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Santa Fe and Taos

Food and fun in Santa Fe and Taos

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From family we started on our way down I-40 west towards home, that is, we headed westward, with a side trip north to Taos.
We needed to go to Santa Fe and Taos for supplies: more fresh roasted green chili, fresh ristrias, fresh ground chili powder, and fresh food from our favorite restaurants.

We stopped at our favorite Santa Fe restaurant, Maria’s, for tamales, enchiladas and soul food. We had fun introducing Zaya to Sopapillas with honey, something she didn’t know about. Zaya, after trying one, then set her mind to finding the best sopapilla in New Mexico. However, she also decided that she wanted to live inside Maria’s, but unfortunately for her, we did not allow her to stay behind.
From Santa Fe. we drove onto Taos where we had an RV site for that evening. We’d planned to stay in Santa Fe but because of the balloon festival, there were no sites available. It was fine as we were happy to go directly to Taos.

We are in love with Taos, the chili sauce, Caribe style, out of this world!!! Dark red chili sauce with the smell of pure chili, made from red chili pods. And green chili sauce made from chopped roasted hatch green chili, sometimes with added sautéed onions and garlic.

We planned our days around the food, late breakfast at Taos Diner, Christmas style and dinner either La Cueva or Orlandos. Zaya commented that none of our favorite restaurants had a fancy entryway.
We spent part of 1 day back in Santa Fe, drinking hot chocolate chili elixir at Kakawas and eating chili spiced brownies, visiting the earliest house and of course, another dinner at Marias.
We heard that snow was forecast and decided to head out earlier than planned. We had more miles to go, some over passes and didn’t want to get caught in bad weather. Until next time our chilies will have to last.

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Santa Fe Cooking, Yum

Learning how to make some Santa Fe food

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Last Thanksgiving, we were in Taos with our youngest son and his family. I bought a new ristra for the kitchen. My plan was to make chile sauce from the old ristra and hang the new ristra for use this year. I did make the chilie sauce using the techniques told by “Orlando’s” and several natives. Unfortunately, the skins did not blend as they should have and we had small tough pieces of skins that did not have a good mouth feel.

I then made more sauce but after boiling the dried chilies scraped the meat off of each chilie, a tedious process. The sauce tasted fine but was stringy.
As we were going to be in Santa Fe, I had thought that I would sign us up for a cooking lesson. They were offering a cooking lesson on Wed, during our stay. Perfect as the class was on making chilie sauce. Of course, my sign up had not gone thru so I had to sign up again by phone.

On Tues, we moved up to Taos, and even though the campground site didn’t have the view, it was wonderful to be back. Taos feels like another home. We thought we’d spend a little time in Taos, get some good food from our favorite haunts and drive down to Santa Fe on Wed.
We spent our time filling our belly for the long cold winter ahead! But also found that our favorite chilie stand was now selling fresh picked and freshly roasted green “Hatch” chilies. I only bought ¼ bushel as I didn’t know whether our freezer could hold more. Now I am regretting not buying more. But the chilies were hot and our truck smelled like roasted chilies for some time.

We did make our cooking class and I found out that the problem with my chilie sauce was my blender, I need a more powerful one. Otherwise, except for over cooking the dried pods, I did everything right. But we did learn lots about chilies which is helpful. We also made fresh corn tortillas which are so simple to make and taste so good.
With our mouths still hot from the salsas we stopped for hot chocolate like the Aztec’s would drink. That and a spicy brownie seemed to help.

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We Are On Our Own In Santa Fe

A trip without grandkids

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We only had 4 days at home, only a short time to empty the very dirty clothes and bedding, wash about 30 loads of laundry, clean the RV and repack. This time we had to pack for only Dale and me to vacation and work if we get a call out.

As usual, we had breakdowns that had to be repaired. The water pump completely quit and that took all morning and most of an afternoon. No cleaning could be done as there was no water. But Dale fixed the pump and the water output is better than ever.

We believed that we had tickets for the Santa Fe Opera so wanted to be in Santa Fe on Sunday in time for dinner, well before the opera. We wanted to leave on Sat and were able to get away in the heat of the afternoon. We didn’t care, we were on our way.
As we neared Santa Fe I looked up RV parks. We realized that we’d never camped in Santa Fe before, we’d always gone straight to Taos. I found an RV park with good reviews so called and found that they had space for us. The Santa Fe Skies had a site on the ridge overlooking the city on 3 sides of our RV. We were amazed at our luck.

Our luck did not hold for long. I searched for the confirmation that our Opera tickets had been changed. I’d called back in May when we realized we couldn’t make the night that we held tickets for. There was no confirmation email. But, I did find an email from a dear friend asking that we attend his retirement dinner that had taken place only days before. I cannot even convey had upset I was at this point.

On Monday morning, I called the opera and found, to my dismay, that the tickets were not changed, rather went unused on the night that we could not make it to Santa Fe.
Finally, if this is the worst that can happen on this trip we will call it a good trip. After all, how many people can visit a beautiful city, glamp with a fabulous view, and be together as we are; healthy and happy. We will not complain but rather put this one thing behind us.

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A New Mexican Meal

Last meal in New Mexico from the Santa Fe School of Cooking


Alas, the last cooking lesson, the last day in New Mexico.

Our last cooking lesson was taught by Lois Ellen Frank again. This time she did not spend so much time with the lecture but rather gave tips as she worked. We actually learned new techniques to go with the new recipes; use a large bowl to top a saucepan for a double boiler, don’t stir when simmering, making a chicken broth, simple things like that.

Lunch was so good: Green Chili Stew, Blue Corn Muffins with a Butter Pinion Sauce, Quesadillas stuffed with chicken, and Natillas a kind of pudding. Now the Muffins and Quesadillas are made with wheat flour but due to the fact I’m gluten intolerant I couldn’t eat them. Dr. Frank and the kitchen manager put their heads together and made Blue Corn Muffins with only blue corn, making up the recipe. Noe, the kitchen manager, decided to make fresh corn tortillas that I could eat. We not only got a lesson on how to make corn tortillas but also had fresh made corn tortilla quesadillas. Oh my gosh, these were the best and only took minutes to make. Like Noe said, it takes longer to get the keys, go to the store and buy the tortillas than it does to make them. So now we are going to try this as well.
Unfortunately our flight was due to depart about 3 hours after the class was over so we had no time to do anything but eat and run. And so, another New Mexico trip was over.

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1st Cooking Lesson

Our first day of cooking.


Our first cooking class ever and we ware in chili heaven!!! This was a hands-on class learning to make stuffed chilies: chili rellenos, Ancho’s stuffed with beans and chorizo and green chilies stuffed with ground beef with lots of things added and jalapenos stuffed with a cream cheese.
Each of us had to participate, we learned how to handle chilies, roast chilies, how to open them, remove veins and seeds, make sauces and fill the chilies. We learned lots of tricks for just cooking other foods too. There were 2 teachers so that was 1 teacher for 6 students giving us lots of individual attention. When the 3 hour class was over we got to eat all of these stuffed chilies. What a huge plate load of food, even Elias couldn’t finish everything.
Because the Chili Rellenos are dipped into a beer batter, mine was actually made the native way; rolled in blue corn meal then heated in a cast iron skillet. But the kids made the beer batter and I told them that this batter could be used for anything fried, not just Rellenos.

The school is close enough to walk from our hotel in the southwest and then another 5 minutes after class to the east is the Plaza. We walked to the Plaza for a tour thru the Governors Palace and coffee. Our feet were tired and we were stuffed but coffee on a cold afternoon was good.

The Governors Palace was an interesting place, built in the 1600’s. We’d visited it years ago but had forgotten much of what we saw. So it was good to see it with the grandkids. It is a large building with many items of true interest. And having been to Taos, seeing the Bent and Carson houses, we were interested to find the histories tied together.

Dinner was Lotta Burger; we were not so hungry and after many meals of New Mexican food kids wanted a change. Unfortunately, outside of California, there seem to be no protein style or lettuce wrap burgers so I didn’t try the Lotta.
Long day!

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