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Car Rental Adventures

Renting a car in Iceland isn't so straight forward.

Well, it is always something.

I had looked at all of the car rental sites trying to determine which SUV/Sport Wagon style car would be best for our car camping in Iceland. Lots of cars are listed but they are European models so hard to know exactly what they are.

Our concern is that the back area is big enough with seats down. We have a tent, but in the event, there are high winds or heavy rains we need something that we can sleep in.

We determined what we thought was the equivalent of the Hyundai i10 and at the Hyundai car lot, we asked if they had the model we were looking for. The salesperson pulled out a car, we put the back seat down and climbed in, laying down to see how we’d fit. We didn’t, so figured we would rent something larger. I don’t think that the salesman ever figured out why we’d lay down in the back space of a car.

Finally, I’d made a decision and paid for it upfront, with a credit card. All settled, or so I thought.

Later that evening, I was reading about Iceland and found warnings about renting from some of the car rental companies. I looked up the company I’d just paid a bunch of money too and it looked like others had problems with them. I wasn’t sure what to do.

The next morning I woke up to a message that my credit card had not gone thru, they had thought it was a possible fraudulent charge. Well maybe it was but not for the same reasons.

I got back online and rented a car from a mainstream company, one I rent from all the time. We ended up getting something a little larger, more money but likely more comfortable and we know that we won’t be pressured into paying for other stuff we don’t want.

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The People Who Keep Us Going

Those people who work for lots less but take pride in what they do

I am always impressed with people who do the cleaning, the people who do the jobs that are not high paying. Yet many of these people work hard and are clearly wanting to do a good job just because they want to.

Since I’m renting a car while here in Annapolis Avis hasn’t made it easy to keep the car. I had to extend the contract once again but forgot when I was leaving my last claim and was nearly back to the motel when I remembered. The over-the-phone computer wanted to extend the contract for $800. I was going to extend but then the computer wouldn’t take an answer so I had to talk to a real person who suggested that I go back to the airport yet one more time in order to save a bunch of money. It was nearly 6pm, bumper to bumper traffic going to Dulles. I was so upset, now it looked like an over 1 hour drive each way, I had not eaten since breakfast and had so many claims to close and to call.

I made it to Dulles and Avis after 8pm parked and went into the office. A young man who I’d seen the other two times was there but I don’t think he recognized me. I told him that I needed to extend the use of the car but the price by phone was over $800. As he worked we talked and being frustrated I told him that Avis was so difficult to work with. He finished the contract and said that my weekly rate would be $200. Well now I told him that I couldn’t complain anymore. I told him that I’d planned to write a negative report about Avis but now he proved them wrong. I promised to mention his name, a shout out to the Avis at Dulles to Dennis.

I also am referring to the people at the front desk of the Best Western here in Annapolis. I have had such a run around with motels and was so glad to have a place to plant myself for a while. The problem was that I was going to have to leave for the weekend because the motel was booked solid. I decided that I just wouldn’t worry about it.

I went to the desk and asked if there were any cancelations and the woman said “no, but she was going to make it work”. And make it work she did. I’m still planted in my room and will be until Dale gets here.

When I working away from home it is difficult enough so people who take pride in their jobs and help make that stay away so much easier.

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