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Last Day in Prague

sunny 75 °F

Our last full day in Prague, our concert at the Estates in the evening.

We agreed to meet up with Dieter and Inge at 1 or so, it gave us time to tour the castle area. We walked up the steep hill, the Kings Way fighting the tourists who were taking way too long.

The castle area consists of government buildings, St Vitus Cathedral, the Royal Palace, a walk down the Golden Lane where the workers lived, a walkway inside the castle wall and finally the tower.

At the top we entered thru the gate into courtyard 1, then 2 then 3. We sat down in the shade to consult the map and found the tour we wanted to take. A family ticket for the basic tour served us perfectly, following the arrows and reading the signs. Several times we just went up some stairs out of curiosity and found a place of interest.

The tower is a place one really wouldn’t want to be sent to. It is grim!, one can only imagine the emotions the prisoners had when being led into this area. The virtual tour is online: https://www.hrad.cz/en/prague-castle/virtual-tour/index.shtml

We met Dieter and Inge, not where we’d arranged but actually in the bathroom at the Lobkowicz Palace, just next to the castle. Since it was time for a late lunch we found a restaurant on a terrace overlooking the city.

After lunch we wanted to pick up some champagne and chocolates to take out to the bridge after the concert. We left Dieter and Inge at a little café we like, overlooking the Charles Bridge and the castle. We picked up our supplies and went to the room to change for the concert.

As we were leaving our room I checked the tickets, just to make sure everything was in order. OMG, I about had a heart attack, the concert was to start at 17:00 or 5pm, and it was nearly 6pm. I quickly got online to the Estates Theater site and it said 5pm. I was sick, 5 very good seats unused.

Dale ran to get Dieter and Inge while Elias and I walked quickly to the Estates, each of us thinking of what we should have done. We got to the theater in record time, no one was around. I noticed signs for the concert starting at 8pm. We went up to the desk set up in the doorway and I showed them the tickets. The guy said “Oh that was our mistake, it starts at 8pm”. http://www.estatestheatre.cz/

We found Dale approaching with Dieter and Inge, I put my hands in front of my face but couldn’t conceal the fact that everything was actually ok.
For this concert there was no assigned seating, only assigned sections; first come, first seated. I got in line, the 2nd person. The lady in front of me had a different section so I rushed in, to the hall with the boxes finding the 1st 2 boxes for the 5 of us. The boxes have gold leaf, plush blue upholstery. We were quite the royalty.

The concert was fun, several arias by Mozart including the Magic Flutie. This time accompanied by wind instruments. A nice comparison to the string instruments at the Mozart Dinner/Concert in Salzburg.IMG_20140711_175953_416.jpgIMG_201407..031_117__1_.jpgIMG_20140710_223302_606.jpg

For our last night in Prague we went out to the Charles Bridge, as we did 3 years ago, drank champagne and ate chocolates. There were lots more people this time, but it was still beautiful.

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Moving Right Along Now

Preparing for our Upcoming European Trip

We are getting our act together for our Europe trip. Finally!!!

I bought airplane tickets for Dale and our grandson. They will fly out on a Tuesday arriving in Brussels on Wed a.m., the same day that our granddaughter and I fly to Brussels from Rome. I wish we could arrive in Brussels close to the same time but I doubt that it will happen that way. I haven’t even looked at tickets for our flight. Guess I should do that.

Our younger granddaughter is planning to go with Dale but has decided not to go to Finland. Since her dates of departure are not known yet we will get her tickets maybe next week.

I did look and see that the Mozart Requiem is still being performed on Saturdays in Vienna at the St Charles Church. We will buy tickets for that as soon as we know how many will be in our party.

Fortunately, concerts in Prague are not posted yet as we want to buy the best tickets possible and can’t today.

We are at least on the right track.

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An Opera at the Estates Theater

Attending a Mozart opera at the Estates Theater

When I first visited Prague, maybe 8 or 9 years ago, I was with my friends Dieter and Inge. We did a walking tour of the old town, Stare Mesto. This area was originally laid out in about 800a.d. and some structures are still used which were built in the 13th and 14th centuries. Now I’ve been to the Middle East and our own Mesa Verde so ancient is something I’ve experienced before but I’ll never forget the 1st time I saw the Estates Theater just a short walk from the square.

The Estates Theater was built in 1783 and is nearly all preserved in its original state, except for the wiring for electric lights and plumbing for modern flush toilets. This is the theater where Mozart opened Don Giovanni, conducting the opera himself and Paganini, Clara Schumann and Wagner performed here. The interior is mostly blue velvet with gold trim. The ceiling is very simple with a huge chandelier.

So the 1st and 2nd time I saw the Estates we could not go in as there are no tours. I determined that I did would return to Prague to see a performance in the Estates. I really wanted to see Don Giovanni but alas that was not to be as May was one of the only months in which it was not playing. We did find tickets to see the Barber of Seville and since that was a Mozart production it was going to be good enough.

Our box seat was about 3 boxes away from the stage and the 1st row up with 2 chairs and 1 high chair. We looked down to the poor saps below and looked up to the nose bleed section where some people had to stand up and we were feeling very smug indeed!

The stage is different than the one at the opera house in that stage is completely separated by the orchestra pit. This production was also different in that the costumes were period. But what a wonderful production the singing was so great and we were just above the orchestra so that we could watch the conductor closely as well as the various individuals. I went back in time and imagined Mozart conducting. We did learn some very fun sayings like: “my face lies but I do not”.

After the performance was over we took our time leaving our box, looking lovingly around. Then as we slowly walked out we stood for a very long time just admiring the theater and reflecting on what we had just experienced. It appeared that most everyone did the same.

We walked back to the square, probably like most did in the 1700’s, found a little outdoor café and had some good Czech food.

A guide book had suggested that a very romantic thing to do at night is to take a bottle of Czech bubbly out to the middle of the Charles Bridge and have a drink. We did just that along with some cream truffles. What an end to a most amazing night, standing on the Bridge in the moonlight looking that the reflections of the castle in the water.


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A Little European Music

Preparing for listening to some music in Europe

About 20 years ago we took our 3 pre-teen boys to Dorothy Chandler, The Music Center, to hear Vivaldi’s “The 4 Seasons”. We went to the lecture before the concert where the conductor played music which had actually been recorded at a historic music hall. I don’t remember which hall the music was recorded at any more but I do remember that my middle son and I looked at each other and said that we needed to go to Europe to hear the music.

I’ve been to Prague a couple of times during the winter traveling with some of our German friends, staying in a B&B outside of the old city and doing fun stuff but there was so much music to hear. After our last trip I told my husband, Dale that I really wanted to visit Prague during the spring, to sit and drink coffee at the outdoor cafes, walk the river and attend classical music concerts.

Last year I was listening to money guru Clark Howard who said that for those who have frequent flier miles it was a good time to plan a European trip. There was the way to Prague as each Dale and I have plenty of miles. The day that the flights were available I picked up our tickets.

I got in touch with our friends in Belgium and in Germany and sent them a message that we’d be coming, then got on line and started researching music in Prague. As I researched Mozart the path pointed to Salzburg and Vienna. Gosh the trip expanded quickly.

Until now I’ve been too busy to plan this trip except for some searches for concerts. Finally, I sat down determined to book our rooms and some of the concerts. I was afraid that we would not get seats or rooms if more time passed. Good thing I started when I did.

I first started with some concerts that we knew we wanted to see, mainly Don Giovanni at the Estates Theater. It was at this theater that Mozart opened Don Giovanni and I’d only been outside the theater. The program was not available until just this past week and Don Giovanni was not on it but we decided that we’d see Mozart’s “Marriage of Figaro” instead. We also picked up tickets for Rossini’s “The Barber of Seville” to be played at the Prague State Opera. Box seats for both concerts!!!

I found that concerts are played in the Prague Castle but those tickets will not go on sale until two months prior to our visit so we must wait a little longer.

Finding a hotel was not so easy; I used Fommer’s guide and found all of the hotels within the area we wanted to stay. Then got on tripadvisor.com and found all of their hotels within the location, read all of the reviews and made a list of all hotels with the ranking and price.

I found a hotel just around the corner from the old plaza, within our price range, the Hotel & Residence U Tri Bubnu; we can crawl to our hotel if we need to! It is within walking distance of everything we want to do and the hotel is one that was built in the 14th century so there is a bit of history.

So Prague is taken care of.

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