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A Visit To A Volcano

a visit to Mt. St. Helens

sunny 80 °F

On to Washington and 1st stop Mt. St. Helens.

As I wrote in an earlier blog, our granddaughter was anxious to see a volcano and here was a big one.

We arrived and planted our RV at the KOA close to the monument, ate some lunch and went off the see the mountain.

The Johnson Observatory is located on Johnson Ridge. This is the ridge where Volcanologist, David Johnson observed the volcano blowing and it is named after him. http://www.mountsthelens.com/visitorcenters.html http://www.fs.usda.gov/mountsthelens http://www.mtsthelensinfo.com/about

At first Zaya was not so impressed, there wasn’t lava running out. Poor girl. We arrived in time to see a ranger speak in front of the volcano. He passed out various types of lava rocks that Zaya found interesting feeling the difference.

Then off to the Junior Ranger program. This was the last one for the day and most people were gone from the mountain so there were only 2 other girls. The program is held in the amphitheater, located on the edge of the ridge. The 3 girls each had great fun, Zaya played Johnson Ridge in the demonstration of how the mountain blew. She was then all talk of volcanos.

Tuesday we were back at the mountain mid-morning. The weather was still cool so it was a perfect time.

Again we got there just in time for a ranger talk, this one was a little different so we learned a little more. We also brought our binoculars so we were able to see the “bowl” and the ice field.

Another Junior Ranger program was to start soon and Zaya wanted yet another badge so off we went. Again Zaya played Johnson Ridge and was quite the pro! The ranger on this program did a small demonstration on how the gas built up and blew using a small, old-fashioned, film canister, red dye, water and a stomach antacid tablet. The kids thought it was amazing.

After the program we were walking up to watch the movies in the visitors center and I was wondering about some steam coming off the Mt. Zaya told us that she could answer any questions we would haveIMG_20150706_171017492.jpgIMG_20150706_164931031.jpg as she knew all about volcanos. So now we have a pro on our hands.

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The Granddaughter Trip

Planning a trip with our granddaughter.

This upcoming trip is different in that we will bring only 1 grandchild and it is really a first long “Grandkids Trip” for her. We’ve done short trips but always included the other young cousins.

Our granddaughter is so excited about this trip and is, according to our daughter-in-law, counting down the days.

We’ve been thinking of how we can tailor our trip more to our granddaughter. I told our son that I thought she might like Mt. St. Helens. His response was that she’d love it. She has asked him every so often when they might go to a volcano. After I told her that we’d visit a volcano she was telling anyone who could hear about how she was going to visit a real volcano. Guess that settled that question!

I’ve also thought that it might be fun to go to tea in either Banff, Lake Louise or Vancouver. Tea and little sandwiches, she will believe she is a princess.

We are looking forward to spoiling our granddaughter completely and then she can go home! That is what grand parenting is all about.

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