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Moving Right Along Now

Preparing for our Upcoming European Trip

We are getting our act together for our Europe trip. Finally!!!

I bought airplane tickets for Dale and our grandson. They will fly out on a Tuesday arriving in Brussels on Wed a.m., the same day that our granddaughter and I fly to Brussels from Rome. I wish we could arrive in Brussels close to the same time but I doubt that it will happen that way. I haven’t even looked at tickets for our flight. Guess I should do that.

Our younger granddaughter is planning to go with Dale but has decided not to go to Finland. Since her dates of departure are not known yet we will get her tickets maybe next week.

I did look and see that the Mozart Requiem is still being performed on Saturdays in Vienna at the St Charles Church. We will buy tickets for that as soon as we know how many will be in our party.

Fortunately, concerts in Prague are not posted yet as we want to buy the best tickets possible and can’t today.

We are at least on the right track.

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Disneyland, 2 Trips in 2 Weeks

2 trips, 4 grandkids

IMG_7635.jpgIMG_7539.jpgTwo trips to Disneyland in 2 weeks, that is right. Are we crazy? Well maybe but this was thought thru carefully.

We have taken our older grandkids to Disneyland twice, once when they were little and a couple of years ago when we stayed 2 days/2 parks and staying at the Disneyland Hotel. So now it was time to introduce the youngest ones.

We have 2 granddaughters, 2 and 3, and 2 grandsons, 3 and 5. The grandsons are, of course, into boy things: running, jumping, yelling. The 3 year old granddaughter is a princess, all princess all the time, wearing princess dresses and princess shoes.

Taking the girls and then the boys to Disneyland separately made it much easier to focus on what the kids would like. Since the kids are young a 1 day trip made since, hence 2 trips in 2 weeks.

We chose to take the kids to Disneyland rather than California Adventure. We took the older kids to both parks and found that many rides were for older, taller kids so we will save California Adventure for another few years from now.

The girls were afraid of the dark rides but loved the tea cups, Dumbo, and the 3 year old loved the roller coaster in Toon Town. The girls also did not like the characters so shied away from them. The 3 year old had needed new shoes and her new ones were a Minnie Mouse design with flashing lights. She wanted so badly to show her shoes to Minnie Mouse but then was so afraid to speak to Minnie. We went into Minnie’s home where our granddaughter spent probably an hour looking over the house and looking at Minnie’s back. Later that night, when it was too late, she begged to see Minnie but Toon Town was already closed.

The boys loved Tom Sawyer Island and ran thru the caves for a very long time. They played pirates, tag, scare each other, running and crawling in the dirt. Boys were also afraid of dark rides but did go up and talk to Mickey Mouse.

Very important is to take or rent a stroller. Start early, crowds will start by noon plus it gets hot by then. Kids will get tired and there is a chance that they will take a good nap. Our 2 year old went home at 2 but the 3 year old then took a 2 hour nap. The boys also took a good 2 hour nap.

When kids woke up it was time for ice cream then the 6:30 parade. All the kids loved the parade, the granddaughter was ready for the characters. Kids all stayed awake, watching the fireworks and Dumbo and Tinkerbell fly. After the fireworks show kids were so tired, they fell asleep right away. Of course they all ask to go back to Disneyland tomorrow!

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