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A New Mexican Meal

Last meal in New Mexico from the Santa Fe School of Cooking


Alas, the last cooking lesson, the last day in New Mexico.

Our last cooking lesson was taught by Lois Ellen Frank again. This time she did not spend so much time with the lecture but rather gave tips as she worked. We actually learned new techniques to go with the new recipes; use a large bowl to top a saucepan for a double boiler, don’t stir when simmering, making a chicken broth, simple things like that.

Lunch was so good: Green Chili Stew, Blue Corn Muffins with a Butter Pinion Sauce, Quesadillas stuffed with chicken, and Natillas a kind of pudding. Now the Muffins and Quesadillas are made with wheat flour but due to the fact I’m gluten intolerant I couldn’t eat them. Dr. Frank and the kitchen manager put their heads together and made Blue Corn Muffins with only blue corn, making up the recipe. Noe, the kitchen manager, decided to make fresh corn tortillas that I could eat. We not only got a lesson on how to make corn tortillas but also had fresh made corn tortilla quesadillas. Oh my gosh, these were the best and only took minutes to make. Like Noe said, it takes longer to get the keys, go to the store and buy the tortillas than it does to make them. So now we are going to try this as well.
Unfortunately our flight was due to depart about 3 hours after the class was over so we had no time to do anything but eat and run. And so, another New Mexico trip was over.

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Backpacking Menus

Food has been decided on and gathered.

IMG_2506.jpgIMG_2507.jpgSo I promised that I’d write a post about menus for our backpacking trip. We’ve had lots of stops and starts and experiments on food and I think that we finally have made our decisions.

As I’ve written before we have several considerations with choosing the foods we will eat. I cannot eat gluten at all and eat several small meals as well, Elias eats a major amount of calories a day, Dale can eat plenty too, and it will be cold so we all will eat more. I have added Pinion nuts to most dinners for this reason.

For breakfasts kids and Dale have chosen various cereals and granolas. We told kids that if they wanted a specific cereal they could have it but they decided to share everything. One morning we will have some pancakes out of the Fat Uncle Pancake Mix. I will eat eggs as cereals leave me too quickly.

Snacks are almonds, dried mangos, apricots, apples, pineapples, raisins, beef jerky and almond butter cookies that Charlotte made this afternoon.
On Tuesday we have fresh hummus, celery, rice crackers, sourdough bread, cheese and salami. The remaining days we will have salami, cheese, crackers and bread, hummus made from freeze dried, and a chicken salad one day.
For dinners:

Tuesday: we will carry in chicken thighs frozen until we leave. We will make Chicken Curry over rice with fresh carrots with a few pinion nuts added.
Wednesday: gluten free pasta with sauce made from sautéed onions and garlic, a little red wine to deglaze the pan, diced canned tomatoes, fresh oregano thyme basil, and pinion nuts.

Thurs: Warm Quinoa Salad; quinoa, artichoke hearts, canned garbanzo beans, pinion nuts and sun dried tomatoes
Friday: Salmon Shepherd’s Pie; a layer of carrots and canned corn, then a layer of canned salmon, then a heap of mashed potatoes, the instant kind.

Saturday: Canned pinto beans and corn over rice with fresh chilies.

We decided that instead of waiting for Monday afternoon to shop we’d start today and we are so glad that we did. We did find that we had a miscommunication so didn’t’ get the rice and did forget a couple of things that we can pick up tomorrow with no problem.
We were gone for hours and there is no way we could have gotten everything done tomorrow without going off the deep end.

Everything is being gathered in our living room now ready to assembly tomorrow.

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