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Made it to Italy

with plenty of adventures

What a long way we have come, both physically and technologically. We left home 22 hours ago and are sitting in the airport in Rome waiting for the rest of our group.

The last couple of days have been so busy, there was no time to write anything. I had some last minute work but mostly it was just last minute stuff.
I really had to pack for 2 trips, one for Italy and another for after Italy. After Italy includes possible cold weather and another month of travel. It includes concerts both dressy and casual events. In Italy I have a skirt, tees, Capri pants and levis.

So you might wonder how our flights were. Well this has been quite a journey, a real adventure so far. I actually hope that this things settle down a bit.
We got into Frankfurt and had to go thru customs, then a boarding pass control, then security. All of this in less than an hour. The security had to do a major check on Sunny, even taking off her boot. We barely made it to the gate for our flight to Rome.

As we were at the gate Sunny couldn’t find her passport. She was sure that she had handed it to me. I mostly emptied out my 2 bags and it was nowhere to be found. I literally ran to the security gates and they did a search, calling even the customs. It was nowhere. I ran the entire way back to the gate and we were the last ones on. I told Sunny that we’d have one of our German friends call and then worst case we’d get another one.
We boarded our flight and sat down, then started tearing up our bags. When I went to check the backpack front pocket Sunny remembered that she’d put the passport in the front pocket. All that running for what?

We got to Rome and someone found Sunny’s wheelchair. A passenger assistant pushed her to the baggage claim. So Sunny’s bag came but mine didn’t. I fortunately packed in my small backpack a couple of pairs of undies and a clean top. Guess I’ll be wearing jeans. I did pack my tripod in my bag so hope it arrives soon.

Once the rest of our group joins us will be off to Assisi.

I will post photos tomorrow. I’ve been up way too long to figure them out.

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It Really is Always Something

Traveling Italy with a Broken Foot

Well it really is always something!

We were only home 2 days last week, Sat & Sun. We had inspections on Monday, babysat on Tues-Thurs, and drove to Eureka to inspect on Friday and then drove home arriving that night. We had to leave again on Monday for inspections that evening and Tues a.m. This has left little time to do much more planning. But it has given us some windshield time, I got lots of work done but then we had time to think thru some of what we need to take, starting lists of things to pack.

Our German friend, Dieter, couldn’t reach me thru email. He had to copy his email onto my facebook page with info which included where we will meet and when. I’ve had to rethink how I respond as Facebook responses are very tedious.

We had a last minute claim in Burney then had to drive all the way up to the Northern CA border. It was late we were tired, restaurants were closed and then our granddaughter called. She’d tripped on her flowing pants, bent her foot back and now couldn’t put weight on her foot. Of course, we were in and out of service so trying to determine care was difficult.

Once we arrived in Yreka we spoke with our granddaughter by phone. She was settled on the couch with ice on her foot, elevated, and had taken some Ibuprofen.

By morning the foot was no better so I called Kaiser and obtained information on what she should do. Our granddaughter made the call, set an appointment and found a friend to give her a ride. Turns out the foot had a broken bone. She will see the foot specialist tomorrow and we will find out if the foot will be cast or have a boot.IMG_20140610_181334_194.jpg

We are leaving 1 week from today so we are hoping that we can have a wheelchair in Italy in order for our granddaughter to keep up with the group. Also I’ll call United to find out how to get from one terminal to the other.

I told her that she will now get to sit while traipsing around Rome while eating gelato and chocolates, while I push the wheelchair working off my gelato and chocolates. Something is wrong with this picture!

What a week and it isn’t even ½ over.

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