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1 Night, 2 Concerts in London

A dinner in a Crypt, Mozart and Rachmaninov

overcast 40 °F

After a full day of walking yesterday, we were tired and decided that with 2 concerts tonight, back to back, we’d take it a bit easy.

We have never been to Westminster Abbey so decided to stop there to see about visiting the following day. Of course, we had to stop at the Christmas Market on the way to Westminster for some Glogg!

We stopped at Westminster but decided not to enter as we didn’t want to rush. We had a look at the gift shop, bought a few little things then, because we were hungry went on to St. Martins. As we walked outside, helicopters were circling then along came a protest, people protesting fossil fuels, food additives and things artificial. We joined the march for a bit.

We got to St Martins in time to eat dinner in the Crypt below the church. Fish pie with mash on top, veggies and potatoes with a glass of red wine. We were stuffed.
We had 2 candlelight concerts, 1st at 7 pm was several pieces, most very familiar and some just fun then after the interval we heard Mozart’s Requiem. We’ve heard the Requiem in Vienna twice but this was a smaller church and, there were 2 choirs singing. It was very moving and amazing, especially being in the 1st row.

Then at 9:30 we heard the Rachmaninov Vespers, this was a 1-hour concert. Dale says that I have heard the music before, as many nights he puts on music for our enjoyment. I didn’t remember the music but most of it was very beautiful.

It was a cold but beautiful night to walk back.
We walked a total of 3.9 miles. Not bad for being lazy!

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Memphis and Oklahoma For Food and Family

Memphis ribs and family in Oklahoma

sunny 75 °F
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Every trip on I-40 that includes driving thru Memphis, must include a stop for ribs.

Back, probably 2004 I was working a windstorm there, living in the RV park across from Graceland. I was in a drugstore and started talking with someone. I’d mentioned that I wanted to eat at the Rendezvous, written up in Bon Appetit, I believe. Anyway, this little old lady comes up and said no, you must eat at this other restaurant. I did and believe that they have the best ribs ever.

I’ve stopped at this little restaurant every trip thru Memphis, and usually, take a rack of ribs home in the RV freezer. One friend left unnamed, wanted to lick the plate!

This trip was no different;
GPS said that we could get to Memphis in about 12.5 hours. 14 hours and with 45 minutes to spare before they would close, we parked and ran in. Sure enough, the ribs did not disappoint, we stuffed ourselves, not leaving a scrap of food. We did buy an extra rack of ribs for the freezer.
From Memphis, we had another drive, on to Oklahoma. We had to take a small detour to the south-east corner of the state, but we had to make this stop. I have cousins in the area and we stop to visit whenever we can.

On our way to Atoka, we had the expected happen, we were stopped for no license plate on the RV. Fortunately, we had our registration ready and got off with a warning.
We met my cousins Barbra and her daughter Mischelle for lunch in the little town of Atoka, where Zaya met these cousins for the first time. I gave Zaya the history assignment of interviewing Barbra, who grew up in that area under much different circumstances than my own mom. Zaya made up her own questions and had a nice conversation with Barbra.
After Atoka, we drove up past Oklahoma City and met another cousin, Royaline and her husband Jerry for dinner. For dinner, Royaline and Jerry took us to a restaurant full of collectibles. So many signs and things from old Coke machines to little items. It had an old-timey feel, fortunately, cousins are not OLD!

It was great to catch up with family.

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Sharing Some Family History in San Antonio

An old photo, a favorite restaurant are connected

75 °F

So much travel, back and forth across the country. Work, work, work.

In between the storms are down times. Fortunately, we are in a down time now and have a chance to catch our breath. Last year’s storm season lasted nearly the entire year.
We packed up last week and drove to San Antonio, the site of this year’s Crawford Catastrophe Conference. I don’t go every year and wasn’t going to attend this year, but had to fulfill a promise. I’d promised a friend that I’d go to the conference and introduce her to everyone I know. Hopefully, that will prove to be more of a help rather than a hindrance.

We thought that since we would be in San Antonio, we’d combine it with seeing relatives in Oklahoma, food in Taos and Santa Fe, and shopping for an American Indian rug for a wall hanging. Our grandson said that the trip would actually consist of us waddling from one meal to the next. Out of the mouth of babes……

San Antonio has many ties for my family. My father was born and lived his early years here. My grandparents were married in the San Fernando Cathedral. My grandmother and my father were baptized in the Cathedral.

My grandfather told us that he had worked in the basement of what is now Mi Tierra’s restaurant when the building was part of Produce Row. We have a photo from those years with my grandfather, 2 uncles and my dad in front of his truck.

In Nov 2016 Dale and I had dinner at Mi Tierra’s. I told the waitress about my grandfather. Soon a supervisor came to our table and asked to hear about him. I told her what I could, that he had worked with the bananas and he had told us that it was in their basement. She, Myra, verified that Mi Tierra’s actually had a basement and it was used for produce in the early years. She asked for a copy of my photo.

As the past year has been really busy I didn’t get the photo off the wall to scan and send off. Now, before walking out the door, I took the photo off the wall scanned it and had it printed. I looked but couldn’t find a frame to use so just took the photo along.

On Wednesday, I emailed Myra letting her know that we were in town and had the photo and that we would go to Mi Tierra’s with the photo. We went to the Cathedral to shoot a few more photos, then walked on the River Walk, then walked to Mi Tierra’s. Myra wasn’t in yet but the staff was aware of our mission. We had margaritas while waiting.
Then Myra showed up at our table, she remembered us and even the table we’d been sitting at over a year ago when she heard the story of my grandfather. I presented to photo to her and she appeared to love it. She said another person had already ordered a frame and that she would send a photo of its location on the wall.
I was so happy to have my family recognized, I only wish my father could have been there. We ate at Mi Tierra’s so many times but never connected to the right person there. But the photo has found a home.

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Today it's Tampere

A day in Tampere

sunny 18 °F

We thought it was cold, but it has gotten colder, more snow on the ground and less light in the day.
We hopped the train to Tampere, arriving in the late morning. This train was another 1-1/2 hour ride and, really nice was that the station was only a block from our hotel. Easy walk.

We were lucky that a room was ready for us when we arrived, and we were upgraded to an Executive Suite. Especially nice, since this was all paid for with our points.

The hotel clerk gave us a map and pointed out a restaurant that locals love, a good walk away but easy walking. And off we were onto another experience.

The walk to the restaurant goes thru the town square and the New Christmas Market. We walked up the main street, crossed the bridge and there was the town square. Some beautiful old buildings surround the square.
Up a hill, from the square is an old building that was built 1877 for a cotton mill. The restaurant is in what was the weaving area. The restaurant is a brewery and I was guessing that I’d find some wine to drink. But no, they not only brew regular beer but also gluten free beer. What a treat. http://www.plevna.fi/?page_id=263IMG_20161210_162757107.jpg

We found just what we wanted, Finnish foods, the Cream of Salmon Soup, that we’ve fallen in love with. We also had a meatball dish and a stir-fry, what we’d call a potato and meat scramble at home.
As we ate, we were talking about how this salmon soup was more like what Dale’s mom use to make. We then realized that we have never seen salmon soup on a menu before Finland, but then, we are very close to Russia. When our dinner arrived one of the salads was a pickled beet salad, like Dale’s mom use to make. That made us wonder if she grew up with those dishes as her family did not come from the Russia area. Or if she learned to make them from Dale’s dad’s side, who came from Russia. Wish she was here so we could discuss the food with her.

A little further up the hill was the “old” Christmas Market. The old buildings are, for the most part, smaller. One building, selling various items, appeared to be a barn with a horse stall in the rear right side. Sheep were in the rear left side and the children were petting the sheep.
It was a nice walk back to the hotel in time for a Finnish Sauna.

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On to Turku

Another stop on our trip to the Arctic Circle

overcast 25 °F

We wanted to hop on an early morning train, but alas, we took too long getting packed up so didn’t arrive in Turku until early afternoon. The cab driver to our hotel gave us some ideas for dinner and things to do.
We quickly put our stuff in our room, asked the front desk to call a cab, but before we were off the lady gave us a map and circled the places to go and where to walk. In the cab, we were listening to rock music, like Penny Lane, in Finnish.

We had 2 things we wanted to do, go to Aboa Vetus recommended by the guide book and eat dinner at Foija, which was recommended by the cab driver.

We thought we’d eat a late lunch first then see the museum as the museum was open until 7pm and after 5pm the restaurant was likely going to be packed with reservations because of Christmas parties.

The restaurant has 2 levels, one on the street and one in the basement. The basement is very old, some of the brick walls are over 200 years old. The waiter suggested salmon and vodka, a wonderful choice for a starter.
We ate our meal then walked to the Aboa Vetus. http://www.aboavetusarsnova.fi/en/exhibitions/aboa-vetus-permanent-exhibition
It was dark by then but we found our way. The Aboa Vetus is a museum consisting of ruins, some as early as the 13th century, existing under the present day city. Being interested in Archeology, this was of a huge interest to me and we both really enjoyed it.

There is an art museum, built on top of the ruins which contains various types of art. We went thru those exhibits as well with the time we had before closing.
One striking exhibit is a sketch of the city of Turku. http://www.aboavetusarsnova.fi/en/exhibitions/okko-poylio-vartiovuori
The sketch is very moving but very dark.

Unfortunately, the Christmas Market was closed up by the time we walked back to the taxi queue. But it was cold (about 18F) and we were ready to go back to the hotel and have some wine.

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