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We Are On Our Own In Santa Fe

A trip without grandkids

semi-overcast 75 °F
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We only had 4 days at home, only a short time to empty the very dirty clothes and bedding, wash about 30 loads of laundry, clean the RV and repack. This time we had to pack for only Dale and me to vacation and work if we get a call out.

As usual, we had breakdowns that had to be repaired. The water pump completely quit and that took all morning and most of an afternoon. No cleaning could be done as there was no water. But Dale fixed the pump and the water output is better than ever.

We believed that we had tickets for the Santa Fe Opera so wanted to be in Santa Fe on Sunday in time for dinner, well before the opera. We wanted to leave on Sat and were able to get away in the heat of the afternoon. We didn’t care, we were on our way.
As we neared Santa Fe I looked up RV parks. We realized that we’d never camped in Santa Fe before, we’d always gone straight to Taos. I found an RV park with good reviews so called and found that they had space for us. The Santa Fe Skies had a site on the ridge overlooking the city on 3 sides of our RV. We were amazed at our luck.

Our luck did not hold for long. I searched for the confirmation that our Opera tickets had been changed. I’d called back in May when we realized we couldn’t make the night that we held tickets for. There was no confirmation email. But, I did find an email from a dear friend asking that we attend his retirement dinner that had taken place only days before. I cannot even convey had upset I was at this point.

On Monday morning, I called the opera and found, to my dismay, that the tickets were not changed, rather went unused on the night that we could not make it to Santa Fe.
Finally, if this is the worst that can happen on this trip we will call it a good trip. After all, how many people can visit a beautiful city, glamp with a fabulous view, and be together as we are; healthy and happy. We will not complain but rather put this one thing behind us.

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A Last Day in Taos

Last of the family time for now

semi-overcast 30 °F

Our last full day together in Taos, time to pack in food and fun.

After a huge breakfast at the Taos Diner, we were off to the square to do some major walking and a little shopping. Dale and I needed a new ristra for our front door and a new one for cooking, maybe more fabric for pillows for the couch, and whatever struck our fancy.

We then returned to the square after giving the grandkids a bit of lunch. We’d wanted to take them to Michaels Kitchen, for the best sopapillas in Taos. After walking for 10 min we arrived at Michaels only to find it closed until Dec 16th.

We decided that we’d just walk straight over to the toy store, Whirl, where there was a Christmas party going on for the kids. Kids ran around, made crafty ornaments and ate cookies.

By the time Clayton and Jen joined us we were ready to stuff in some dinner at La Cueva, yet another favorite gluten free restaurant.
From dinner, we came back to the resort as we had tickets to see Robert Mirabal.

Robert Mirabal is a story-teller, whose stories are told thru the music. It was an amazing show. He plays his flutes, tells stories and his daughters accompany him in song. There were not many people in the audience so we have a very intimate and moving evening.

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Thanksgiving in Taos

Thanks with the grandkids

semi-overcast 40 °F

Thanksgiving Day, a time for a celebration for sure. And we showed our thanks by drinking New Mexico champagne with our kids.
We decided prior that we were not interested in a Thanksgiving Day brunch or dinner. I could only eat the meat and kids could only eat the veggies; not worth the money in our case.

Jen and I started our day with a massage at the spa. I just wanted a relaxing massage and got just that, with a arnica lotion on my sore neck.
We’d wanted to take grandkids to the Taos Pueblo and to the Rio Grande Bridge, so we piled into 2 cars and went off to the Taos Pueblo first. Clayton had vivid memories of our Christmas Eve celebration there when he was about 11 years old. The sky was blue over the west Pueblo and stormy over the east. Great for some photos. Grandkids ran around like kids do everywhere. Their Native American was coming out.


By the time we got to the Rio Grande Bridge, Fynn was sound asleep. As I’ve been there lots of times I stayed in the car with him while Dale went out with the rest onto the bridge. The bridge is really a great place, there is a walk way on both sides and little places to lookout down to the bottom, 565’ down.IMG_20161124_143113292.jpg


Dinner was at the bar at Doc Martins, just nachos and drinks.

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Back to New Mexico

Thanksgiving trip to New Mexico

sunny 40 °F

Several months ago, our daughter-in-law, Jen suggested that we spend Thanksgiving in Taos. She’d never been to Taos but heard us speak of it plenty. She then found the El Monte Resort and it looked like a nice place to stay and play. We reserved rooms for our 2 families.

After flying most of the day we finally arrived in Taos after 11pm. We got into our room, a small casita, the equivalent of a small cabin but New Mexico style.

We’d brought a bottle of wine and a pumpkin pie dessert from home. Those were perfect for winding down in our living room. We got the fire going and relaxed.

We had to meet Clayton and Jen early as they had to drive to Santa Fe for a cooking class we’d given them for a present. We meet at the restaurant at the resort, but as I suspected it would be, there was nothing I could eat. That was fine, the Taos Diner was only a 15-minute walk and they have most everything New Mexican gluten free.

We got the grandkids all bundled up and walked to the Taos Diner. It took a little longer with Fynn stopping to have a conversation with himself periodically.
After a good filling breakfast, we walked to the Plaza. Kids were not interested in the history, rather it was more fun to play tag and a sort of hide and seek tag game. Dale and I took turns running around with the kids.
After some pool play back at the resort, we took the kids to Orlando’s for dinner, another Taos favorite of ours. We were able to introduce the kids to real chili sauce, pure from the dried pods. I need to learn how to make a sauce like this.

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Cooking in Paradise

Cooking in Santa Fe


Our 2nd day of cooking lessons, this was a demonstration lesson in Contemporary Southwest cooking. The teacher was one I’d hoped to get for a lesson, Lois Ellen Frank, part Native American, PhD in Culinary Anthropology. She, like us, uses organic produce, eggs, meat and so forth. Dr Frank has her own catering business and teaches at the local native colleges.

Dr. Frank gave us a lesson in native foods: pre-contact and then post as contemporary foods have changed as people have intermingled. She started with the 3 sisters: beans corn and squash and then built from there. Lunch consisted of grilled salmon, black beans, corn and chili tamale and flan for dessert. IMG_9084.jpg

The food from lunch was lighter than Thursday so we were not stuffed when leaving. Like yesterday we also had a glass of local wine with lunch.

From the school we had several places to visit before evening; San Miguel Mission, the oldest house and then Pecos National Monument. We hoped to get back in time to drink some chocolate at the Kakawa House.

The mission and oldest house were closed, maybe because of Easter, so we could only see the outside. So it was off to Pecos.
Wow!!! Pecos National Monument is an amazing place. It is about 25 miles east of Santa Fe and if you go allow a couple of hours. This monument was the site of a fairly large pueblo with a church. Of course, all that is left are perimeter walls, foundations and 3 of the church walls.

A trail starts at the Visitor’s Center where, first, there is a short film to watch then a museum to tour. The walk is all paved so it isn’t hard to walk; a little over a mile. There is some walking up to the ridge and then down but most can walk this. The path gets up close to the ruins of the pueblo and then you can walk into the ruins of the church. Parts of the ruins have been restored but much has not even been unearthed yet. Amazingly, part of the hill is the garbage dump from the Pueblo. Here many pottery shards are visible, everywhere. We took lots of time looking at various pieces of pottery, the designs and the glazes.
From the path, at the high point, high mountain peaks are visible, most with snow. To the other sides, hills are visible. The view from the 4th or 5th story of this pueblo must have been so great.

This is a pueblo where the Indians revolted and destroyed the original church. The ruins which remain are from the church built upon the old ruins in the 1600’s.

The paths are quiet now, just the sound of our footsteps and quiet talking.

The Kakawa Chocolate House was a perfect place to end the evening. They serve chocolate as would have been served during the ancient times. We had a demitasse cup of chocolate to end our afternoon.

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