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Exploring the Exploratorium

A visit to the Exploratorium in San Francisco

After getting adults off to the Fancy Foods we piled the kids in the truck and were off to Lucas Films then the Exploratorium.

We had planned to eat lunch with Clayton at Lucas Films but he got busy with work so we just did a little walking and visiting. Fortunately we’d brought plenty of food so we were able to have a picnic.

We got to the Exploratorium and for those of you who are thinking of visiting, across the street to the north is a parking lot, maybe a 5 minute walk. When we were there it was free. We found a picnic table close by and set out our food, fed kids then off to the Exploratorium.

The Exploratorium is in what was the Palace of Fine Arts; it is an old building from a World’s Fair many years ago. The Exploratorium will be moving so you will want to check the location to make sure.

It is filled with everything hands-on for kids of every age. The 2-3 year olds loved running around with the light strips on the floor, running their hands thru the sand experiments and making lights go off and on.

I really enjoyed being with the 4 year old. He realized that there was a cause and effect so that cranking a wheel caused an umbrella to go up, air out of a pump caused balls to stay in the air at different levels depending on the amount of air. So much of the time he has to stop this or that, or he turns knobs just to turn knobs. He got so excited and would call “Grandma come see”. I loved the excitement in seeing the effects of what he did.

Our 11 year old, on the other hand, was not so enthusiastic. Her comment to mom was “machines were mostly broken”. She did little and had little interest other than guiding the 2 and 3 year olds around. It was quite disappointing but then you can’t make a person like something.

The 13 year old enjoyed the older kids’ experiments. I didn’t find out his favorites or impressions, but then he is 13 and at that age you just hope that things work out.

We were lucky at the RV park, guys had decided that they really didn’t need to stay for Wed, but the RV park said that we could leave the RV there until 6pm and they’d refund the difference. Most parks won’t refund anything so we were quite happy with that.

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