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A Day For the Beach

Beach play

sunny 65 °F

After a long afternoon and another day of driving, we made it to Cannon Beach RV Resort. Unfortunately, Jen and kids were asleep but Clayton came over for a glass of wine.

Our alarm, in the form of grandkids, came over, promptly at 7a.m. “Wake up, wake up” with lots of giggles and shrieks.

After a breakfast of baked goods, we walked to the beach. The weather was warm and the beach play was fun. We couldn’t stay long, as we had to check out and move on to the State Park just ½ hour away.
After settling into the Nehalem Bay State Park, http://oregonstateparks.org/index.cfm?do=parkPage.dsp_parkPage&parkId=142 we walked over the dunes to the beach. Burr! Winds were howling and it was cold! The beach is beautiful but not to sit out and enjoy for long.
We decided it was time for a nice fire and champagne to celebrate Jen’s birthday. We traded the cold wind for a glass of cold champagne and got warm by the fire.

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Birthday Cake with Butterfly-Flowers

Playing in Oregon and Seattle

sunny 80 °F

Well this blog has gone off of the rails. We’ve been so busy that there has been no time to write. So now to step back and take a look at where we’ve been, before we leave on the next trip.

After Ft Bidwell, we had to head to Oregon to our youngest son’s, Clayton and his family. Clayton would be working out of state so we’d promised to help out Jen with the kids for a few days, babysitting mostly. We took kids to swim lessons, spent time reading, building with legos, just kids stuff.
We did go to lunch at a 100% gluten free brewery and then to a wine bar one evening. Both really fun adult things to do.

When we arrived in OR, our 5-year old granddaughter announced that she was going to spend the night with us on Sunday night, the night before her birthday. This would be her first time spending the night away from her parents. We hoped it would work.

Since our granddaughter wanted to go to Seattle a camping trip was in order. We made reservations at the KOA, where I’d lived 6 years earlier when working a snow storm. The kids loved the KOA with its warm pool and playground, not wanting to leave.

On Saturday we took the kids to Pike’s Market for the fish market. This is a really a fun market and I likely wrote about it last year when we took another granddaughter there. Customers order from a person in the fish area who then throws the fish to a counter person. There is also a realistic looking fish attached to a cord that jumps when the cord is pulled.

The market was quite noisy and packed with people so it wasn’t hard to leave and go back to the campground for some pool time.
Dale has a cousin in the Seattle area and we always try to meet up with he and his wife when we are in the area. Last year we actually stayed at their house on our way to Canada. This time, we only met them for lunch on Sunday at the Redhook Brewery. They are always fun to meet up with and they were glad to meet Clayton’s family. Otherwise, it was another pool day

We didn’t know how it would work with our granddaughter spending the night but she went to sleep with no problem and slept without any issues. Of course, we were the first to wish her a happy birthday. And we were so proud that we were the 1st sleepover.

Before anything, but after breakfast, we had to decorate the cake that we’d made the day before. The icing was not perfect, having had to make it on the picnic bench, but she proclaimed it the best cake ever. Flowers turned into butterfly-flowers, and a rainbow of pink and purple. What an imagination!

It was a nice day to go to the aquarium with the birthday girl and eat lunch at the pier. We oohed and awed at the giant octopus, penguins puffins and all of the other fish. It is a very nice aquarium with lots for all ages.
The sun was out and weather comfortable, the perfect day for a birthday.

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Sunset Beach at Sunset

Some alone time

overcast 70 °F

After all of the keeping up with kids, Dale and I were happy to have a couple of days to ourselves.

We left the South Beach campground on Sunday and drove south on Hwy 101. This is the coast highway in Oregon. We needed to work our way to Fort Bidwell, but pulling our RV we were a little concerned about road conditions. We were not wanting to pull the RV over a snowy or icy pass. We decided to take a more southern route across.

On our way down we found a small seafood market open. Until then, all had been closed. We stopped immediately and I ran in. There was fresh caught wild salmon and fresh oysters. We were ready for a feast!

As we looked at campgrounds that would be in the area of our route we found the Sunset Beach Campground. There were a couple of others around the Sunset Beach but after driving thru those we just kept going. We drove into Sunset Beach and found a space that was perfect. The site was in the corner and there were no neighbors. http://oregonstateparks.org/index.cfm?do=parkPage.dsp_parkPage&parkId=182

There had been rain in the area, but it let up before we arrived. About sunset, the clouds parted and we walked to the beach across the street. I took the camera and started shooting photos. It was so beautiful.

For dinner, we set up our Downton candelabra, silver flatware and ate our salmon Downton RV style. IMG_20160320_214206865.jpg

That was a perfect ending to our alone time. Ever onward, we were off to Ft Bidwell in the northeast corner of California and then down to the southern border.

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A Cold Pre-Easter Oregon Beach

Celebrating Easter, having fun at the State Beach


It was cold and cloudy on Saturday morning but kids work up early and started playing outside as if it were a warm summer day. We had 5 young grandkids camping: 3 boys – 3, 6 and 8; and 2 girls: 4 & 5.

The 5-year old quickly started taking the 4-year old around the campground, sometimes carrying her. The 4-year old seemed to be happy for the attention of a little girl, instead of dealing with her 2 brothers. The girls walked, holdings hands, talking and talking and talking.

Meanwhile, the boys found a sand hill behind the campground. All 3 were happy to dig and play in the sand.
Mid-morning we all walked down to the beach but not together. Christine and I left a bit later than the rest and we ended up north of everyone.
But a walk down the beach and there were kids running in the freezing water, boys with their shoes on even. They didn’t last long and were soon huddling by a log shivering. Fortunately, we’d told Justin to bring clothes for them so he arrived with clothes and immediately took them back for warm showers.
As Sunday was Easter, Jen had suggested that we have an egg hunt on Saturday, as we’d all be leaving on Sunday. And Jen being Jen had made an Easter basket for each kid.

Jen and Zoey had stuffed plastic eggs, some with chocolates and some with other things. As it turned out, Christine had done the same thing so we had double the eggs for kids. While kids ran amuck Jen hid the eggs.

This was Cassie’s first Easter, she and Christine only arrived from China last year. Cassie wasn’t sure about the Easter basket but as soon as the other kids started showing her the treats Cassie was fitting right in.
Kids had their egg hunt. Before hiding the eggs again, they made sure to eat all of the candy. They shared the next egg hunt but not the treats!
Kids did not ask to go to the water again, they instead had fun riding bikes and scooters around the campground, where it was warmer. And adults and kids played Frisbee on the large grassy area.

It was an early to bed for kids giving the adults a nice wine time. We don’t know when we will all be together again and Dale and I treasure these times.

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Camping at South Beach


On Friday, after the park, we returned to our RV, packed it up and headed for the South Beach State Park. http://southcoastoregon.com/ Clayton/Jen and kids, Justin/Christine and kids and Dale and I all had reservations for campsites. The campsites were scattered around the park, as we reserved them late.

Dale and I arrived 1st at the park. We couldn’t remember our site number so stopped at the ranger kiosk to look up our site #. As we were looking at a map, a ranger drove up and asked if she could help. She recognized our last name and said that they’d tried to call as our site had a broken water outlet. We advised her that we had 3 separate sites, all scattered. The ranger then told us that we could all camp in a closed area and have 3 sites together.

As it turned out the sites the ranger assigned to us were larger than the open sites, had a large grassy area behind and they were away from the crowded open area. Got lucky that time.

We set up our RV and then set up the tent for Justin. They would arrive late so we wanted everything to be ready for them.
After dinner and kids were asleep, we sat around the table outside, drinking some beer and wine. We waited for Justin and Christine to arrive so we could then party on.

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