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A Day in New Orleans

Playing in Nola

overcast 73 °F

We had a long list of to-do’s for today. Eating some gluten free New Orleans food, lunch with a co-worker, shopping, more shopping.
We parked next to the quarter and 1st thought we’d stop at Café du Monde for coffee. There is a table off to the side where I’ve sat nearly every evening while working, just having some coffee and writing claims. Well, that was an idea that wasn’t well founded. The lines were down the block.

I’d googled gluten free breakfasts and we found one restaurant that wasn’t open until 11:30 for brunch. I googled again and saw one that I’d seen
before but dismissed. “From the Heart” is in the French Market. I’ve been in and out of the French Market before but it isn’t so glamorous as inside the quarter. But we thought we try it.

The French Market consists of stalls selling all sorts of things and then there is a sort of , food court. Little places with counters and about 6 or so bar stools. Then there are tables in the center as well.

We found the most amazing crab cakes, lots of vegan dishes, no pork served, and many gluten free items. But the crab cakes had no filler so they were just crab with spices. I was in crab cake heaven.
We had several items to shop for: olive salad for us, our boys and friends, crab boil oil, Old Bay, coffee with chicory, and Old New Orleans Rum. I looked longingly at masks, but the mask store that I’d bought the really good ones at was gone. Besides, I’m changing the décor in the house and don’t need any more masks.

We met my co-worker at a little hole in the wall, The Joint. Way off the beaten path, but amazing BBq. Later I found several local people who said it was their favorite.
Dale had not been with Justin and I when we went to Old New Orleans Rum, way back when. It was fun to show him a little of the distillery and do some tasting. The ginger rum drink is the best!

My friend always has the most fun haircuts, and mine was beginning to be a mop, after weeks of neglect. She told me that she goes to a barbershop and for $15 they cut her hair. I was a little reluctant to go to a barbershop but decided that it was to be. The barbershop is located in a building, just a little place with 2 guys, 2 barber chairs, 2 chairs for waiting. That’s it. But the haircut works and the guy got rid of 10 lbs of hair.
I googled gluten free gumbo and a place came up. There were a few glitches but really the best, steaming hot gumbo ever.

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Last Day in Europe

Spending time eating and family

sunny 75 °F

We had to be at the Belgium airport by 8am Sunday to return the car and pick up another for just 2 days. We were able to arrive right at 8am after sleeping in a rest stop just north of the airport.

Our next car did not have GPS and was quite a bit smaller so we were squished and on our own to get around.

We’d planned to go to Pascaline’s house for Sunday but then found out that they would not be home so we had until 4pm on our own. The Brussels square was a perfect place to spend the day.

We found our way to the square in Brussels after lots of detours. We parked and walked to the square, by then were really hungry. We happened upon what we call “restaurant row”, streets full of little restaurants. We looked and I started negotiating. IMG_20140727_144808_179.jpg

Finally; a lunch of escargot, fillets of fish, chocolate mousse and wine. We sat and ate while we watched others doing what we had just done.
From lunch we went window shopping but couldn’t resist the meringues filled with and covered with cream then rolled in shredded chocolate, the cream filled truffles, and other goodies. Sampling as we went, we shared the treats in order to be able to eat more. After lots of tasting we went and had a cappuccino in the square, enjoying the square for one last time.

Monday we repacked, bought chocolate to bring home, enjoyed Pascaline’s patio again and most of all our Belgium family.IMG_20140728_174123_895.jpg

Alas it was over too soon. We drove to the airport, turned in the car and caught our flights home.

Of course this was the trip that kept on giving; Dale and Elias’ flight from Chicago to Houston was delayed and they couldn’t make it home. Because there was no crew to fly the plane to Houston, United gave us a night and meals on them. I surprised Dale and Elias at their gate and we had one more night on vacation.

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Oslo and Roald Amundsen

overcast 95 °F

I awoke at 3:30am to sunlight, not bright sun, but it wasn’t dark at all.

Finally washers and dryers, several of them! We all had clean clothes before leaving for the day of sightseeing.

Our 1st, and it turns out only stop, was to the Fram Museum. http://www.frammuseum.no/ This museum houses the boat that Roald Amundsen took to the South Pole for his expedition. If any of you remember the Masterpiece Theater program on this, several years ago, you will remember the race between Scott and Amundsen. This museum has the boat and the boat is open for viewing. Most of the boat can be touched and walked on, bedrooms are closed with a window for viewing and there are personal artifacts in the bedrooms. The engine room is open for viewing thru a window from the floor above. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/amex/ice/peopleevents/pandeAMEX87.html

In the program the Fram seemed so small but in person it seemed larger, but then of course it is viewed from the bottom. Next to a large cruise ship it is quite small.IMG_20140722_145340_234.jpg

The museum is interactive with displays testing skills that would be needed as a member of the Fram. I’m afraid we would have been eaten by the Polar bears.

What surprised us was how the Fram was built in its day, to survive the stresses of being trapped in the ice. When one views the inside construction close up the beams are massive and beautiful solid wood. The ship was truly a work of art and engineering.

We were also surprised on just how many exploration trips the Frann was involved in. We were impressed with how versatile each crew member was, how educated and really brilliant each was.

After 5 hours we hadn’t finished looking at all of the exhibits, but it was nearly 6pm and we were getting quite hungry. It was time to get to the market for dinner. We decided that once we are back home we will watch the Masterpiece program again.

We actually made it to the food court (for lack of a better term), a place where there are lots of fresh food stalls: fish, meat, cheese, and found what we needed for dinner. As we could not find any ice in Oslo we were buying food items fresh as needed.

We moved our camp over to a site that opened up which had a table. We were feeling pretty smug, when we sat up our camp stove and started our pasta. IMG_20140722_105902_421.jpg

Watch out for that perfect spot! A big black cloud started over and soon there were a few drops of rain. We laughed and thought that we could weather this one. The Europeans kept walking on to the lake nearby, we kept cooking and setting up our table. Then the rains hit, heavy rain and winds blowing everything everywhere. Dale and Elias ran for the tarp while I scrambled to gather up all of the items on the table.

We sat with our uncooked dinner items in the tent/tarp waiting out the storm. Finally it passed and the sun was shining but the air had cooled off. It was probably 95F and humid earlier, now maybe in the 80’s.

We cooked our dinner, ate and went off to bed. Too much excitement for one day.

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Mozart in Salzburg

rain 65 °F

It was raining today, pouring at times. It was a good day to visit the indoor museums.

We took the kids to Mozart’s birthplace. That seemed to be a good place to start. This is a small, 1 bedroom house. There are few original furnishings however, there is a collection of personal items.

After the birth house we went to the house Mozart grew up in. The house he grew up in has the audio tour, it is much larger and contains many items from Mozart’s personal contents. There are also letters to and from his sister, some original and original works of music.

Christabel was interested in seeing where some of the “Sound of Music” was filmed so we had to visit the Mirabel Gardens. Sidestepping mud puddles, dodging umbrellas, we found the sites of the movie. The gardens were still beautiful in the rain.

This was the night of the Dinner Concert we’d reserved. Christabel had chosen this event to celebrate her birthday. There are 2 different dinner-concerts; one up at the Fortress and then the one she chose at St Peters Skiff. The restaurant at St Peters is located in a cliff under the Fortress.

I’d chosen the better seats and ours were located right in front center. The dinner was elegant; 3 courses served between the music: 1- Riesling Cream soup with crayfish and clams, 2 Roast Beef with Polenta and a Port Wine Sauce, 3. Meringues with cream. http://www.mozart-dinner-konzert-salzburg.at/exklusiv-menue.html
The music was performed on original instruments with 2 singers. They performed 3 pieces of music; arias from Don Giovanni, The Marriage of Figaro and The Magic Flute. Dale and I expected that the music wouldn’t be so good as this was a very touristy event, but it was really good.IMG_20140702_200915_941.jpg

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More Ancestors

Visiting Chinn's Chapel and then on to Boggy Depot

We got an early start as we wanted to stop at Chinn’s Chapel Cemetery once more before heading to Oklahoma. This time we went into the chapel and opened the two doors and windows. We let in light and fresh air as they would have for my great grandparents wedding and my great grandmother’s funeral. IMG_0808.jpg

I thought about my great grandmother; she was about 29 years old and had just given birth to her 4th child. The other 3 children were 4 and under with my grandmother being 1 year old. I have to wonder how horrible it was for her, to think that she might be dying with these 4 little kids around.
There is a sign printed on a cardboard in the church. The average age of death in the 1800’s was about 25 years old for that area. Wow! That is so young. I must remember to be thankful for modern medicine.IMG_20140411_132817_934.jpg

Bel and I took our photos, paid our respects and went on to Tishomingo where family was waiting to see us.

After arriving in Tish our relatives took us out to Boggy Depot Cemetery in Atoka, where my great grandfather settled after remarrying. We also got to find the foundation walls of the local school where my grandmother and her friends would go to shoot photos. And yes my grandmother had a little Brownie Hawkeye and used it. I’d brought my tripod just for this: I set up the tripod, set the camera on timer and took a photo of all of us on the steps of the school!

We ate some soul food: fried catfish and BBQ ribs at Fish Tales! I was lucky because the owner of the place fried catfish especially for me using cornmeal. This restaurant is only open on weekends and is packed. We’d eaten there on our trip 5 years ago and I was anxious to get back for their food! We were not disappointed.

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