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Finally On the Way to the Sierra's

Driving off to bakepack

sunny 101 °F

IMG_2507.jpgWow, we are finally on the road and true to form only 4 hours late!

So we 1st had Elias and Charlotte divide out the food between the 4 of us, setting stuff by the each of our packs. When Justin came over everything changed; he had a bunch of food and clothes. For awhile we couldn’t even walk on the floor in the living room, it was piled high with bags, food and clothes.

By 2a.m Dale and I had a chance to wash the kitchen floor and then start to gather our stuff. Bed couldn’t come soon enough.

We had hoped to start out at 6a.m. but alas we didn’t wake up until after 8. I looked out the side door and saw Camilo and his boys sleeping in their truck. Cam had been up all night and kids until 4a.m packing.

We need to go first to the Interagency to pick up our permits as they won’t mail them. Then head up to the trail head where there is a parking lot and campground probably a ½ hour drive.

Once we get to the trail head we must unload all of the equipment and food stuff from backpacks and shopping bags. Then we will load all food stuff and personal items with any scent into bear canisters, packing the bear canisters into our packs where the items had been.

We brought frozen chicken and a bunch of fresh food in our Oscar ice chest. We will unload all of the cold food, dry the chest, then repack it with canned foods for Friday and Saturday’s meals and put the lid on to keep any smells inside. As an ice chest cannot be within sight of anything we will keep it on the backseat floor covered with a towel. On Friday morning we will send 2 people back to the truck, packs loaded with trash to go out and then load up with the remaining food.

So Dale is driving while I write, kids are in the back seat resting from a very late night. There will likely be no cell service with which to post blogs or photos so we will see you on Sunday when we return to civilization.

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Swimming in the RV

A flood as we are getting ready to leave.

sunny 99 °F

IMG_2489.jpgThe camping trip is upon up us, we leave this afternoon and hopefully not hours later than planned, us being Dale and I plus 3 granddaughters and the daughter of our Belgium friend.

Our grandson doesn’t want to drive up with us and we are a little bit disappointed but also a little relieved. He fights with each of the girls in no particular order, mostly just words; pick, pick, pick.

We went up to our youngest son’s on Saturday for our granddaughter’s birthday party but just made it a turnaround trip. We told them we just knew something would go wrong if we stayed overnight. And since Dale worked Monday and today we could be in trouble with leaving by 2 p.m.

On Sunday Dale stayed home to ready the RV while I took two granddaughters for the huge grocery shopping trip. It took some time as we had to shop at other places too and granddaughters just add time to any trip. We got home to find water running out of the bottom of the RV, not a good sign.

I went straight into the RV where Dale was sponging water out. It seems he had started to fill the water tank and walked away, as he has done before. This time however the overflow hose had cracked above the floor level allowing the water to pour into the RV. My stomach sank as I realized, being a property claims adjuster, what this meant.

After putting groceries inside the house instead of straight into the RV, we reviewed the situation together. Carpet was soaked, water in the heater ducting meaning that it was also likely under the vinyl.

We ripped out the carpet and the wet parts of the vinyl and tore out the felt in the basement. In our favor was the fact that it was a very hot day with a great breeze. We left the basement doors open as well as every other door and window so that everything actually dried quickly.
Monday morning I called out a water restoration company just to test the walls and by yesterday afternoon they came out and found the walls to be dry but the bottom insulation soaked in standing water. Dale cut the plastic barrier and water poured out on him. We then talked with our local RV repair shop and he assured us that the wood floor is fine and the whole thing is an easy repair. We think we will go back with better carpet, pad and actually wood flooring, something we’d wanted to do anyway!

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Preparing for Living Abroad

Starting to put the dream of living abroad into a reality

We have thought for some time that we’d like to live in other places for a time. We’d originally thought we’d live away for a year at a time but now have reconsidered that. We think that our grandkids wouldn’t be able to visit more than once and my mom would not visit at all. Also, after last year’s emergency with our granddaughter we realized that we can’t leave for so long so think that 4 months would be a good fit for now.

We’d originally thought that we’d go to Alaska for our first stint but after dreaming about operas in Europe for the past few months we think it would be good to start in Europe. We were thinking something close to Vienna, Salzburg and Prague would be good.

I sent out an email to our European friends and one, who has traveled extensively, suggested Austria. He has suggested the area of Wachau area and specifically the cities of Spitz, Weissenburg, Duernstein and Krems. We have just started to look at each city to see if it would be a good fit.

We do want to live in a village, walking distance to the square where we can have coffee. Jen demands a brew pub in the town. We also want to be near transportation or a freeway to get around easily.

Another friend reminded us that her husband works in real estate so can help with housing. We would prefer a house but would take a flat if necessary. We must have 2 bedrooms so that friends and family can visit.

Now we will buy a good map and review the cities suggested both on-line and in the travel books. We will select maybe 2 or 3 and put them out for a vote.

Since we plan to leave in April we must start this process as we will leave in about 1 year from now.

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Making Reservations

Plans for Alaska

I think that I’m more excited about anyone else over our upcoming Alaska trip, but then the grandkids don’t know about all of the plans yet.

As I’ve written before, we have been to Alaska 2 times with our kids so now we have it down on the best route and places to visit. We like to start in Anchorage, go down to the Kenai and then up to Denali.

In the Kenai we like to take a wildlife cruise with a National Park Ranger along. The rangers give talks along the way.

Then we like to camp inside of Denali National Park at Teklanika campground about 30 miles inside the park. Once inside it is fun to take the National Park shuttle bus back into the backcountry. The drivers keep contact with each other stopping to see whatever wildlife happens upon the road. We have had wolves walk right by the bus, seen golden eagles land nearby and lots of bears.

We were lucky this time, I just called for reservations for the wildlife cruise and Denali and was able to reserve everything we wanted.

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6 Weeks to Alaska

Preparing for our driving trip with grandkids to Alaska

Alaska is only 6 weeks away; I thought that we had so much time. Last night we sat at the table with maps spread out and the Milepost opened to the routes we plan to take.

Years ago we were in Alaska and bought a book for our granddaughter about an Iditarod dog named Kiana who ran the race. As we looked at the maps we saw names of cities that we read in the book, how exciting to think that we will make a long trip where we can see some of the places we read about.

We have mostly planned our route and places to visit so now it is a matter of buying the tickets we need and planning our food and getting everything ready.

We went out to the RV and started checking out what we will need before embarking on that long trip; need new batteries and tires. We also found that Dale’s passport is gone, I think that I had it out to renew but it is totally lost in this house. Now I’ll need to run in, get a new birth certificate for him then we will go in for a new passport.

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