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They're Off, On the 7th Annual Grandkids Trip

Leaving finally on our grandkids trip

2011-06-25..-21_170.jpg2011-06-25..-52_281.jpgOur plan was to leave early arriving in Yellowstone late at night, alas that was not to be. Since I was not in bed until 5 a.m. I just couldn’t wake up until 7:30a.m. Dale had put in to have off Friday night but he did not get it off so had to work until 7:30a.m. Then we still had lots of packing and readying the RV to do so we did not get off until noon. By then we were all hungry for lunch and we were not going to be in Las Vegas for that meal.

After a quick lunch we were on our way for the “7th Annual Grandkids Trip”

Las Vegas was hot; just heat hot, over 100F. We had dinner at a buffet and were on our way again. We went to a cheap buffet and decided that it wasn’t worth the money at all, so next time we will stick to the Luxor or Excalibur. They are more money especially with the grandkids but so be it.

After a night at a rest stop we have driven nearly all day today except for a stop at Whole Foods in Salt Lake City. We never got our big grocery shopping done so we did it now. We had made up a master grocery list and I divided it up between us except for Christabel. Elias asked why Bel got out of work and I asked him if he wanted her to pick out the veges to which he realized why Bel was only going to help me.

We did make several stops also for a RV vent which broke. Dale duct taped it down twice and finally, when it came loose again he figured out how to wire the whole thing down. Thank goodness he is handy and creative, much like my own dad was.

Hopefully we will be in Yellowstone before dark tonight and will spend the day there tomorrow.

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Last Minute Chaos

Trying to leave Chaos.

It seems like so many trips have mini disasters just as we are trying to leave: kids have emergency issues; appliances break down like the fridge and freezer last year. And so this year is no different.

I had a ton of stuff to do before we could leave; needless to say it included about 8 loads of laundry and getting our RV home.

I started a load of clothes 1st thing in the morning and then at 8 called the RV repair shop. The guy who answered the phone said he would call right back. I went to check the clothes only to find that the washer had stopped washing and was doing nothing. I started the machine but when I went back later I found that it had stopped again and clothes were soaking wet. 3 hours late I finally got the load finished and was about to tear my hair out having to run back to the machine to put the start button again.

By noon the repair shop called to say that the RV was finished.

We finally got the RV home and then got the grandkids home. It was too late to do any grocery shopping but still light enough to unload the RV of all of the stuff stored in it.

In the meantime I did more laundry but on the easy care setting which seemed to work fine. The about 7pm I put a small load of clothes in with only 2 more loads to go. Wouldn’t you know but the load wouldn’t finish washing and finally after working with it for 4 hours the load was kind of done. Washer is out of commission until we get home.

Finally at 5a.m. I finished cleaning, part of the packing in the RV and general clean up I went to bed.

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We're Off

The first leg

2011-05-02..-17_817.jpgAfter planning for the past 11 months, researching concerts, hotels and so on, we are finally on our way to Europe.

I was really so proud of myself yesterday; I had cleaned up the house, finally putting away all of the painting supplies and sorting through all of the piles that had collected during the partial remodel, cleaned the kitchen floor. Clothes and our trip stuff were starting to be collected. Gosh, for the 1st time in my life I was going to actually get packed in plenty of time and get a decent night’s sleep.

Dale and I had decided that we would only try to carry only carry-on’s but we soon realized that we would also need his backpacking pack. This was all great but then reality set in about 9 pm.

1st, our European friends love almonds so I had the brilliant idea that we’d take some raw almonds that I had still (about 5#) and some of Nate’s processed almonds. Camilo was kind enough to bring a couple of bags for each person plus a few more.

2nd, our Belgium girl, Pascaline, had ordered a few items from American Eagle sent to our house for us to deliver.

Dale started to pack his backpack while I worked with everything else. Opps! The backpack was completely full of only almonds and Pascaline’s things, no room for our stuff except our shoes. And oh was the pack heavy!

By 10:30 we were re-evaluating our situation, we got out a rolling carry-on, 1st the smaller one but we still needed more room. We unpacked the small bag and packed a larger one.

By 1 a.m. and 1 bottle of wine under our belt we had stuffed the backpack, the carry-on, our tote bag to overflowing, the camera bag that would no longer completely zip shut and a day pack.

Camilo came by as he was going to take us to the airport; he’d decided to come early in order to not oversleep. I’d told him that we could really just drive and park, then he could pick up the car later but he didn’t want to do that.

At 4:14a.m. we were out the door. I asked Camilo if he knew the quickest way to the airport and then told him to turn right as the Bakersfield airport is only 15 minutes to the north. He asked “why are we going this way?” and I said well Meadow’s Field is just over to the NE. Camilo-“Meadow’s Field? Not LAX?” Me- “What?, did you think you were driving us to LAX? Camilo- “Yes, that’s why I came to take you to the airport”.
(LAX is 2-1/2 hours away) Poor Camilo, but we had a good laugh and he could already hear his wife laughing at him in his head!

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