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A Day in New Orleans

Playing in Nola

overcast 73 °F

We had a long list of to-do’s for today. Eating some gluten free New Orleans food, lunch with a co-worker, shopping, more shopping.
We parked next to the quarter and 1st thought we’d stop at Café du Monde for coffee. There is a table off to the side where I’ve sat nearly every evening while working, just having some coffee and writing claims. Well, that was an idea that wasn’t well founded. The lines were down the block.

I’d googled gluten free breakfasts and we found one restaurant that wasn’t open until 11:30 for brunch. I googled again and saw one that I’d seen
before but dismissed. “From the Heart” is in the French Market. I’ve been in and out of the French Market before but it isn’t so glamorous as inside the quarter. But we thought we try it.

The French Market consists of stalls selling all sorts of things and then there is a sort of , food court. Little places with counters and about 6 or so bar stools. Then there are tables in the center as well.

We found the most amazing crab cakes, lots of vegan dishes, no pork served, and many gluten free items. But the crab cakes had no filler so they were just crab with spices. I was in crab cake heaven.
We had several items to shop for: olive salad for us, our boys and friends, crab boil oil, Old Bay, coffee with chicory, and Old New Orleans Rum. I looked longingly at masks, but the mask store that I’d bought the really good ones at was gone. Besides, I’m changing the décor in the house and don’t need any more masks.

We met my co-worker at a little hole in the wall, The Joint. Way off the beaten path, but amazing BBq. Later I found several local people who said it was their favorite.
Dale had not been with Justin and I when we went to Old New Orleans Rum, way back when. It was fun to show him a little of the distillery and do some tasting. The ginger rum drink is the best!

My friend always has the most fun haircuts, and mine was beginning to be a mop, after weeks of neglect. She told me that she goes to a barbershop and for $15 they cut her hair. I was a little reluctant to go to a barbershop but decided that it was to be. The barbershop is located in a building, just a little place with 2 guys, 2 barber chairs, 2 chairs for waiting. That’s it. But the haircut works and the guy got rid of 10 lbs of hair.
I googled gluten free gumbo and a place came up. There were a few glitches but really the best, steaming hot gumbo ever.

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A New Mexican Meal

Last meal in New Mexico from the Santa Fe School of Cooking


Alas, the last cooking lesson, the last day in New Mexico.

Our last cooking lesson was taught by Lois Ellen Frank again. This time she did not spend so much time with the lecture but rather gave tips as she worked. We actually learned new techniques to go with the new recipes; use a large bowl to top a saucepan for a double boiler, don’t stir when simmering, making a chicken broth, simple things like that.

Lunch was so good: Green Chili Stew, Blue Corn Muffins with a Butter Pinion Sauce, Quesadillas stuffed with chicken, and Natillas a kind of pudding. Now the Muffins and Quesadillas are made with wheat flour but due to the fact I’m gluten intolerant I couldn’t eat them. Dr. Frank and the kitchen manager put their heads together and made Blue Corn Muffins with only blue corn, making up the recipe. Noe, the kitchen manager, decided to make fresh corn tortillas that I could eat. We not only got a lesson on how to make corn tortillas but also had fresh made corn tortilla quesadillas. Oh my gosh, these were the best and only took minutes to make. Like Noe said, it takes longer to get the keys, go to the store and buy the tortillas than it does to make them. So now we are going to try this as well.
Unfortunately our flight was due to depart about 3 hours after the class was over so we had no time to do anything but eat and run. And so, another New Mexico trip was over.

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Santa Fe Arrival

Off to an eating frenzy of New Mexican food

semi-overcast 50 °F

Our flights were uneventful, but since I love flying I was glad to be back in the air. IMG_20130326_103529_537.jpg

Our flight from Bakersfield was delayed so we hurried to our next gate in L.A. only to discover that we had a good 30 minutes before boarding. There was enough time to pick up a cappuccino at the Coffee Bean by our gate and I sure needed that after 4 hours of no coffee. Since we made sandwiches and packaged up snacks so we had plenty to eat.

In Albuquerque, since I’m a preferred Avis renter I was able to go straight to my car without having to go thru the nonsense at the counter. You just go to the kiosk by the cars, look at the board, find your name with the car stall number, get in the car and go. Because I’m an Avis First member the car was upgraded to a small SUV, very nice!

We are staying at the Villas de Santa Fe. I picked this hotel 1st because of the location to the Plaza and then because of the price. It is really amazingly reasonable and really nice. It does appear that they are refurbishing the place and there are very few people here. I do hope that they are successful, but they are part of a larger chain so I’m guessing that they will do their best.

We only got the basic room for 2 adults and 2 kids but we have a nice, fully stocked kitchen with dinette table, living room with a sofa bed, easy chair, flat screen TV and fireplace/heater, separate large bedroom and a tiled bathroom. Lots of room and like I say the price is amazing.

We did walk to the plaza and ate at one of our favorite places, The Shed. They do make a gluten free red chili sauce so lots of meals are available. The building is old, I’ll check it out and report on it next time, but it is by the Palace of the Governor’s which is from the 1600’s. But the walls are not straight, doors are low, floors worn so at least it looks old.

The wait time for a table was an hour so we checked out the wine shop a few doors down and had a great conversation with the owners about the local winemakers and growers.IMG_20130326_201927_709.jpg

We are now sitting in our living room drinking a “Milagro Vineyard’s” 2009 Caberbet Franc. The wine is very rich, peppery, with hints of cherry. Wish we could bring a bottle home but alas, there is not a 4oz bottle available. So we will drink it all!

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Happy Birthday In the Backcountry

IMG_8430.jpgDay 5: Happy Birthday Justin

Happy Birthday Justin! 36 years old!!

I started this page at 6:30 a.m. and the only one awake. I’d hung up a happy birthday on crepe paper banner between the trees then went to set in the sun.

I was sitting on a hill behind the camp with the sun coming up over the mountain so the camp wasn’t bathed in sun yet. The hill isn’t heavily forested with lots of rocks and some debris from the trees and small grass filling in. The sunlight was filtering thru the branches of the trees turning the bark to orange and red.

It was cold, really cold but the cup of hot coffee felt good in my hands and going down the throat. I thought that this would be our last full day so was determine to enjoy it.

Justin woke up before we’d decorated more but we blew up balloons and hung them on the banner. Charlotte made French toast out of left over bread and I made syrup from freeze dried blueberries, water and sugar. There was just enough bread to give everyone a piece or two.
Justin hadn’t slept well and neither had most of us; too cold. Justin thought that he’d really like to start down and go on home. We agreed that we’d love to have a better night sleep. So we started packing up to hike back. IMG_8438.jpg

The trip down the hill was uneventful, stopping for lunch by a stream. Kids played in one stream, throwing rocks into the water and pretending to catch fish. IMG_8443.jpg

We would have made it home that night after eating a birthday dinner for Justin but alas, there was a car issue so we were stuck in Lone Pine overnight. But we were very happy for the shower at the motel room.

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It's About the Journey

The destination is important too but it is how you get there.


There are not many better places to write in this world. I’m sitting on a log with trees around me, a deep blue sky, a lake in the background, no noise except our voices. IMG_8408.jpg

One thing I haven’t written about is that hiking with a pack in a high altitude setting is hard work. I’m slow, slower than slow, slower than the slowest. It gets discouraging at times. It gets discouraging to be the slowest of the slow. The packs are heavier than heavy. The back hurts, feet and toes hurt. Lungs are gasping for air, sucking the pine needles off the trees like Cam said so perfectly. Throat is dry from sucking the air, so dry that to swallow makes you sick. Meanwhile after hiking for what seems so long one finds that they are only ½ way there. Covered in dust from the trail one comes across a rock large enough to sit on and rest the pack on at the same time. You look out to see the landscape, quiet, maybe a stream nearby surrounded by nature. This is what it is about. Justin put it so succinctly: “it isn’t about the destination, it is about the journey”.

Arriving at the destination though is a feat of accomplishment for someone like me. I’ve made it! I can do it! Living up to the expectations of the grandkids is what I must do. And yes we didn’t make it to all of the lakes we wanted to but we made it.

Then to eat good tasting food and to have the grandkids say they love the food, we know that we succeeded in our goals. To have others decide, after much laughing, that yes the wine was a great idea and that they will bring wine next time so that instead of a couple of sips of mine on one evening there will be a glass every evening.
Everyone except the little kids and me went on a hike to a ridge that overlooks the valley. I was impressed that Cam made it to the top. It took all his will to do this but he made it to stand on top of this bit of the world. Kids fell asleep, tired from the past 3 days of hiking and hiking. I enjoyed my time alone.IMG_8339.jpg

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