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Addicted to Downton Abbey

Living Downton Abbey

My husband, Dale, and I have been completely immersed in all things “Downton Abbey”. He was still working last year when Season 1 aired so I watched it alone, hooked. Just before Season 2 started in January our Public Television station aired season 1 and I insisted that he watch. After a few minutes he was hooked as well.

So on nearly all of our Sunday evenings for some time now, we could be found in front of out telly! We’d cry at the sad parts and tell the characters what they needed to do.

Then we started watching the episodes of Season 1 on Netflix during the week. We are amazed at what we missed the first round.

When we sat down for Season 2 Episode 6 we decided to have champagne while we watched. We felt a little more like the gentrified people!

On Friday I thought that we should maybe make some Downton type food for Sunday night’s last episode and then we thought that we should invite some friends who we were sure were watching this program too. I called our friends but alas they were going out of town for this long weekend.

I investigated food of Downton and saw that they had many courses that could include a 2nd course of roasted chicken. I remembered seeing the footmen carry platters of small hens up to the dining room in one episode.

Well I didn’t have much for small hens but I did have a couple of chicken thighs in the freezer. I took the thighs out and when they were thawed put them into a pan with cut up carrots, onions, a little garlic, some left over potatoes, salt and pepper. I roasted them for an hour at 325 F. I set up a table on our coffee table so we could be closer to the TV.

We didn’t have any claret but had some red wine which is what claret is. We got out some glasses which are a little closer to the Downton style rather than the larger ones we normally use and used those for our “claret”. We did drink champagne before dinner and then after dinner just to celebrate for the Downton people.

Way too late we thought that we should have had a true viewing party. New plan is that we won’t be found lagging. We will watch the Season 3 episodes as they are shown in the UK; I am the one who reads the last chapter of the book first remember. Then when Season 3 airs here we, of course, will watch the U.S. version. We will then have a small viewing dinner party. Since we have a year to plan I’ll make a dress for myself and will actually make tails for Dale and serve a true Downton type dinner. I wonder who we can get for footmen!

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A Maryland Wine Tasting

Wine tasting Maryland wines

One thing that I learned early in my adjusting career is that every state produces wine, some good some bad. Lots of bad to find the nuggets of good.

I’ve probably written about our wine tastings, well I try to buy wine from wherever I am for the next wine tasting. And so it is here in Maryland, I figured that if Virginia wines are good then Maryland must be ok too.

I’d heard about a wine festival on TV, advertised that lots of Maryland Wineries would be there, lots of food and crafts. I thought it might be fun to do a wine tasting ourselves, eat some good food and buy some Christmas Presents at the craft show.

As it turned out we were really late as I had claims in DC. Dolly went sightseeing while I worked, we picked her up and went on to Baltimore. We only had 1 hour before the tasting closed but as it turned out we had quite enough wine in a very short time.

The festival was set at Carroll County Farm Museum, a farm and setting of old buildings. A sort of “Kern County Museum” in Bakersfield. So to set the scene; the parking is across the road and one walks by a grove of trees with a pond to the left of the party. White tents are set up to the right. The farm buildings are not really visible but then I didn’t know what I was looking for anyway.

This was their 28th annual festival and we were shocked by how many wineries were represented. According to the information about 38 wineries were represented. Unfortunately, one winery used grapes grown in Lodi, CA so I refused to taste their wine. I won’t drink wine made from those grapes at home so I sure won’t here in Maryland. Yes you can call me a snob!

Now I am a pro at these tastings. My first one, in Paso Robles, I drank the entire amount poured in my glass and boy was I happy!!! Just wasn’t happy to be not enjoying the wine. This time I insisted on the tinniest sips and then threw out the rest if there was more than that. I was able to taste quite a few wines and not feel the effects. But we sure saw lots of people who felt the effects of the wine; loud disinhibited levity and then those who were a little sick! (or more than a little)

We tasted a bunch of wine, most of it not what I’d ever drink again but some not so bad and we did buy several bottles of wine.

For a reduced rate Dale became our designated driver. He kept asking me what I thought of a particular wine and I’d say “it’s really different”. Poor guy I said that about so many wines but I couldn’t articulate why it was different. After trying I don’t know how many wines I was tired of tasting and it was time to find some food.

We went around and found some really great Cajun food, and it was gluten free so I could eat.

We finally got to the craft fair when everything was closing down. Oh well, no one needs a present.

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