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Working in Toronto

Toronto was quite an adventure. There had been a huge rain storm flooding basements that were, for the most part finished and used as living areas. I like these sorts of claims as they do not require a ladder to carry around. An adjuster can just walk down to the basement an do the inspection, not burn up on a hot roof.

The people were, for the most part, really nice. Many would insist that I have coffee or would have a plate of cookies on the table and coffee made and we would need to sit down briefly before starting to inspect. Since I can’t eat wheat I couldn’t eat the cookies but that was probably better for keeping some extra weight off.

Then, there was the town idiot who thought that even though I have a husband and family that I’d maybe like to really be with him. He called and asked what was going on with his claim. I told him that it would be submitted soon and gave him the cost I’d calculated. He then told me that his son, a musician, was playing and he really wanted for me to see his son play. I thanked him and was sure it would be a good concert since it was his son but I was busy and actually would likely be gone by then. I didn’t bother to tell him that I really wasn’t into him.

As I was driving to the airport to leave for home he called and asked again what was going on with his claim. I told him that he’d need to call the office as I was leaving for home at that moment. He said “but my son is going to play in a concert and I wanted you to see him”. I was the bearer of bad news when I told him that I’d really rather see my own sons and my husband! Alas, the breaker of hearts!

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And Look, He Has No Pants

Dale is left sitting in his undies!

Today I had an inspection scheduled at a large construction site where the earthquake damaged a 5 story parking garage. Now the damage is minimal but we had to inspect nevertheless. The insurance company had hired an engineer to inspect at the same time and since we were meeting on his schedule it was imperative that this inspection go on as planned.

The morning started with rain but when talking we decided to just meet and chance the rain. As it turned out the rain stopped and we were fine.

1st we could not find the location, we passed the engineer several times going up and down the road, finally finding out that they gave us the wrong street name. So we ended up at the office at the same time and found the person we needed to meet.

We walked up to the porch area of the temp office when the construction supervisor told the engineer that he could not go on site wearing short pants. That it is against company policy to wear shorts. The engineer was really quite put out.

The engineer went to his car and looked through everything he had as he sometimes carries extra clothes. Alas, there were no pants.

I suggested that he trade pants with Dale and when the engineer couldn’t find any pants thought that it might be a good idea. Dale, who was sitting in the truck, slipped off his jeans and I handed them to the engineer. The engineer took the pants inside the temp office but came out without his shorts in his hands; he had put the jeans on over his shorts.

Dale had to sit in the truck in his undies!

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A Day Not to be Repeated

Just one thing after another, and none the end of the world not good either

sunny 80 °F

What a day that I hope to not relive any time soon!

Last night was not good. I was really concerned about how today would work out so didn’t sleep well. Then the wine I’d bought was way too sweet and fizzy, YUCK! It was a Virginia wine but not a good one so I really couldn’t drink much.

I had 4 appointments set up for today but 1st had to drive from Fredericksburg to Baltimore about a 2 hour drive. I left late so knew that although I’d be within the range I gave, I’d be later than I wanted. Fortunately, roads were not busy so I flew on my way and got to my first appointment on time.

By afternoon I’d checked both of the bank accounts and my advance was not there. I emailed the company and told them that either the money would be in my accounts tomorrow or I was packing up and going home, I would not be sleeping in my car. Of course they expressed surprise that the money had not been deposited but then later said that the money would be there. Hum! Wonder if they didn’t do their job?

So in the meantime I had to hassle with getting more dollars in my account so that I could rent the car for a couple more days, at least until the advance hits and stay in a motel. I found both a Starbucks and a branch of my bank next to each other, so stopped to make some phone calls and make some decisions.

I called the car rental company to extend the days of my rental but was told that I had to go back to the airport and physically exchange the car for a new one. To extend the contract would cost $200/day and with a new contract it would be $50. Now the airport was about 1 hour away to the SW and the motel that I hoped to get for the night was about 1 hour to the north from where I was sitting. Not to mention that I had new claims plus claims from yesterday to be called and appointments set which meant mapping first.

I called Dale and just burst into tears, everything I touched was just falling apart. Gradually I picked myself up and got on the road to the rental car company where they arranged to give me the same car so that I did not need to unpack. They assured me that I can extend for the same price and won’t have to go back to the airport.

After getting the car I parked by a wall and tried to reserve a room close to Annapolis but it wouldn’t go thru. I ended up calling Hotels.com and they found that there were no rooms available. Since the hotspot on my phone doesn’t work when I’m on a call the person helping me reviewed the rooms and those in the price range I was looking out. He found one that I’d seen before and it sounded fine so I got it for 3 nights. BIG MISTAKE!!!!

So I got to my hotel, nearly all the way to Baltimore, way too far north. Then the bomb; this motel is really old, there is no hot water, no AC, no electricity in most rooms although mine works except for the bathroom light. I must stay for tonight because it is too late to cancel but they were allowing people to cancel the other nights. Fortunately I was able to cancel the next two nights and found a room right in Annapolis.
No dinner tonight since there is no working microwave on the premises. No wine since I never had time to stop and buy some. Just a few almonds and water. Oh well I didn’t want to eat anyway!

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