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Down Time in Germany

Taking a break from travels

rain 55 °F

We promised Tobias that we’d visit and stay a couple of days.

A little about Tobias: he was an exchange student of ours when the boys were in high school. His age is between Clayton and Justin. He stayed with us for 1 year. Tobias lives in Germany not far from Munich with his wife and 3 girls.

For 2 days we just hung out, doing laundry, helping where we could and playing with the girls.

Tobias’ parents, who we got to know several years ago, came for dinner one night and they made Livercheese. The dish is neither liver or cheese but rather minced veal, pork and other things. It is sold in a baking pan and when it is baked the top forms a crust, looking like a loaf of bread. That served with pretzels, beer and potato salad make for a true Bavarian meal.

Tobias’ mother makes the best potato salad, so I was thrilled that she brought some. She uses potatoes, cucumbers, radishes, oil and vinegar. I’ll try to find the recipe when I return home then will post it.

It has rained most of the time we have been in Germany so the down time has been very welcomed.

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Strikes and Rain Interupt Travel

A Strike cancels trains, rain plays havoc on Munich

rain 58 °F

Off to Munich, first leaving Sunny off at the train station in Nuremburg. This was the beginning of the circus. Sunny was to travel from Nuremburg to Frankfurt to Brussels.

We were told to wait for someone to help us but help wasn’t arriving. Someone else came along and led the way to the platform which we could have negotiated without help. Then the train was going to be 40 min late and she was going to miss her connection in Frankfurt.

We made it down to the information desk, which by now was packed. We were told that there were strikes so she would need to take the late train to Frankfurt, transfer to Koln then take a bus to Brussels. They could not give us an ETA.

I was beside myself. Sunny would need to get around in her wheelchair, alone, without her grandma! But she assured me that she would be fine and besides we had already paid for the ticket. She started trying to reach Charlotte, our Belgium friend who would pick her up.

We went back to the platform and there, the employee to help, was looking for us. He had been searching the terminal. The train had changed tracks so the car would be at the totally opposite end from where we were. He pushed and we ran, getting her on the train in the nick of time.
Turns out that the strikes were in Belgium.

We drove on to Munich for an afternoon there, we were going to our exchange student’s house for the night as I never got anything arranged.

As we got to Munich it rained off and on. We found a place to park, put on our rain jackets and went on our way. We walked to the Englisher Gardens to eat lunch in the beer garden with the Chinese Pagoda, but alas, there was only one stand open for food. They had only 3 wieners warmed and no bread. We bought 2 and walked back to the square. At the square we sat down at an outdoor restaurant with a view of the square. The rain started down so hard that people just scattered. The waiter even sat down at a table near us and visited with the people there while the rain poured.IMG_20140630_144102_784.jpg

Finally the rain tapered off; "no you can’t have coffee because the machine isn’t working", "yes I’ll come back and get your food order". I went across the square and got a cappuccino to go. Came back to our seats when Dale said the waiter had finally said we should go to another restaurant because the food was better at the one around the corner. By this time we’d wasted 2 hours in that place. The food was better at the next restaurant, although there the Bavarian meatloaf was like a big hunk of spam. Elias' lung soup was actually very tasty.
It was outside this restaurant that I finally got some internet. Charlotte had sent me a message asking where Sunny was. I didn’t know. Then she said that her brother had just told her that he saw an accident on the highway and a bus from Koln was involved. OMG I about had a heart attack. But it was about 10 minutes later and the bus arrived safe and sound.

We went on to Tobias’ house and sure enough he was home. He’d sent a message that I never got, he would make dinner and we were stuffed. But the sausages he made were so extra good that we just kept stuffing, Bel ate 6 of them. He also made a mean sauerkraut that I’ll try when we get home.

Had to watch the World Cup with the Germans!

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Hotel Adventures

Hotels we stayed in

IMG_4861.jpgAs I promised some time ago, I wanted to write about the hotels in Europe, at least the ones we stayed at. I have referred to each of the hotels in various blogs but will write some additional details now

When we first planned this trip I wanted to stay in hotels within walking distance to the middle of the towns. I didn’t want to take trolleys or buses every time we wanted to go to the squares and we didn’t want to spend much over $100/night.

I picked up a travel book with hotel recommendations and a good map with the recommendations located on the map. Then I got on hotels.com and trip advisor, reviewing the ratings for each hotel along with the location.

Our 1st hotel was in Munich which I booked at the last minute and got the last room available. This hotel, “Kings First Class” appeared to be within walking distance to the square but on the map looked a little distance away. As it turned out, the hotel is about 2 blocks away from the train station and maybe a 10 minute walk from the old city square. The hotel is in an area filled with adult shops but is very safe, we never felt threatened at all. Beware that there is no breakfast included when you book on Hotels.com but a Coffee Fellows is just 2 blocks away and they have all sorts of food items plus great coffee drinks and internet.

Next we were in Salzburg where we had quite the experience at the Amadeus Hotel. This hotel is in the new city, just a few minutes’ walk to Mozart’s residence, the Mirabell Gardens and the foot bridge to the old city. The front of the hotel faces a pedestrian only street and the rear faces the cemetery with the grave of Constance Mozart and Leopold Mozart immediately in view from the rear facing rooms. There are 2 balconies in the rear with chairs and tables.

If you stay at the Amadeus Hotel beware that there is no one at the desk after 6pm. This is normally not a problem but if you check in after 6 they leave the key card in an envelope on a little table in a small lobby between the entrance door and a sliding door which needs a key card to open after hours.

Our key card was apparently lost or taken before we arrived; our arrival was late due to train problems. We arrived at 11pm and when we found no one there and the main lobby doors locked. We were able to slip into the main lobby when another guest opened the door to enter.

In the entry we called on the call box and reached a male who said that he would be right over. After waiting for about 45 minutes I called again and he said he was on his way. After another 30 minutes Dale called and the male said it would be a few minutes so Dale asked what a few minutes meant to which he replied that he would be at the hotel in 5 minutes. In the meantime I’d called Hotels.com but after 10 minutes on the phone got disconnected. We were about to start screaming!

Finally a security guard came to help us and after numerous phone calls found our room number and got us settled in. It was 1a.m. Needless to say the front desk heard about our ordeal in the morning and they gave us two dinners at their sister restaurant in the old city. My advice is to check in before 6pm just to make sure you get your room key.

The Amadeus is a small hotel but there is an excellent buffet breakfast included in the price and an afternoon coffee if you are around. Great little pubs with outdoor seating are all around and the street is vibrant both day and night. We will definitely stay there again but just arrive earlier in the day.

In Vienna we stayed at the Hotel zur Wiener Staatsoper. This hotel is a little larger than the Amadeus, also very old and located very centrally, only ½ blocks from the main street. Restaurants with outdoor seating are next door. We walked to the St. Charles Church, the Concert Hall, St. Stephens and the tube is only a couple of blocks away.

The room keys are very large so they encourage you to leave it with the desk when you are out which means that you must leave the keys off then pick them up on your return. The door is locked at night but there is a bell and the night watchman will let you in. The staff will encourage you to take various tours but will also be helpful if you want to travel on your own. Breakfast is also excellent and included with the room.

Our last hotel was in Prague, in the Stare Masto, the old town square, the Hotel U Tri Bubnu. This hotel is a little difficult to find as it is tucked into buildings just on the other side of the square. The hotel has 2 areas, one above the check-in counter and the other around the corner separated by a restaurant. Our section of the hotel appears to have a room per floor but we were not sure. Our room was quite large with old fashion double windows on 2 sides. The building is hundreds of years old and the story is that an executioner lived in the building frequenting the tavern located there. You enter this hotel thru an old wood arched door then walk up a narrow spiral staircase to the rooms.

If you are arriving by train it is an easy walk from the station but when you arrive in the square it will be on the street ahead and to a slight left. You will take the pedestrian street that goes by the St. Nicholas Church to the Kafky Square. The hotel will be to your left just past the ticket agent shop.

We will stay at all of these hotels again if we are in the areas and highly recommend them.

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Munich: A Palace and Yet Another Beer garden

A visit to the Nymphenburg and its beer garden


The hotel staff suggested that we visit the Schloss Nymphenburg, a castle close to our hotel. As we had until 6p.m, when Silvia’s train was leaving we thought it would make for a nice morning trip. After a breakfast and coffee at Good Fellows we were off to the castle.

I really wanted to tour the castle but Silvia suggested that we just tour the 400+ acres of gardens this time, maybe touring the castle at a later date when it might be raining. This turned out to be an excellent idea as when we looked in the window we saw that reconstruction was going on so chandeliers were covered with plastic and one wall was completely boarded up.

The gardens actually consist of several small gardens close to the castle and then large grounds with lots of intersecting paths leading to a large lake complete with a bath house used by Ludwig. We walked 1st to the lake then around it then we were thirsty so we continued straight away to the beer garden.

The beer garden is located in what used to be a palm house. The house is now a restaurant and the walk up stand is just outside. The restaurant severs a nice roast chicken but we were hungry for the beer, sausage and potato salad; a great Mother’s Day brunch for sure.

Silvia had to leave soon after we returned to the hotel so we walked her to the train station and then we went back to the square to enjoy the evening. I turned out to be a very cold windy evening but we still sat outside, in the shadow of the historic buildings, drinking cappuccino and listening to the beautiful classical music from the street musicians.

We did move inside, not knowing until we were seated, we were in one of the oldest beer halls in Munich, from the 1600’s.

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Looking for the Beer Garden

Adventures while looking for the Beer Garden

sunny 73 °F

IMG_4425.jpgIMG_4446.jpgFor this trip we decided to keep our options open, that is to say that we will go where the spirit moves, if that is we don’t have firm plans. So today we had no plans at all except to visit with our “girl” Silvia. Silvia was one of our students back in the 80’s and we’d lost touch with her until she found us on facebook a year or so ago.

Silvia was to meet us in Munich as this is the city she loves; we’d both be arriving by train just 10 minutes apart so the train station was a perfect meeting place. We got off the train and there walking to us was Silvia, such a meeting after 30 years.

When I made the hotel reservations it looked like they were quite a walking distance from everything but in reality the hotel was just around the corner from the train station. We dumped our stuff and started off using a small map that the staff gave us.

The square was, of course, packed being a sunny warm day. Lots of street musicians, sidewalk cafes and a First Aid demonstration of some sort complete with search and rescue dogs, diving demonstrations and so on.

We wanted some lunch but the square was packed and noisy so we located a beer garden on our map, off in the “Englischer Garten”. We fortified ourselves with chocolates purchased at a small shop along the way.

The gardens consist of a very large park with walking paths going every which way and a stream running thru. People were lying on the lawns soaking in the sun, a band was playing, people biking, jogging and just walking.

We consulted our maps on occasion but instead of a beer garden we found water running into the stream from a canal under the street. The water was running very quickly and young people wearing wet suits were lined up with their small size surf boards, catching the waves as the water ran into the stream. We had to laugh, “Surf’s up in Munich”.

We did find the beer garden and stuffed on sausages, potato salad and beer while the German band played Oompah music from a nearby Chinese Pagoda. People ate while others danced the afternoon away.

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