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Santa Fe and Taos

Food and fun in Santa Fe and Taos

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From family we started on our way down I-40 west towards home, that is, we headed westward, with a side trip north to Taos.
We needed to go to Santa Fe and Taos for supplies: more fresh roasted green chili, fresh ristrias, fresh ground chili powder, and fresh food from our favorite restaurants.

We stopped at our favorite Santa Fe restaurant, Maria’s, for tamales, enchiladas and soul food. We had fun introducing Zaya to Sopapillas with honey, something she didn’t know about. Zaya, after trying one, then set her mind to finding the best sopapilla in New Mexico. However, she also decided that she wanted to live inside Maria’s, but unfortunately for her, we did not allow her to stay behind.
From Santa Fe. we drove onto Taos where we had an RV site for that evening. We’d planned to stay in Santa Fe but because of the balloon festival, there were no sites available. It was fine as we were happy to go directly to Taos.

We are in love with Taos, the chili sauce, Caribe style, out of this world!!! Dark red chili sauce with the smell of pure chili, made from red chili pods. And green chili sauce made from chopped roasted hatch green chili, sometimes with added sautéed onions and garlic.

We planned our days around the food, late breakfast at Taos Diner, Christmas style and dinner either La Cueva or Orlandos. Zaya commented that none of our favorite restaurants had a fancy entryway.
We spent part of 1 day back in Santa Fe, drinking hot chocolate chili elixir at Kakawas and eating chili spiced brownies, visiting the earliest house and of course, another dinner at Marias.
We heard that snow was forecast and decided to head out earlier than planned. We had more miles to go, some over passes and didn’t want to get caught in bad weather. Until next time our chilies will have to last.

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A Last Day in Taos

Last of the family time for now

semi-overcast 30 °F

Our last full day together in Taos, time to pack in food and fun.

After a huge breakfast at the Taos Diner, we were off to the square to do some major walking and a little shopping. Dale and I needed a new ristra for our front door and a new one for cooking, maybe more fabric for pillows for the couch, and whatever struck our fancy.

We then returned to the square after giving the grandkids a bit of lunch. We’d wanted to take them to Michaels Kitchen, for the best sopapillas in Taos. After walking for 10 min we arrived at Michaels only to find it closed until Dec 16th.

We decided that we’d just walk straight over to the toy store, Whirl, where there was a Christmas party going on for the kids. Kids ran around, made crafty ornaments and ate cookies.

By the time Clayton and Jen joined us we were ready to stuff in some dinner at La Cueva, yet another favorite gluten free restaurant.
From dinner, we came back to the resort as we had tickets to see Robert Mirabal.

Robert Mirabal is a story-teller, whose stories are told thru the music. It was an amazing show. He plays his flutes, tells stories and his daughters accompany him in song. There were not many people in the audience so we have a very intimate and moving evening.

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Thanksgiving in Taos

Thanks with the grandkids

semi-overcast 40 °F

Thanksgiving Day, a time for a celebration for sure. And we showed our thanks by drinking New Mexico champagne with our kids.
We decided prior that we were not interested in a Thanksgiving Day brunch or dinner. I could only eat the meat and kids could only eat the veggies; not worth the money in our case.

Jen and I started our day with a massage at the spa. I just wanted a relaxing massage and got just that, with a arnica lotion on my sore neck.
We’d wanted to take grandkids to the Taos Pueblo and to the Rio Grande Bridge, so we piled into 2 cars and went off to the Taos Pueblo first. Clayton had vivid memories of our Christmas Eve celebration there when he was about 11 years old. The sky was blue over the west Pueblo and stormy over the east. Great for some photos. Grandkids ran around like kids do everywhere. Their Native American was coming out.


By the time we got to the Rio Grande Bridge, Fynn was sound asleep. As I’ve been there lots of times I stayed in the car with him while Dale went out with the rest onto the bridge. The bridge is really a great place, there is a walk way on both sides and little places to lookout down to the bottom, 565’ down.IMG_20161124_143113292.jpg


Dinner was at the bar at Doc Martins, just nachos and drinks.

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A Day in Taos

sunny 31 °F

Dale and I love Taos and Santa Fe, NM. We’ve been to Taos on many occasions and have dreamed of living there. Maybe in my next blog I’ll write about our 1st trip to Taos with our young boys.

This trip was going to be mostly about shopping. Our RV has many issues after many miles of travel. I planned to make new cushions, trim, and curtains but wanted Native American decor. I’d been in a couple of fabric stores on a street just off the square, a couple of years ago, so knew exactly what I wanted to buy. I couldn’t find this fabric easily anywhere else so was anxious to go to Taos and purchase some.

We have been out of chili powder, good chili powder, the kind from the little Hogan style kiosk on the main street, just off the square. I was also wanting to buy a ristra for our door and one with edible chili pods for the kitchen.

We also love the New Mexican food and have a list of restaurants that are our favorite haunts. I wanted to talk with some restaurants about making chili sauce as mine that I made from what I remembered, has been a little thin.

We drove from the Grand Canyon to Santa Fe, with a quick stop at the Santa Fe School of Cooking. We wanted to buy a bean pot since the ones we bought a few years ago didn’t work out well. We’d seen the pots at the school when we were there for cooking lessons and wanted one. I also wanted to buy a chili roaster so this was a perfect opportunity to buy all these things.

We made it to the school and purchased all of the items on our list then drove up to Taos. It was dark so we were thinking of how great it would be to see the farolitos in Espanola. Alas, we did not see farolitos, they were not lining the bridge into the city or the sidewalks. Only a handful of buildings had farolitos. We were so disappointed, but things do change, alas.

We got to Taos where we had a room at the La Fonda, a historic hotel, right on the square. The square was also very disappointing as it was full of lights, lights that blinked to music, lights on every tree limb; lots of lights. Farolitos lined the low walls, but they were drowned out by the lights. To us it was garish. Progress? IMG_20151218_184427602.jpg

We went to breakfast at a restaurant we’d eaten at many times but found that now they add flour to their chili sauce. We told them sorry, take your coffee back, and we walked out, but not before the waitress told us of a place, the Taos Diner, that had great gluten free dishes.

We went straight to the Taos Diner and it turns out all of their chili is gluten free, as are many selections. The staff at the Taos Diner then told me how they make their chili sauce, which is exactly the way I’ve made mine except that they make a roux with corn meal.

After stuffing ourselves, we went shopping, buying all of the Christmas presents needed, fabric, lots of chili products and New Mexico wine. We got lots of walking in as we kept having to walk back to our truck, parked at the hotel, and load it up with more stuff!
We’d wanted to try a new, recommended restaurant, one by the San Francisco de Asis, located in a very old building. Unfortunately, they add wheat to their chili’s so dinner was out of the question. We went back to Orlando’s, a place we’ve been several times, even taking grandkids on one trip. At Orlando’s the waitress told me how to make chili using pods only, Caribe. I’d tried this process before and it was a disaster, now I learned that I had not soaked the chili pods prior. IMG_20151218_175628037.jpg

I really like the Caribe as it is a pure chili flavor, deep red in color, but I also like the complex flavor of the cooked chili sauce. I’m anxious to try each with my fresh ground powder and fresh ristra.
Now we are returning home. Work will be starting up and we must prepare for Christmas. Our break is over.

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An Anniversary Trip

A trip to the southwest

sunny 57 °F

IMG_201512..0014387_HDR.jpgIMG_201512..0508586_HDR.jpgIMG_20151215_141908771.jpgWithout a word of blog we are off on another short trip.

Tomorrow is our 43rd wedding anniversary. Amazing. We’d planned a trip to include Taos, Hovenweep, Jemez and ending at the Grand Canyon today. Alas, when the weather was predicted to be frozen we decided to forgo that trip. The RV has too many issues and we’d likely be found as frozen mummies.

New and improved plan is the one we have now. We should be at the Grand Canyon by dinner time. We will stay at the Bright Angel Lodge, a place we’ve been in when beginning our hike across the canyon years ago. We’d wanted to stay at the El Tovar, but the rooms didn’t look appealing, so we will go for breakfast and dinner there tomorrow.

After the Grand Canyon, we will head to Santa Fe, where we will make a stop at the Santa Fe School of Cooking. We won’t go for cooking lessons, this time, but rather supplies and Christmas presents.

From Santa Fe, we will drive on to Taos. This should be towards evening so we will get to see the city and Espanola decorated with Farolitos. This is truly a wonderful sight to see and we are so happy that we can see this again.
In Taos, we plan to eat and eat some more! La Cava and Orlando's. OMG!!!! Also, we must buy some spices and fabrics for our RV. It is due for a major remodel.
This trip is only for Dale and I. We are basking in the aloneness!

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