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Birthday Cake with Butterfly-Flowers

Playing in Oregon and Seattle

sunny 80 °F

Well this blog has gone off of the rails. We’ve been so busy that there has been no time to write. So now to step back and take a look at where we’ve been, before we leave on the next trip.

After Ft Bidwell, we had to head to Oregon to our youngest son’s, Clayton and his family. Clayton would be working out of state so we’d promised to help out Jen with the kids for a few days, babysitting mostly. We took kids to swim lessons, spent time reading, building with legos, just kids stuff.
We did go to lunch at a 100% gluten free brewery and then to a wine bar one evening. Both really fun adult things to do.

When we arrived in OR, our 5-year old granddaughter announced that she was going to spend the night with us on Sunday night, the night before her birthday. This would be her first time spending the night away from her parents. We hoped it would work.

Since our granddaughter wanted to go to Seattle a camping trip was in order. We made reservations at the KOA, where I’d lived 6 years earlier when working a snow storm. The kids loved the KOA with its warm pool and playground, not wanting to leave.

On Saturday we took the kids to Pike’s Market for the fish market. This is a really a fun market and I likely wrote about it last year when we took another granddaughter there. Customers order from a person in the fish area who then throws the fish to a counter person. There is also a realistic looking fish attached to a cord that jumps when the cord is pulled.

The market was quite noisy and packed with people so it wasn’t hard to leave and go back to the campground for some pool time.
Dale has a cousin in the Seattle area and we always try to meet up with he and his wife when we are in the area. Last year we actually stayed at their house on our way to Canada. This time, we only met them for lunch on Sunday at the Redhook Brewery. They are always fun to meet up with and they were glad to meet Clayton’s family. Otherwise, it was another pool day

We didn’t know how it would work with our granddaughter spending the night but she went to sleep with no problem and slept without any issues. Of course, we were the first to wish her a happy birthday. And we were so proud that we were the 1st sleepover.

Before anything, but after breakfast, we had to decorate the cake that we’d made the day before. The icing was not perfect, having had to make it on the picnic bench, but she proclaimed it the best cake ever. Flowers turned into butterfly-flowers, and a rainbow of pink and purple. What an imagination!

It was a nice day to go to the aquarium with the birthday girl and eat lunch at the pier. We oohed and awed at the giant octopus, penguins puffins and all of the other fish. It is a very nice aquarium with lots for all ages.
The sun was out and weather comfortable, the perfect day for a birthday.

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Making Our Way to the Border

Working our way to Canada

sunny 80 °F

Ever onward. So we had to be in Seattle for lunch, maybe a late lunch, but lunch nevertheless.

Dale’s cousin suggested that we meet in the parking lot of a mall, a mall that is likely the most deserted mall in Seattle, as per Marty. We would then pile in their car and go to lunch.

We found the mall and there were few cars in the mall parking lot so we parked, Dale went to walk Twinkle, and I went into the RV to change. While changing, I heard a knock on the door. I finished changing then ran outside to find an old grumpy guy ready to put a notice on our truck.

The old grumpy guy told me that we could not park in their parking lot, not even for a couple of hours. He then handed me a 1st violation notice and told me that if we stayed in their parking lot he would have us towed. What is really funny is that he came out of some Christian store. Just shows how he is no better than anyone else.

Norman and Marty came along and we had to tell them that the incredibly slow mall was too busy for us to park at. We decided to just drive our truck and RV to our lunch destination.

We went to Redhook brewery for lunch. We’ve been there before, beer is so great, if only I could drink it. Alas, I had wine, but a sip of the dark Porter that Dale ordered. Redhook_brew.jpg

By the time we left it was late afternoon. Then it was time for a run for the border. Last_rest_stop.jpg

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Seattle with Cousins

A couple of days in Seattle

sunny 90 °F

We’ve spent most of the last two days in Seattle with Dale’s cousin and his wife. We try to stop when we are in the area, usually passing thru to Canada.

Dale and his cousin were close as young boys and remain good friends even though they see each other only once every few years. They haven’t grown apart and share interests like cars.

Norman and Marty were at a baseball game when we arrived but had left the driveway empty for us to drop our RV. We dropped the RV and the dog then went into Seattle. We did the typical touristy stuff like Pikes Fish Market and the original Starbucks. http://www.visitseattle.org/things-to-do/sightseeing/pike-place-market/

Pikes Market consists of a covered area in which businesses operate, much like a farmers market. Farmers sell fruits and flowers. The cherries are in season and we found some organic which made a great snack. Bought flowers for Marty and a stuffed lizard for Zaya.

There are several fish markets,IMG_20150709_122911207.jpgBFB03410D9F7EA90D9E4E663128F0B84.jpg but the best one is located at the end. There are a couple of employees behind a counter then fish on ice just beyond the counter. There are employees in front of the fish counters. When someone orders a fish to take home the employee throws it to the guys working behind the counter with lots of shouts. It is quite a show.

There is also a fake monkfish which has a wire that runs under the ice to the rear. Employees will move the wire making the fish jump. Quite funny to watch people’s faces.

We finally met up with Norman and Marty, arriving at their house just moments before them. We picked up their 7-year old granddaughter and girls got along right away.

Thurs, the 6 of us piled into the truck, drove onto the ferry, and went over to Bainbridge Island. I’m not sure if this was Zaya’s first ferry ride, but she was so excited. She and her new friend/cousin ran around exploring the ferry.

After lunch, we drive back to the ferry for the ride back to Seattle.

One of our son Nate’s friends thought that Nate was in Seattle as I’ve been tagging Zaya’s photos for him to see. The friend asked if Nate would come to his new restaurant. Well, since Nate couldn’t go then we went in his place. http://www.eatatporkchop.com/ Porkchop & Co. What a great little place and fun to meet some of our son’s friends. And a great way to finish a visit to Seattle.

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