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A Side Road Trip to Franconia

Taking the road thru Franconia Swiss


IMG_4349.jpgIMG_4350.jpgDieter and Inge (his girlfriend of 20+ years) wanted to take us to Franconian Swiss, a place they go canoeing in the summer. This area is a valley surrounded by cliffs and forests named Franconia for the region and Swiss because it resembles Switzerland. Because it is spring the flowers are starting to bloom and the trees are green. A river runs thru the area so that one road follows the river for a way. The river runs quite quickly; Dieter said that they once had a canoe accident on a bend and American soldiers who were nearby assisted Inge when she was injured.

The Franconian area is hilly and has several small towns, where many of the houses are made with timber framing, something that is stereotypical of a small Swiss chalet. Castles or fortresses are on the highest hill of each little town and more than one has a Basilica rather than just a church. Coffee houses are on many corners.

Some of the buildings are from the 1700’s sitting just feet from the road, which are old paved roads still. The roads are very narrow and winding but it was very exciting to hear then see a Lotus 7 flying along!

Dieter went from the main road to a side road leading to yet another small village where we found a small guest house serving lunch in the garden. We were able to eat the foods served everywhere; rolled stuffed beef with knodels (a potato dumpling), white asparagus with ham and butter sauce, local trout all served with a plate of salads and washing the food down with the beer.

I was surprised to find that many of the fortresses are actually private owned. Some have a room or two open to the public with historic items for display for a small fee. One had a large book from the 1400, tools from the Neanderthal times, a figure from the 1500’s and so on. I have a fantasy that it would be fun to own and live in an old castle. The dream is fun because I do not have the upkeep with a dream.

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Waterloo and then Germany

A visit to Waterloo and then on to Germany


IMG_4276.jpglarge_IMG_4300.jpgI’ve been to Belgium several times but never to Waterloo. We hear about Waterloo briefly in history but I’ve never given it any thought. Waterloo is very close to Pascaline’s home so we went there for the morning. A hill has been built as a monument to those soldiers who died with 215 steps up to the top of the hill and then a little walkway around the top. We needed to stretch our legs anyway so we went to the top to look out over the area. Some of the area looks much like it did at the time of the war; a farmhouse is the same except that it likely had a thatched roof instead of the one now, fields with crops where men fought.

From the mountain we went to the exhibit which is a realistic painting 360 degrees with sound. The war was horrific and to walk back over the ground made me reflect on those men who died such a horrible death.

In 4 years there will be a celebration of 200 years where there will be a recreation of the fight. I think we will try to attend that although I do have mixed feelings about celebrating something like this.

After a train ride from Brussels to Germany we were pulling into the station in Amberg when we noticed our friend Dieter on the platform waving an American flag. We would recognize him anywhere but we had to laugh when we saw him.

Dieter knows that we love the German food so he had a selection of sausages ready for us. Why is it that the sausages and liverwurst taste so much better in Germany, smooth like a cream.

A dinner of sausage, dark bread and beer now that is a great meal! And to make it better he found a gluten free bread, very nearly German style for me. But really I love the sausages so much that I eat them without bread, like a barbarian!

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