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And Look, He Has No Pants

Dale is left sitting in his undies!

Today I had an inspection scheduled at a large construction site where the earthquake damaged a 5 story parking garage. Now the damage is minimal but we had to inspect nevertheless. The insurance company had hired an engineer to inspect at the same time and since we were meeting on his schedule it was imperative that this inspection go on as planned.

The morning started with rain but when talking we decided to just meet and chance the rain. As it turned out the rain stopped and we were fine.

1st we could not find the location, we passed the engineer several times going up and down the road, finally finding out that they gave us the wrong street name. So we ended up at the office at the same time and found the person we needed to meet.

We walked up to the porch area of the temp office when the construction supervisor told the engineer that he could not go on site wearing short pants. That it is against company policy to wear shorts. The engineer was really quite put out.

The engineer went to his car and looked through everything he had as he sometimes carries extra clothes. Alas, there were no pants.

I suggested that he trade pants with Dale and when the engineer couldn’t find any pants thought that it might be a good idea. Dale, who was sitting in the truck, slipped off his jeans and I handed them to the engineer. The engineer took the pants inside the temp office but came out without his shorts in his hands; he had put the jeans on over his shorts.

Dale had to sit in the truck in his undies!

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Crazy Horse & Mt. Rushmore

Visiting Crazy Horse Memorial and Mt. Rushmore

IMG_5682.jpg8 years ago we came thru this area on our way to Mt. Rushmore passing the Crazy Horse sculpture. We didn’t stop because we did not want to spend too much extra money but did take photos from the road. Since that time we learned that the Crazy Horse Memorial is only being made thru private donations. Also because we were spending time with American Indian issues we thought it would be a good time to visit.

Crazy Horse is a very short drive from Custer although driving an RV adds to the time for us. I think it takes about 1 hour with an RV.

The memorial is well organized with lots of RV and auto parking. We paid $25 which is the price for a car load of people. After parking visitors enter into a Visitor Center to watch a film on the building of the memorial and then enter a very large museum. Many people have made donations of historic items filling several large rooms. It is really collection overload.

From the museum, people go onto a patio where the models of the monument are located. Everyone takes a photo of the model with the actual sculpture in the background; well I didn’t but others did. We wanted to go out to the actual monument but there is a charge of $4 or $5/ person to ride a bus to the base and $125/person to go up on the arm. We didn’t feel like paying so much more so we just looked from the patio.

I should mention that the exhibits also include a couple of rooms of the home of the sculpture and a peek into his workshop.

Mt. Rushmore is only another hour away so worth a visit. When we arrived at Mt. Rushmore it was starting to rain so we went into the Visitor’s Center 1st, but we needed to collect the Jr. Ranger info anyway.

It continued to rain and mist but we enjoyed the visitor’s center, learning about the area. We would go out on occasion, when the clouds would lift, for a look and photo or two. We were lucky though, the rain stopped and we were able to do some walks before leaving. A longer walk is available that goes to the sculpture studio and then back to either the visitor’s center or the parking lot. The walk is considered more strenuous but we didn’t think that it was so bad and very scenic.

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A Little European Music

Preparing for listening to some music in Europe

About 20 years ago we took our 3 pre-teen boys to Dorothy Chandler, The Music Center, to hear Vivaldi’s “The 4 Seasons”. We went to the lecture before the concert where the conductor played music which had actually been recorded at a historic music hall. I don’t remember which hall the music was recorded at any more but I do remember that my middle son and I looked at each other and said that we needed to go to Europe to hear the music.

I’ve been to Prague a couple of times during the winter traveling with some of our German friends, staying in a B&B outside of the old city and doing fun stuff but there was so much music to hear. After our last trip I told my husband, Dale that I really wanted to visit Prague during the spring, to sit and drink coffee at the outdoor cafes, walk the river and attend classical music concerts.

Last year I was listening to money guru Clark Howard who said that for those who have frequent flier miles it was a good time to plan a European trip. There was the way to Prague as each Dale and I have plenty of miles. The day that the flights were available I picked up our tickets.

I got in touch with our friends in Belgium and in Germany and sent them a message that we’d be coming, then got on line and started researching music in Prague. As I researched Mozart the path pointed to Salzburg and Vienna. Gosh the trip expanded quickly.

Until now I’ve been too busy to plan this trip except for some searches for concerts. Finally, I sat down determined to book our rooms and some of the concerts. I was afraid that we would not get seats or rooms if more time passed. Good thing I started when I did.

I first started with some concerts that we knew we wanted to see, mainly Don Giovanni at the Estates Theater. It was at this theater that Mozart opened Don Giovanni and I’d only been outside the theater. The program was not available until just this past week and Don Giovanni was not on it but we decided that we’d see Mozart’s “Marriage of Figaro” instead. We also picked up tickets for Rossini’s “The Barber of Seville” to be played at the Prague State Opera. Box seats for both concerts!!!

I found that concerts are played in the Prague Castle but those tickets will not go on sale until two months prior to our visit so we must wait a little longer.

Finding a hotel was not so easy; I used Fommer’s guide and found all of the hotels within the area we wanted to stay. Then got on tripadvisor.com and found all of their hotels within the location, read all of the reviews and made a list of all hotels with the ranking and price.

I found a hotel just around the corner from the old plaza, within our price range, the Hotel & Residence U Tri Bubnu; we can crawl to our hotel if we need to! It is within walking distance of everything we want to do and the hotel is one that was built in the 14th century so there is a bit of history.

So Prague is taken care of.

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Hiking Exit Glacier

Trying to hike Exit


IMG_2946_crop.jpgDay 10

We'd planned to hike Exit Glacier today out to the Harding Ice Field, a strenuous 3.7 mile hike. Unfortunately it started raining last night so hiking was not a great option then at the rangers station we learned that the trail was still full of deep snow. We decided to just hike to the edge of the glacier.

The hike was mostly easy, kids ran part of the way. We took the scenic route leading out to the river, crossing a couple of times over logs. Kids got to feel the glacial waters, very cold!

We were standing by the glacier when Elias noticed a bear near the top. We watched the bear cross the top of the glacier, good thing it wasn't close to smell our smoked salmon we were eating.

We have renamed ourselves the Bear Family, as Christabel put it; “we like salmon and are blobs like the bears”.

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A day in the Life of Taos

Spending a day in one of our favorite places in the world

sunny 88 °F

Taos is an eating extravaganza, and our plans were no different. We had limited time and lots to do. 1st eating sopapillas at Michaels along with Huevos Rancheros and a fresh green chili sauce, then a walk around the plaza to look for either a coyote or kokopelli sculpture for the backyard like we saw about 20 years ago. Wonder why we couldn’t find it or the store carrying the plate that we wanted to buy more of?
After walking off breakfast the sky was so beautiful we had to go down to St. Frances of Assisi’s and shoot some photos. I still haven’t done anything with my China photos so had to delete some photos from the camera card on the spot and make room for more photos. I’d forgotten to pack my poor old tripod so I had no tripod at all for the big camera. Oh well, I wanted some photos now so shot as many as I could.
Boy did we work up an appetite by then, plus it was 2pm and we had to eat some “blue corn enchiladas” before checking out by 5pm and hitting the road. So back to the plaza where we did a little more looking for the sculpture and dinner settings, then to a restaurant on the plaza. We got exactly what we wanted to eat and stuffed the whole meal in.
We did find out the very important information on pinion wood and when we can buy a load. We will plan to head back this fall for that and another round of eating and our firewood. Love Taos, it is one of my favorite places in the world.


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