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Wind Created Havoc

Breaking into our own RV

sunny 75 °F

IMG_201611..3601761_HDR.jpgWe had our RV parked at the Melbourne Mobile RV, but were parked on the beach. We had to leave that specific site but more about that in another blog. We decided to move back to the mainland and stay in an RV park that provides internet.

A small storm was forecast to blow through on Sat morning but we decided that we’d take a chance and move during that time.
Sat morning and winds were picking up, sand blowing and clouds blocking any sunrise. We decided to move on our way. Winds were really picking up, we had to hang onto the door when we’d open it.

I opened the door for some reason or another when the wind blew hard and I couldn’t hang onto it. The door banged against the side of the RV.
Now for you who do not have an RV; the exterior door is a metal frame and quite sturdy. A screen door is separate and inside so that you can open the exterior door and attach it to the RV side, but have the screen door closed. The screen door has a latch that fits into the door jam, keeping the screen door closed, the latch isn’t a lock.

I describe all of the door to describe the following events. When the doors blew open and slammed against the side of the RV the latch on the screen door broke and fell off.

We went on to move to the new RV park but, of course, the screen door just flopped open and shut in the breeze. Dale decided that he’d go pick up a new latch and install it.

After dark, I’d finished up with all of my claims work, everything that could be finished. We had a little wine and tomatoes with mozzarella then went for a walk before dinner. It was a pleasant evening, our neighbor even had his door and windows open. We closed the exterior door but didn’t lock it.

We got back to the RV and went to open the door. Screen door was latched both in the jam and attached to the exterior door. The door wouldn’t open more than an inch.

We remembered that we had our ladders in the back of the truck and saw that the larger emergency window was open in the bedroom. We got our ladder and put it up against the side of the RV. The commotion caused our neighbor to yell out “is everything ok out there”? I told him that we’d gotten locked out of our RV and had to go in thru the window. I suspect he thought someone was breaking in.

Our neighbor then came out of his RV in time to see Dale start up the ladder. He held the ladder for Dale and we had a nice conversation and made new friends. Now Dale must figure out had to make sure we can get into the RV after we close the door.

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Dominican Food for Lunch

There is a group of us who seem to travel together to storms. This started in Sacramento last year when a bunch of us worked in an office and got to be friends. Now we were together again in New York.

At lunch I ran into one friend, Jim Duda, in the parking lot. I suggested that we eat together and we hopped into my car. Jim Goggled food and Dominican came up. I suggested that we go there, it sounded different. Wow, what a great restaurant! So much food that it makes 2 meals. The pinto beans are so great; fish fillet with garlic sauce is to die for.

At least there was good food to help survive the day.

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And It's Off to Work We Go

Fun and games in getting to work in Toronto, Canada

sunny 85 °F

Nothing like lots of misadventures to help jump start a trip.

On Saturday I got a call asking for me to go to Toronto to work the floods. Great! We really do need some cash; I mean who doesn’t have a ton of things needing cash? So I arranged to fly out today with a flight that would leave just later than my granddaughters as today she is flying to Belgium.
Well our flights both departed late and with just over an hour to get from one flight to the next I was very concerned. I was especially concerned for my granddaughter as she has not flown overseas alone before. I waited for her flight as long as I could and we discussed how to handle various situations in the event she would miss her connection. Then I advised again that we’d also be in touch between flights as they are similar in length for the 1st legs.

This is all well and good. We said goodbye and then I went to my gate, leaving her on her own. We sent text messages until the time we each had to turn our phone off.

When I landed in Phoenix I attempted to turn on my phone on the taxiway to see if she made her connection. No phone, it was dead as a doornail. I worked with it until I had to get off but there was nothing.

Of course by the time I got off the plane and got my carryon my next flight was already boarding. We were at the last gate in A and I had to go to the opposite end of the terminal. Running I’m frustrated that I have no time to get to my gate and that my phone is dead.

I boarded the next flight, last in the back of the plane and because I was late just put my camera bag with laptop up in the bin. Well some guy did that for me, it is stuffed full of equipment plus laptop. As we were still sitting on the tarmac I then picked up the phone and tried it again but nothing. After we were well on under way I thought that I should have put it under my seat so I could try to charge the phone, if it in fact discharged. Too late, UGH.

Again we were late arriving at the final connection; we’d gone around some thunderstorm. I started to run as my flight was starting to board according to my boarding pass. But this time I was in terminal A and had to go to F. As I was walking fast, still in A I saw a small sign to go to the shuttle for F. An employee said take the shuttle, it only takes 5 min and we would not need to go thru security again. I ran down the stairs and hopped on the shuttle just as the doors were shutting. Finally some good luck. I got to my gate just as boarding was starting.

Once in Toronto the fun was not over yet, there was a rental car to take care of. Because I was on a very limited budget to get here I put on my Visa what I thought it would take to get my car. Well in Canada it is different and they have a deposit, unlike the U.S. Anyway my Visa was short $34; I mean really? Fortunately Avis gave me their phone to call the Visa and Visa called my bank, verified funds, made a quick payment and I was about on my way. Now only if I could get the car to drive.

So Avis gave me an electric/gas car. I found the start button but the car only coasted down a slight incline stopping in the driveway. A guy getting the car next to me pushed my car back up to its spot and back to the office I went. Poor people were probably tired of me by then but came out and showed me how to start the car in gas mode. Push down on the brake and push the start button. Same order to turn it off.

I got to the hotel and was told my room had been upgraded, YES!!! A glass of wine, warm bath and I was a happy camper again.

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Almost Ready to Play

Ready to finish up this storm and start some traveling

Now it is the push to get finished. I have 2 days of inspections left but several days of actual claims to write up. It is always hard at the end to take the time necessary to get everything done properly, I just want out of here. Funny because it is so exciting to start a storm but then so great to finish working. But like a supervisor said today, it is so great to go driving off for home with some money in the bank and a job behind you.

So tonight Dale and I started looking more seriously at the end game here. We have a bunch of people we need to see but we also had ideas of things we wanted to do. We mapped it out and found that seeing a few things but mostly driving and visiting with relatives and friends took up 16 days, then we’d need to drive straight home. We both got a little upset with this.

We then looked at what we had wanted to do originally and decided that we’d stick with our plan of doing what we want, not what everyone else wants. However, if our sister-in-law needs us we will help her out and then do our travels later. And we will try to visit my niece on our way home. Otherwise, we will see who we see.

So the plan now is to stay in the D.C. area for a couple of days. I want to go to see Kennedy’s grave, the monuments again, the Air & Space Museum and maybe a couple of other sites. Then start north via Gettysburg to Maine, Vermont and Long Island, then up into Canada. That is what we have so far.

I think that we have some travel books that I bought when Border’s was going out of business so we will need to find those in the next day or so to get a good idea of what it is we want to do.

We do want to be home by the end of October so we will only have about 3 weeks to do whatever it is we will do. But it is fun to think about being foot loose and fancy free.

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And Look, He Has No Pants

Dale is left sitting in his undies!

Today I had an inspection scheduled at a large construction site where the earthquake damaged a 5 story parking garage. Now the damage is minimal but we had to inspect nevertheless. The insurance company had hired an engineer to inspect at the same time and since we were meeting on his schedule it was imperative that this inspection go on as planned.

The morning started with rain but when talking we decided to just meet and chance the rain. As it turned out the rain stopped and we were fine.

1st we could not find the location, we passed the engineer several times going up and down the road, finally finding out that they gave us the wrong street name. So we ended up at the office at the same time and found the person we needed to meet.

We walked up to the porch area of the temp office when the construction supervisor told the engineer that he could not go on site wearing short pants. That it is against company policy to wear shorts. The engineer was really quite put out.

The engineer went to his car and looked through everything he had as he sometimes carries extra clothes. Alas, there were no pants.

I suggested that he trade pants with Dale and when the engineer couldn’t find any pants thought that it might be a good idea. Dale, who was sitting in the truck, slipped off his jeans and I handed them to the engineer. The engineer took the pants inside the temp office but came out without his shorts in his hands; he had put the jeans on over his shorts.

Dale had to sit in the truck in his undies!

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