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Breaking into our own RV

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IMG_201611..3601761_HDR.jpgWe had our RV parked at the Melbourne Mobile RV, but were parked on the beach. We had to leave that specific site but more about that in another blog. We decided to move back to the mainland and stay in an RV park that provides internet.

A small storm was forecast to blow through on Sat morning but we decided that we’d take a chance and move during that time.
Sat morning and winds were picking up, sand blowing and clouds blocking any sunrise. We decided to move on our way. Winds were really picking up, we had to hang onto the door when we’d open it.

I opened the door for some reason or another when the wind blew hard and I couldn’t hang onto it. The door banged against the side of the RV.
Now for you who do not have an RV; the exterior door is a metal frame and quite sturdy. A screen door is separate and inside so that you can open the exterior door and attach it to the RV side, but have the screen door closed. The screen door has a latch that fits into the door jam, keeping the screen door closed, the latch isn’t a lock.

I describe all of the door to describe the following events. When the doors blew open and slammed against the side of the RV the latch on the screen door broke and fell off.

We went on to move to the new RV park but, of course, the screen door just flopped open and shut in the breeze. Dale decided that he’d go pick up a new latch and install it.

After dark, I’d finished up with all of my claims work, everything that could be finished. We had a little wine and tomatoes with mozzarella then went for a walk before dinner. It was a pleasant evening, our neighbor even had his door and windows open. We closed the exterior door but didn’t lock it.

We got back to the RV and went to open the door. Screen door was latched both in the jam and attached to the exterior door. The door wouldn’t open more than an inch.

We remembered that we had our ladders in the back of the truck and saw that the larger emergency window was open in the bedroom. We got our ladder and put it up against the side of the RV. The commotion caused our neighbor to yell out “is everything ok out there”? I told him that we’d gotten locked out of our RV and had to go in thru the window. I suspect he thought someone was breaking in.

Our neighbor then came out of his RV in time to see Dale start up the ladder. He held the ladder for Dale and we had a nice conversation and made new friends. Now Dale must figure out had to make sure we can get into the RV after we close the door.

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