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Finishing Work and Starting to Explore

Exploring the East Shore of Maryland


Yesterday morning I finished up the last of my work. I found that I’d gotten and closed 77 claims, now that is a decent storm. As it turns out 1 must wait for an estimate from the insured and another need the report to be tweaked but I got to those when I could.

I finished up by about 9 a.m.; Dale was making a celebration breakfast already so it was good timing. We had some Iron Horse champagne that we’d been saving for a couple of years for this celebration so we popped that and had a champagne breakfast celebrating his stopping work, meeting some financial goals and my finishing up a big storm.

After breakfast I was so tired and drained I went back to bed and slept soundly for an hour but woke up ready to get out of the RV. I didn’t want to do anything specific, just vege out.

We had several ideas for visiting but then I was looked up things to do on the East Shore and saw something on Harriet Tubman. I did a little more research and found an amazingly brave woman. And even though I’d heard of the Underground Railroad, I found that we are right here and have actually driving over some of the area while working. This is something I had to see.

We started for Dorchester County Visitor’s Center, the start of the Underground Railroad Byway http://byways.org/explore/byways/2260/itinerary/77287 but then when we got into Annapolis thought we’d look at the historic part 1st.

As it turned out there was a huge boat show going on in Annapolis so everything was jam packed. We were stuck on a street and when we could turn around ended up in the real historic part where we passed the Marketplace. We wondered if the Marketplace was where the slaves had been sold but after some research I have not found any facts to back that.

We drove on to Dorchester but arrived as the visitor’s center was closing. We consoled ourselves with a walk by the water, chatting with a dad and his 2 sons; one of whom had just caught a fish and was proud of himself.

As the sun was beginning to go down we started back but Dale stopped at church ruins I’d seen on the way down. It turns out that we stopped at the “Old White Marsh Cemetery and Church”. I grabbed my camera and tripod ready to get back to the photo taking business. Turns out that the original church was built in the 1690 and some graves are from the 1700’s. Now after a little research I find that it is listed on the “haunted places of Maryland” list. Didn’t see any spirits though.

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Maryland Crab Cakes

The best crab cakes in the world


2011-09-16..-57_962.jpg2011-09-16..-57_714.jpgEvery day is filled with inspections then back to the RV to write the claims up. I’m still way behind and nearly every day the big boss calls; how many inspections are set, how many claims without inspections. Now he admitted that it is the end of the month and they have numbers that they need to reach. It came back to me that bit from when I did work for the company in L.A. so long ago. Well I’ll close what I can.

So we had a claim why over on the east bay, actually a couple so this was the last one for the day. We got to the claim and it was for a really ratty carport and a mobile home on the property. We were nice, I mean why not be nice, people have what they have but it wasn’t the nice place with nice cars.

So after the claim is all over and we had gotten into our truck, the lady comes over and asked if we were hungry for lunch and what we were going to do. I said that we were hungry but didn’t know if any restaurants were around. She directed us to one on the water, said that it was a favorite and we should try it.

We followed the road around thru what is called the blackwaters. Now we know why they are called the blackwaters; the water is dark and it stinks. I don’t think I’d want to walk thru this muck. The area reminds me of the bayous around the New Orleans area but it is just a little different grass. We drove around the bay and finally came upon the place she told us about, “Old Salty’s” a fish restaurant in a nearby town, Fishing Creek, MD.

What a surprise!!! Old Salty’s has possibly the best crab cake in the world. I’d loved the crab cakes in VA but this had nice big pieces of lump crabs and no wheat or cracker fillers. OMG. I ordered the dinner with 2 crab cakes and ate them both, didn’t bother with the veges or sweet potato sides. I brought the sides’ home for breakfast.

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New Day, Better Everything

Life is back to good

sunny 80 °F

The sun comes up and presto magic, a new day!

Claims today started across the Chesapeake Bay. I checked out of the motel and took off across the bay. What a beautiful drive, wish I’d had time to stop and take photos or just enjoy. But there was work to do. But it reminded me of other drives across other bays.

My third claim was near the center of DC. Driving to the claim I went past the Washington Monument, I saw it when I drove in yesterday too. It was so thrilling to see. We were in DC several years ago as sightseers but I was just so excited to see the monument again.

I finished up the DC claim and was off to the last claim, in the NW area. I had to take the George Washington Parkway to the next highway. OMG the drive is so beautiful. I really was wishing that I would have had someone with me to share that beauty with.

After the last claim I went to the new motel. Well it is identical in layout to the one last night but really spiffed up. Mattress isn’t a soft lump that feels like it just came from the dump and pillows are puffy, not flat and lumpy. Lights in the bathroom actually work. Paint and carpets are updated. It even has a coffee maker!

I went across the street and found a Kinko/FedEx who scanned the 2 sheets that needed scanning. Instead of needing to purchase a new scanner they scanned and put it in the computer for only $1.89. Then I walked across the lot to Boston Market and found gluten free food.

After a huge dinner of roasted chicken, green beans and spinach I got to work to start getting these claims out of here and get home! But I think that I’ll spend a little time sightseeing before taking off from here.

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