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Surviving the Edges of Hurricane Irene

Holed up in my hotel with the edge of Hurricane Irene passing by.


Luggage arrived this morning so I could take a shower and put on clean clothes. We never realize what we have until we do not have it at all. A shower and clean clothes was just want I needed! After I ran to Target, across the street and bought a lighter in the event that I needed my candles.

A few (precious few) earthquake claims came in today so I called and set appointments when possible. By afternoon, after a little power nap, I was trying to find a motel for Monday p.m. when the power went out. The internet continued for another hour but then that went down too.

The outer bands of Hurricane Irene had already started hitting but winds weren’t so high that it caused any concern, also rain was coming down but it wasn’t that bad.

I got my candles out, glad that I had miss-ordered the long lasting tea lights instead of the regular one. I set up everything and organized everything before it would be dark.

Dale had misplaced my inverter (I actually think he threw it away in cleanup frenzy) and I didn’t have enough money to buy another one before leaving. Unfortunately I’d run down my laptop battery so started downstairs to see what I could do. After waiting for the elevator I saw that I needed to use the stairs so on went the flashlight and down 4 flights of stairs I went.

Downstairs someone offered to loan me their inverter so up stairs to get the laptop but I didn’t think about the fact that the door is electronic so when I came back the door wouldn’t open. Down the stairs back to the front desk to get someone to help me, back up the stairs to get the laptop, back down the stairs to charge the laptop.

I sat in the car for about an hour charging the laptop and phone, sending claims info off and checking on the weather channel for updates.

Fortunately I’d brought some canned smoked trout and rice crackers. That made for an easy dinner with the rest of the red wine I’d bought last night.

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