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Copenhagen, the Last Of Scandinavia

sunny 85 °F

When we first arrive in a new city we either go to the tourist information center, if we have located it on a map, or we find people and ask directions. Copenhagen was no different.

It was evening when we arrived in Copenhagen and we wanted to find a campground. We stopped at the first convenient gas station and the young woman directed us to what she thought was a campground. I hesitated because she only referred to motorhomes so I wasn’t sure that she knew about tent camping.

A tow truck pulled up by us and I asked the tow driver what he knew about campgrounds; sure enough the campground we’d been told about was not for tents. He got back in his truck and wrote out the information to a real campground.

All campgrounds are not equal. The one just outside Copenhagen was not as nice as the others we’d been to. It wasn’t that it was dirty; there was no grass to pitch a tent on, only a strip of weeded stuff and everything had a charge attached. You need to cook? You pay for the time to use the cooktop. You want hot water to wash dishes? Pay for 2 minutes of hot water. Want to use the electricity for anything? Pay up or else. Then to add on, we had to pay for a Scandinavia camping card. Really? We have been camping all over Scandinavia without this and there has been no problem? What a waste of $20.

We had several things we wanted to see in Copenhagen, all free of charge; the opera house, The Royal Library and Nyhaven, a street by the harbor.
The opera house reportedly looks like the grille of a 1955 Buick and it actually does resemble the grille of a car.IMG_20140726_110234_193.jpg

The Royal Library consists of the library and a newer building called The Black Diamond. It is in the Black Diamond that the free exhibition is located which contains original works of Bach, some remains of a book from 600AD and works from Hans Christian Anderson. One book of interest is the History of the World from the 1400’s. Hum, wonder how that reads.

The exhibit is located in the center of the room, in a large circle. On the left wall are drawers in which we found original letters from various people including: Gandhi, Beethoven, Mozart and others. It was so amazing to see the letters up close, glass was covering most of the documents but one is only a fraction of an inch away.
It starting pouring rain as we got ready to walk to Nyhaven but as soon as the rain passed I ran down to take a photo. It is a complete tourist trap, the canal is full of small tour boats, full of people. Everywhere were people. A quick photo was all I needed and we were out of there.

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Norway, A Most Beautiful Country

sunny 70 °F

Because we were not on a set timetable I didn’t worry about buying ferry tickets early so once we reached Hirtshels we had to determine our next move which was the Ferry to Kristiansand, Norway. The 1st available crossing was at 12 noon in economy. We took advantage of the morning to get a little coffee and explore the harbor area.
After a 3-1/2 hour sailing into Kristiansand, we found the center of the city only a couple of blocks away, then located the tourist information office. We needed to know which road would be the best to Bergen, a city on the coast. The lady at the information told us that the coastal road was faster and much nicer than the road running up the center of the peninsula.
We walked around the square a bit and we decided that this was the best country so far. We were in love with Norway already.

I remembered that the guide book said to go to the fish market for some fresh catch. We went and sampled some smoked salmon and smoked whale. I knew that there was a restaurant recommended and thought that it might be one at the fish market. I had the fish cakes, recommended, Elias the herring and Dale the local trout. All was great but pricey than I thought it would be. After getting back to the car I found that we’d actually gone to one of the most expensive restaurants. Fortunately we were careful in ordering so didn’t rack up a huge bill. The place recommended was actually a food stand with a line, we found it by accident but were already full.

We’d read in “Lonely Planet …”this is one of the most beautiful counties on earth”. We also read in another place that the coast route is “breathtakingly beautiful”. These are understatements. Photos cannot capture the wonderful sights around every corner.

We headed up highway #44 and drove until it was twilight. We stopped at a little pull out overlooking a fjord, and found that it was a site for a memorial where allies fought Nazi’s. There was a whole history about the area; Nazi’s hid prisoners, the British rescued the prisoners and several allies were killed.
We’d already eaten a large lunch so dinner was just bread, cheese and meat and another night of car camping.

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Off to the Hinterlands of Europe, Or Northward

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After a day of organizing, buying a camp stove and one last beer garden with Dieter and Inge we were off to the wild blue yonder of Northern Europe.
We car camped just to see how it would be to set up if we needed to in the rain, plus we really just needed to drive not camp.

In the morning we drove on to Schleswig, the site of a Viking settlement in about 1,000. Here houses have been uncovered and reconstructed using information recovered. The settlement is also a living history museum as there are ship builders, weavers, and metal crafters using methods from the time of the settlement. A link to the museum: http://www.vikingsofbjornstad.com/MuseumHaithabu.htm

The ship builders were most interesting, one was cutting the large planks with an axe while the other pieced the planks together and did the fine trim work. There is a museum which houses artifacts and shows timelines for the areas.
After the museum we were most ready to get on the road to Norway, driving all the way thru to the top of Denmark before 9pm. It was still light when we arrived at the docks only to find that we couldn’t sail until morning.

Another night of car camping, this time in the same lot the Denmark Circus was parked in but without the wild animals.

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