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Camping at Sun River

We made it to Sun River

sunny 75 °F
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We made the best of our weekend in Seven Feathers swimming at the pool, taking walks along the stream behind our RV and walking down to the casino store to buy ice cream. The playground wasn’t much to write about and we didn’t spend much time there. Emilio was so anxious to get to Fynn but he did well with our stop.

On Monday morning we got a call, the shop found that a fuse had gone out and the truck was ready to go. We couldn’t believe it, such a simple fix.
Clayton and Jen left Lost Lake that morning as there were no hookups. Their fridge had lost power when the battery went out, they ran out of water and needed showers badly. We all drove straight to Sun River.

Sun River is a resort town and we camped close by at a private RV park, Thousand Trails. The RV park has a pool, kayaks to rent for the river and games for kids. Sun River has a small amusement park with bumper cars, jump houses, miniature golf and a climbing wall.

For 2 days, Tues and Wed it was just Dale, Emilio and I along with Clayton’s family with Zoey, Fynn and twins. We took the kids to Sun River 1 day where kids did lots of jumping, drove bumper cars and then made a stop for ice cream. Back at the RV park the kids would swim in the pool and try to catch frogs at the river. One day Clayton rented a kayak and he and kids took turns paddling and catching frogs.

Bekki arrived on Thursday with two more grandkids, we went to Bend and spent time at the river there. The playground was large and gave the kids lots of options. The walk to the river was beautiful and made for some photo opportunities.

Fynn and Emilio have never spent much time together but they got along so well, like the best of old friends. But it was also good for Emilio to have his other cousins to himself before the rest of his siblings arrived.
The week went by quickly and on Saturday morning we had to say goodbye. On to the next adventure.

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Not the Way to Start a Trip

Right away we had a breakdown

sunny 75 °F
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Having worked all winter and spring we made plans for a trip with the Jag and an elaborate plan for grandkids trips. Note the plural!

We had a great plan to include a trip with our 6-year old grandsons to the Oregon coast and 1 for the 10 and 9-year-old granddaughters to Yellowstone National Park. Our 12 and 10-year-old grandsons would be busy this summer with swimming and a visit to their mom’s so we would need to figure out another trip for them at a later date. We even had a little trip planned for our 4-year old grandson to San Francisco.
Our plan was to drive to Northern California and pick up 1 grandson, Emilio, then drive to Oregon City and pick up the 2nd one, Fynn. We’d take them to a Safari Park and a beach day.

We would then drive to Lost Lake and meet our youngest son and family. From Lost Lake, we’d all go to Sun River for a week. Our oldest son’s family would also meet up with us in Sun River and from there we would take our youngest grandson, Jasper to San Francisco for a 2-day stay.
It worked out that Emilio came to our house prior to our departure so we headed straight to Oregon City. We spent the night before Oregon City at a rest stop and figured we be at our youngest son’s house by 1 pm. Fynn was ready to go and couldn’t wait for us to arrive and Emilio could hardly wait to pick up Fynn.
About 10 am we stopped for fuel at Seven Feathers in Oregon, a place we normally stop. Unfortunately, when we started to get back on the highway, the truck wouldn’t shift out of 1st gear. Mind you, this was a Friday.

We got off the highway and stopped so that Dale could check everything out. Some local guys came by and suggested that we go to an auto shop just down the road. The mechanic tested the car and it pointed to the transmission control module. He suggested that we drive the truck back to the Seven Feathers Campground, unload the 5th wheel and bring the truck back. He said it would take about 1 week if the transmission had to be sent out. UGH!
We drove to the Seven Rivers Rest Stop and called AAA who gave us the names and phone numbers of the approved mechanics in the next town, Roseburg. We called the shops and one told us to call the AMCO shop, that he sent his employees’ there for training. We appreciated his honesty. The AMCO shop said to have the truck towed there, he would order a control module and start on it Monday.

We soon also realized that we needed a place to have the RV towed. AAA said to have it towed to wherever we and it would be safe. I started calling RV parks and my daughter-in-law was calling them as well. There were no spaces at any parks in Roseburg. I then called Seven Feathers, right next to us and after working on a site for several minutes they found one. We could stay for the week if we had to.

In the meantime, while all these phone calls were taking place, a lady who had parked beside us took matters into her own hands. She couldn’t get her mirrors to work so we showed her the button to set them and mentioned that our truck was not shifting. She then pointed at our truck and commanded Jesus to fix our truck. We started the truck as per our mechanic at home to see if resting had helped and the lady was so happy as she was sure that she’d healed our truck. As resting didn’t help we went back to the rest stop and called to make verify with AAA to tow both the truck and trailer. The lady seeing us parked again and me on the phone, came over to our truck and laid her hands on the hood, then prayed. Oh, we of little faith, we didn’t even bother to talk with her, we only laughed. We wondered why she needed our help to get her mirrors working.


The truck was towed to Roseville and the RV was towed into the RV park next to us and poor Fynn and Emilio were not happy.

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A Day For the Beach

Beach play

sunny 65 °F

After a long afternoon and another day of driving, we made it to Cannon Beach RV Resort. Unfortunately, Jen and kids were asleep but Clayton came over for a glass of wine.

Our alarm, in the form of grandkids, came over, promptly at 7a.m. “Wake up, wake up” with lots of giggles and shrieks.

After a breakfast of baked goods, we walked to the beach. The weather was warm and the beach play was fun. We couldn’t stay long, as we had to check out and move on to the State Park just ½ hour away.
After settling into the Nehalem Bay State Park, http://oregonstateparks.org/index.cfm?do=parkPage.dsp_parkPage&parkId=142 we walked over the dunes to the beach. Burr! Winds were howling and it was cold! The beach is beautiful but not to sit out and enjoy for long.
We decided it was time for a nice fire and champagne to celebrate Jen’s birthday. We traded the cold wind for a glass of cold champagne and got warm by the fire.

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Birthday Cake with Butterfly-Flowers

Playing in Oregon and Seattle

sunny 80 °F

Well this blog has gone off of the rails. We’ve been so busy that there has been no time to write. So now to step back and take a look at where we’ve been, before we leave on the next trip.

After Ft Bidwell, we had to head to Oregon to our youngest son’s, Clayton and his family. Clayton would be working out of state so we’d promised to help out Jen with the kids for a few days, babysitting mostly. We took kids to swim lessons, spent time reading, building with legos, just kids stuff.
We did go to lunch at a 100% gluten free brewery and then to a wine bar one evening. Both really fun adult things to do.

When we arrived in OR, our 5-year old granddaughter announced that she was going to spend the night with us on Sunday night, the night before her birthday. This would be her first time spending the night away from her parents. We hoped it would work.

Since our granddaughter wanted to go to Seattle a camping trip was in order. We made reservations at the KOA, where I’d lived 6 years earlier when working a snow storm. The kids loved the KOA with its warm pool and playground, not wanting to leave.

On Saturday we took the kids to Pike’s Market for the fish market. This is a really a fun market and I likely wrote about it last year when we took another granddaughter there. Customers order from a person in the fish area who then throws the fish to a counter person. There is also a realistic looking fish attached to a cord that jumps when the cord is pulled.

The market was quite noisy and packed with people so it wasn’t hard to leave and go back to the campground for some pool time.
Dale has a cousin in the Seattle area and we always try to meet up with he and his wife when we are in the area. Last year we actually stayed at their house on our way to Canada. This time, we only met them for lunch on Sunday at the Redhook Brewery. They are always fun to meet up with and they were glad to meet Clayton’s family. Otherwise, it was another pool day

We didn’t know how it would work with our granddaughter spending the night but she went to sleep with no problem and slept without any issues. Of course, we were the first to wish her a happy birthday. And we were so proud that we were the 1st sleepover.

Before anything, but after breakfast, we had to decorate the cake that we’d made the day before. The icing was not perfect, having had to make it on the picnic bench, but she proclaimed it the best cake ever. Flowers turned into butterfly-flowers, and a rainbow of pink and purple. What an imagination!

It was a nice day to go to the aquarium with the birthday girl and eat lunch at the pier. We oohed and awed at the giant octopus, penguins puffins and all of the other fish. It is a very nice aquarium with lots for all ages.
The sun was out and weather comfortable, the perfect day for a birthday.

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Sunset Beach at Sunset

Some alone time

overcast 70 °F

After all of the keeping up with kids, Dale and I were happy to have a couple of days to ourselves.

We left the South Beach campground on Sunday and drove south on Hwy 101. This is the coast highway in Oregon. We needed to work our way to Fort Bidwell, but pulling our RV we were a little concerned about road conditions. We were not wanting to pull the RV over a snowy or icy pass. We decided to take a more southern route across.

On our way down we found a small seafood market open. Until then, all had been closed. We stopped immediately and I ran in. There was fresh caught wild salmon and fresh oysters. We were ready for a feast!

As we looked at campgrounds that would be in the area of our route we found the Sunset Beach Campground. There were a couple of others around the Sunset Beach but after driving thru those we just kept going. We drove into Sunset Beach and found a space that was perfect. The site was in the corner and there were no neighbors. http://oregonstateparks.org/index.cfm?do=parkPage.dsp_parkPage&parkId=182

There had been rain in the area, but it let up before we arrived. About sunset, the clouds parted and we walked to the beach across the street. I took the camera and started shooting photos. It was so beautiful.

For dinner, we set up our Downton candelabra, silver flatware and ate our salmon Downton RV style. IMG_20160320_214206865.jpg

That was a perfect ending to our alone time. Ever onward, we were off to Ft Bidwell in the northeast corner of California and then down to the southern border.

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