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Running Around Glacier National Park

Trying to pack it all in.

sunny 75 °F

Our night started out with a bang, lots of banging. It was about 11:30pm, I was posting photos of our trip on Facebook. It 1st sounded like someone was trying to break into the RV then a banging on the truck. I turned on the light above the door and looked out the side window. There was a huge bear in the bed of our truck hitting on the tool box then he/she tried to move the ice chest.IMG_201507..2454196_HDR.jpgIMG_20150718_154846277.jpgIMG_201507..5612700_HDR.jpgIMG_20150718_094512715.jpg

I yelled for Dale, why, I have no idea. He woke up and came down without his glasses. By that time, Twinkle came by me and started growling. Some protector she is. The bear quickly left. A neighbor camper came out of his RV with his flashlight. I was thinking “there is a huge bear out here, not some noisy neighbor”.

In the morning we found bear prints on the sides of the truck and hood, slobber and dirt on the truck where he/she’d looked in the windows, scratches on the hood and windshield, a door and on the RV.

The morning was bright and sunny, such a welcome change from the days of rain. We were so glad to be able to hike and picnic without the fear of rain.

We started our morning with breakfast at the Many Glacier Hotel. The hotel has been partly refurbished back to its 1920’s glory. More changes have yet to be made. The lobby reminded us of the hotel in Yellowstone, however. the Yellowstone hotel is a little grander, as we remember it anyway.

After breakfast we found a trail off of the path to our truck and took it a ways back, Zaya skipping and running in front while I brought up the rear while shooting photos. We lost the trail in the forested area and returned back to our truck.

We picked up Twinkle and went back to St Mary’s Visitor Center so Zaya could get her special patch and her Jr. Ranger badge. We then started on Going to the Sun, looking for the perfect hiking spot.
Zaya didn’t want to do a hike to the St Mary waterfalls so we drove looking for a place with an inviting trail. We found one that followed a stream. We found a picnic spot along the stream and unpacked our lunch. We’d brought wine but then just wanted water; don’t know what was wrong with us! We were mostly alone except for the occasional hiker walking by.

Winds were picking up and one particularly high gust blew over my tripod with the camera right onto a rock. Unfortunately, I lost my polarizing lens, it completely shattered, but it seems that the rest of the heavy duty camera survived. That has yet to be determined, but it appears to be ok.

With food in our belly and a beaten up camera, we started up the trail right up the hill. We stopped to read a large sign that told us we were in Grizzly Country. A little wake-up. But we had no worries as Zaya talked and sang nearly the entire hike. We didn’t walk all the way up to the top, but we got in a good walk on a beautiful afternoon.

We drove back to our campsite just a little sad that we had to leave but looking forward to the next leg.

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High Tea Fit for a Princess

High Tea at the Banff Springs Hotel

sunny 65 °F

We thought we’d have a lunchIMG_20150714_163831762.jpgIMG_201507..4736867_HDR.jpgIMG_201507..0850127_HDR.jpgIMG_201507..3602626_HDR.jpgtime picnic at a vista point, across the street, from the campground. We packed up our smoked salmon, dips, crackers and wine in our picnic backpack. We hiked over to the vista and were going to sit down on the chairs when it started raining. When the drops really started dropping we turned around and went back to the RV for an inside picnic. Of course, the sun came out and was bright while we had our inside picnic.

The whole lunch idea was a big mistake as we’d booked a reservation for Tea, but we didn’t want to be starving when we had our High Tea.

We dressed up, Zaya in the best dress she had with a pretty pink sweater. She had me brush her hair and put it into braids.

We got to the Banff Springs Hotel just at 3pm but were told that there wasn’t a reservation for us after all and that they were booked. Well that was the wrong answer! I told them that we had come into the hotel and made our reservation and we were now there to have tea. I was firm but did not have to demand to see the manager. After many apologies, we were seated with a nice window view.

Our mistake in eating lunch became apparent very soon. After our selection and sniffs of tea, we were brought small sandwiches and scones. The selections were brought on the 3-tiered servers. I had my own gluten free selections. Dale and Zaya shared theirs, but peanut butter and jam sandwiches were made for Zaya. Some of the sandwiches included: smoked salmon with capers, cucumber and radish, boiled egg, curry, ham and brie.

We didn’t stuff because we knew that we’d be getting a selection of desserts. There was one of each for Dale and Zaya; opera cakes, cream-filled cookies, other petite fours, and lime cheesecakes. I had hand-made marshmallow, brownie with a crispy rice crust topped with chocolate mousse, chocolate covered strawberry, another chocolate cake and cream filled cookies.

Fortunately, what we couldn’t eat they packed up for us to take. We still have desserts waiting to be finished.

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