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Family Gathering, Part 1

The gathering of the immediate family

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After a day at home, we had to leave once again, this time to our son’s house in the Lompoc area. This last part of our vacation was to last thru the week.

Upon the death of Dale’s parents, the siblings decided to meet every other year, for a weekend, at the site of the host sibling’s choice. We have met at the home of one, Lake Tahoe, Duluth and Rehoboth Beach. During this time, we've lost 1 sibling, 2 nieces, 1 nephew and a granddaughter.
Last year Dale and I decided that we did not have any ideas that would work and were not really wanting to get involved in the reunions. We decided that we were just over the whole thing and would go on our way.

Our oldest son has a ranch on the Central California coast. https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/1651581?checkin=08%2F25%2F2015&checkout=08%2F26%2F2015&s=JxFL He and a 1st cousin Laurie, who is also his good friend, decided that they would have an expanded reunion to include all of their cousins as well as the “old geezers” as he referred to us siblings and spouses.

The 2 cousins and their spouses worked for months, planning food, sleeping arrangements and living arrangements. They built a wood fired hot tub, put in walkways, set up an area for tents, and built a bath house complete with bathtub.

For us, this reunion was actually a 2-part event. We had a gathering for our immediate family on Wed/Thurs and then the extended family over the weekend.

Our week started on Tues evening when we arrived at our son’s house to help with last minute help. We helped clean all morning Wed and took care of the “littles” so that Nate and Bekki could keep going. Our niece Laurie, the other organizer, arrived to help along with her husband.
By afternoon our middle boy Justin and 2 sons, plus wife and her daughter arrived. Christine is a great help and immediately pitched in to finish up the chores. Then our youngest son Clayton, wife and 2 kids arrived. We were all together except for our oldest granddaughter who couldn’t arrive until Fri.

Jen was very interested in the animals as she has started to collect chickens, ducks and dogs. She plans to add a goat or sheep and a pony. She has asked me questions before about chickens and goats for which I have no answers. She was able to ask her questions and finally get some good information.

It was fun to introduce Christine, Clayton and Jen to the winery next door where we are wine club members. Too bad they poured us so many wines, but we tasted everything poured and soldiered thru.

Kids played and ran amuck on the hills, swinging on the tree swings and carrying the new kitties. By the Alpenglow, we had a fire and roasted marshmallows. IMG_201508..5606631_HDR.jpg

We hadn’t been all together for a while so it was so nice for all of us to be together. Clayton and Jen left and we started preparing for the next batch of relatives. IMG_201508..4104584_HDR.jpgIMG_201508..3520085_HDR.jpg

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Down by the Lake Superior

A visit to Minnesota


The road from Yellowstone to Duluth is long! Long with lots of delays. We thought it would be a 17 hour drive and maybe it was, but it seems to drag on and on.

There is lots of road work going on, seems like they must work on the roads quickly in the summer. We used the GPS which directed us on what looked to be a highway but in reality a surface street, winding thru the hills. It is very scenic but much the same, lots of trees and once in a while we’d glimpse a lake.

We didn’t get to the cabins until after 11pm so Dale’s family was already asleep. We sat around drinking wine while kids played around glad to be free of the RV.

The cabins are located right on Lake Superior about 50’ from the shore. A grassy area is between the cabins and the very rocky shoreline. The shoreline has large rocks to jump on and small rocks to build cairns with. One cannot see to the other side of the lake so it appears to be like an ocean with small waves. Once in a while a large ship goes by in the distance.

It was so good to see the family again. At the last reunion here Mark, Dale’s younger brother was alive and well. He had started his own business as an independent editor and then died 1-1/2 years later at the age of 58. Brian and I talked about how the seemingly healthiest sibling died while our brother-in-law Roger, in the poorest health, remains in poor health but is still alive.

Roger and Carolyn, Dale’s older sister, just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary so to celebrate they took all of us to an early dinner. We had dinner at a little restaurant by Lake Superior enjoying some local grilled seafood.

We built fires in the fire pit having smores one night and potatoes and raclette the next. Sitting around a fire during the very cold evenings was a time to just talk together.

Eight years ago all of the siblings went hiking at Temperance Falls State Park; we hiked to the falls then down along the river path. Now Dale’s brother is gone and his sister cannot walk like that anymore.

As the state of Minnesota was threatening to shut down due to budget discussions we were really lucky. Those of us who could walk hiked to the falls on Wed but it was a short hike so that we could join those who couldn’t walk. Then on Thurs several hiked to another falls at another state park. As we left the roads in were closing. By evening every state run thing seemed to be shut down We had to drive all the way to South Dakota with only stops at gas stations as the rest stops were shut down too.

We felt so bad for the people headed for the shores as much would be shut down for them.

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