probably more than we are. She has such great stories, has lived all over and I love talking to her. What a fun way to end our trip.

We left Great Mimi’s and started for home. It was over 100 but we’ve driven thru hotter weather and steeper hills. Dale obsesses over our truck so we were sure we’d make it home fine. WRONG!

About an hour down the road we stopped for fuel, nothing unusual here. But when Dale went to start the truck, it wouldn’t start. It would turn over, but wouldn’t start for anything. We started to get very anxious!

We began to discuss what to do: have the truck towed to Palm Springs or tow it home, what to do with the RV, what to do with us if we had it towed to Palm Springs. Then Dale called our trusty mechanic in Bakersfield. Bob, from Eye Street, told Dale to spray it with anything then try to start it.

A guy had pulled up at the same pump on the other side. He came over to see what was going on. Dale told him that he would need to get something to spray into the air intake. The guy went to his truck and came back with a can of spray brake cleaner. Dale sprayed the brake cleaner on the air intake and it fired right up. It hasn’t had a problem since so sounds like brake cleaner is the way to go!

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