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A Few Days In Fort Bidwell

Sheep shearing and a Pow wow

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We made it to Fort Bidwell in time for dinner, but it was dark out. We joined the kids in the “cabin” that Nate is building for the family. It is basically a large kitchen with a loft. The plan is to add a bedroom on the back side and have kids sleeping in the loft. Once he has the roof on and windows in, the room should be lots cozier for winter.

Friday was busy for all of us.

Nate and Bekki have 3 Icelandic sheep, unfortunately, with coats all matted up. Another friend has several sheep and she arranged for a sheep shearer to shear all of the coats.

The shearer, his wife and 4 kids came from Ukiah to do the shearing. I didn’t realize this, but shearing is the man’s profession. He shears for about 6 months of the year then has 6 months off. And of interest to me, the whole family is Gluten Free. So the sheep were sheared and then we all had a meal together.

On Saturday the local Northern Paiute tribe were celebrating Mount Bidwell Days. The tribe refers to the community as Mt. Bidwell, which is the Mountain behind Nate and Bekki’s land. This year’s celebration was to honor the “Survivors of the Indian School”.

Like many areas in the U.S., the Native American children were removed from their families and put into schools, in order to make them more like the western person. This is, however, a subject that is not for this blog.
The celebration started with a parade. The parade included 4 vehicles, a truck with an elder, a car protesting the North Dakota pipeline, a flatbed truck with drummers and singers and a car with a Native American movie star. There was a small group of dancers both adult and a young girl and 3 children followed the truck with the drummers. The parade wasn’t large and there were few people to watch, mostly Native American from the reservation.
The reservation has a community center, which held the POW WOW and festivities.

We went in the afternoon and watched some singing and dancing. Unfortunately, we missed the recognition of the Survivors. I would have love to have seen that.

A storm was coming in and it was freezing outside, it was time for us to clear out. Our RV tanks were full, water and batteries empty. Time to find a warm RV park with hookups.

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Family Time in Fort Bidwell

Helping the kids and grandkids in Fort Bidwell

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When our granddaughter Christabel first decided to open a café, in their new hometown of Fort Bidwell, I told her that we’d give her a weekend of work. That we’d wash dishes, cook or do what was needed. That would not include tickets to Europe with cooking lessons, or other travel.

For those who don’t know, Bel has opened her own Café, although Nate, Bekki and Elias also provide help. She is open on Sat-Sun from 6am-noon. They bake various items and offer a breakfast special. The café is located in the Ft. Bidwell Hotel. The hotel has a commercial kitchen with a dining room that has 6 tables. There is a parlor which can be used for a catered meal. IMG_201603..3621049_HDR.jpg
We drove to Fort Bidwell on Tuesday. What should have been a 6-hour drive turned into an 8+ hour drive. We’d been concerned about ice on the road as a storm was hitting. I checked the roads conditions several times. In the morning the Cedar Pass, Hwy-299 was snowed over, but by afternoon, the road webcam showed the road as clear. We drove on our merry way.

We reached the 299 and sent a text to Nate & Bekki that we were on our way over the pass as there would be no service for most of the remainder of the drive. The pass was clear and we were sailing along until we went over the summit. The highway on the other side of the summit, where there was no webcam, was ice, completely iced over. The RV started sliding, yikes! Dale and I about dropped our stomachs. Dale was driving and slowed down to a crawl, maybe 5MPH. We inched down the mountain and made it to Nate’s, lots later than planned.

We had Wed, Thurs and Fri to help kids, cook, shopped for food and babysat. Bel had a dinner she was catering on Sat evening, her 1st catering job. We did what we could to help prep for that.

Elias and I walked on Friday, Sat and Sun mornings early. I shot photos and we talked. He showed me his favorite places for views. We drove up to the cemetery on morning and shot photos there as well. We did a little research on-line and found info on the early Fort. Then we walked trying to find the location of sites.

Bekki took me one afternoon to the other side of the valley where I shot photos of the late afternoon views. We looked for the local wild horses but did not find them.

Dale did give Bel lots of kitchen time, his specialty is cooking bacon just perfectly. Bel was more than happy for him to cook the bacon. I figured out how to work their espresso maker and trained Elias to be a barista.
Sunday afternoon arrived and it was time for us to leave. We’d cooked and cleaned and babysat. We were ready to move on down the road.

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