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Another Day in Florence

sunny 85 °F

Another day in Florence is another day in Paradise.

Dinner the night before was an awesome meal. Food before was not great, not what I expected, but it was food. Now we had real vegetables, and great red wine! It was in a little restaurant off of a square, but there are plazas everywhere. This plaza is the location of the church where Michelangelo is buried. Dinner was sautéed veges with chicken. The restaurant had made tiramisu for the group but for me they made Panna Cotta with a berry sauce, it was to die for!!!!


We finally had a free day, like from the time we arrived back at the Duomo area until we had to leave at 1:30pm. Some went shopping, some ran from 1 site to the other, some sat and absorbed the Italian life. One friend Terry, spent her time sampling gelato and other Italian delights. Sunny and I went to a couple of shops for some emergency clothes, got some undies from Italy too! The shops were close by, so we could hurry with that.

From the shops we walked past the Duomo and on to the Leonardo Di Vinci museum. It was not what I expected at all but such fun. It is a small museum that contains drawings and by the drawings are the items made out of wood. Some are things that you can touch and work. So, for example, his drawing of the helicopter is there with a made up model. Models for his parachute, water wheel, mud boats and lots of other things are there. Also interesting is a small room, maybe 10 sides (I don’t remember exactly and haven’t looked it up) that has a mirrored door. So you go into the room and shut the door, stand in the middle and see a vast number of reflections.

The museum didn’t take a real long time so we had time to find lunch. A friend had sent a link to a restaurant that she’d gone to and recommended by Rick Steves. We found the street but couldn’t find the restaurant for anything. Because it was getting close to 12 noon and we had to walk to the other side of the Duomo to meet the group, we ate close by the recommended place. I had wonderful seafood pasta and Sunny had a 4 cheese pizza. We could see the large oven where the pizzas were being cooked. A glass of red wine helped take the aches away as I was the only one to push the wheelchair.

Weather was hot! Probably only in the mid 80's and maybe 30% humidity but when pushing a wheelchair all over on cobblestone streets, it gets hot!
Now off to Rome.

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Florence, a Wonderful Place to Visit.

overcast 75 °F

For this trip we are traveling with an immediate group of 20 from California, 6 of us are adults. We are part of a larger group totaling maybe 30 kids and 11 adults. The other groups are from Florida. One group is a high school art class and the other group consists of middle schooler’s.

It has actually been fun to meet other parents and/or parents on this trip. We have stuck together during meals especially and during the evening free time when kids are running around.

The first night 4 of us women sat together at a table and 2 of us decided to buy a bottle of wine, we needed it. One woman thought that she really didn’t want to drink but soon joined us. Another woman saw we were having fun and brought her bottle of wine over to share. We now call ourselves the “Red Wine Sippers In Italy". Each night we take turns buying the bottle. It is a great way to do some wine tasting in Italy.

Today we spent the day in Florence. I’ve read about Michelangelo and his David for many years. It was amazing to see the David. The muscles and the veins are exactly as I’ve read. David was much larger though than I thought he would be. I took photos from all angles. Seeing David was so amazing and so moving. He is my new “hunk o man”!!!
There were other Michangelo’s on display, most unfinished. It was interesting to see how he would see find bodies in the stone.

We walked along the Vasari’s Corridor to the Ponte Vecchio bridge, all build in the 1300-1400’s. There is a story around this corridor and bridge. You can read about it at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ponte_Vecchio.
Another place we visited today was the Duomo, the very large domed church. You may pay a fee to climb the 400+ stairs to go into the domed area. The dome reminds me so much of the Saint Carl’s Church in Vienna where you may take the elevator up then walk up stairs into the domed area. St Carl’s is smaller but having done that already, and Sunny being unable to walk I think we will skip that hike.

Still another day with no luggage or fresh clothes. Lufthansa is saying that they do not know where my bag is and on the site to trace it the site says it is still being traced. The tour leader spoke with someone who told her I may buy some emergency clothes and they will pay 50%. We are still hoping that the bag shows up in Rome. For now, I’ll buy some emergency clothes tomorrow during free time, Dale has had to go to CVS and pick up the prescription for replacement medication and I’m starting to make a list of items in my very stuffed bag.

There are worse things than having to shop for new clothes in Italy!

For those who are interested; the weather was very pleasant today, about 75 F with a breeze in the afternoon. Some clouds.

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