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Quadra Island

Quadra and Vancouver

rain 55 °F

After breakfast and then a goodbye to Henry and Chrisanna, we had a day of driving, along with a 1-1/2 hour ferry ride over to Victoria Island. We had a reservation at an RV park not far from the ferry to Quadra Island.

The realtor from Enderby had put us in touch with Heidi, a realtor on the island. Heidi had sent several links to houses for sale and we’d chosen 9. 9 in one day is a lot.

We hopped on the 9:30 ferry to Quadra where Heidi would meet us. It was raining and windy but the island had a beauty to it. We were glad to visit in a storm, rather than a clean bright day, so we would not be jaded by striking beauty.

We saw several houses that would work, but needed more space. Then Heidi took us to one that “needed lots of work”, a bank-owned and vacant for quite some time. We toured the old B&B: tile flooring in good condition, no leaks in the main house, good bedrooms and bathroom, several acres, a building for guests, huge unfinished shed and easy walk to the beach. With lots of elbow grease, I found it to be an amazing deal.
We stopped at the farmers market and saw that it would be perfect for kids to sell farm products. Plus the chefs on the island are known for buying locally grown product, another plus.

After grabbing a lunch to go, we ran back to the car which Heidi had parked in the ferry line. The line was moving, but there was space on the ferry for her to drive on.

We had several homes on Vancouver Island to see. One I must have clicked on by accident as it was a tract home and not one we’d be interested in at all. Another, 2 single-wide mobile homes put together to form an L shape. It was quite an interesting place.

The last home we drove up to, and like the last house in Enderby, the photo didn’t match the house. I wasn’t feeling the love. We started to leave but then just decided why not see it. As it turns out, this house has lots of potential too, lots of bedrooms, land and the price is great.
We went back to our RV with lots of ideas.

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Life at Port Hardy

A little of our lives here

overcast 40 °F

Port Hardy is located at the northern end of Vancouver Island. It is about an 8 hour drive from Vancouver or a 1 hour flight. The island is accessible by both plane and ferry.

The Bed and Breakfast, Orange Tabby, is just across the street from the Queen Charlotte Strait. There is a park with a paved walkway that runs for several blocks along the water of Hardy Bay. Eagles fly overhead, landing in the local trees.IMG_1128.jpgIMG_1128.jpg

The purpose for this trip is really for Bekki to complete her dissertation project so my reason for being here is not only to take photos but to care for Emilio while Bekki works.

Tues and Wed was mostly caring for Emilio. The owner of the B & B brought us a stroller and toys for Emilio and the stroller was so great for walking the path along the water. We did a morning walk and an afternoon walk. I’d take Emilio out when he’d be tired and we looked for eagles, birds, otters and seals. We’d come in after he would fall asleepIMG_1097.jpg

Unfortunately I had claims work that needed to be done so that took up the times when Emilio was sleeping. But there are worse places to complete work.

I’d posted photos on facebook for Dale and other family members to see and keep track of what we were doing. Once I’d posted the photos I realized that Dale would really love being here. He did make a comment about driving and while he was kidding I knew he really wanted to come. I looked at United.com and there was a fare, cheaper than either ticket Bekki or I had found. Dale was on his way.

We picked Dale up on Thurs afternoon at the little Port Hardy airport. Such an unexpected way to spend our week and we really were happy for the extra help.

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