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One More Performance, Les Mis

Shopping at Hamleys and then Les Miserables at the Queens Theater

rain 40 °F

We had a few stops to make today before this evenings performance.
I had to get to a camera shop. Just before we left home I found that my lens cover was missing. It had been getting loose and falling off when bumped so it was likely on the ground somewhere. We couldn’t find one at home so thought we’d wait until London. In the meantime, I’d been taking off the clear protective lens, shooting photos then putting that lens back on. Then I found that the last time I’d put the clear lens onto the polarizer lens I’d jammed it so that the 2 were stuck together. Each Dale and I tried to separate them but to no avail.

We found a camera shop close to other places we were heading. I showed the person behind the counter my poor stuck lenses but he could not separate them either. He suggested that it would likely be cheaper to buy a new polarizer and clear lenses rather than try to have them separated. Alas. They did have a lens cover that fit my camera, I put the stuck together lens in our backpack, put the cover on and we went on our way. It was cloudy anyway so the polarizer lens wasn’t going to help.

We popped into an Irish pub and had some dinner before heading on to Hamley’s, a 5-story toy store. There we so many things our grandkids would like but we only wanted to buy some small items, as luggage space would be at a premium plus, everything the big kids would like was pricy and we could likely buy the same items at home. But it was fun, there were things that even we would like to play with.
We stopped once more at Selfridges to see about other gloves for me but they didn’t have what I wanted. We took another look around, shot a couple more photos then went off to our next and last performance, Les Miserables at the Queens Theater.

The Queens Theater was within walking distance and an enjoyable walk as the Christmas decorations were lighting the way.

We got to the Queens Theater in plenty of time. I’d brought my heels along but then was too lazy to change shoes. So there I was dressed up with trail runners on. I didn’t look to see if anyone cared because I didn’t.
I was hoping that Dale would enjoy Les Miserables. I’d only seen it on a PBS special. I’d donated money and gotten the DVD but never watched it. Dale had only heard the music that I’d play when it would pop up on Facebook.

I thought our seats were nosebleed, but because we were only 2 rows back, the entire stage was visible as was the orchestra pit. The music was wonderful in person and both of us were so moved. The story is timeless, it’s the same old issues even today; ill-conceived wars, love, life, and death. Hopefully, we will get to see it again next year. But we will try to read the book before then.

We walked back to the hotel, stopping for glogg and sipping it as we walked.

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