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On The Road For Hurricane Florence

Chasing the storm

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It seems like we were not home for long until we got the call out to go to work the Hurricane, Hurricane Florence that is.

I had photos spread over the dining room table and Dale had wheels off the Ferrari. We had to put everything back together, pack, clean the RV and get out. This time we had a few more days to get ready so we didn’t have to throw everything together.

Driving to Atlanta, the site of the induction, took longer than we’d wanted to take. It didn’t help that we bought some bad fuel along the way and limped into the next repair shop. But as it turned out, they knew exactly the problem and we were on our way within an hour.
Inductions are always fun, we get to see everyone we haven’t seen since the last storm. We take the time to catch up with everyone. Some people keep contact even between storms, but it is fun to see them.

It was here in Atlanta where we realized that we realized we had a slight problem. On the road, a truck pulled up next to us and was pointing to the rear. We pulled over on the shoulder and I ran back. I didn’t see anything, and we went on down the road. Well, what the guy was likely pointing to was, the cap on the bumper fell off allowing the sewer hose to fly out. The sewer hose, while taking off to the wild blue yonder, hit the license plate holder so that went flying away as well. So, we had no sewer hose or license plate.

The hurricane hit land as a very weak storm, it was mostly a water event. I was put onto a flood team, but those claims turned out to be wind damage and the flood damages were likely mostly small claims, as few homeowners have flood insurance here.
I did get some claims for fast food chains and those will go on for a while. But for the most part, there wasn’t much work to go around and it was over before it started.
Our excitement consisted of a cat-rescue. I was working outside at our picnic table for a change from the RV. A couple in a motorhome pulled into the site next to ours. The man was very nice, talking when he was hooking up the electrical, water and dump. The woman leaned out the driver’s window to say hi.

Not long after the woman yells to me out of the window, “Please come quick, get your husband, come quick, we need help” I yelled to Dale to come quickly and we ran into the neighbors RV.

The neighbors had a huge cat that got stuck inside the bed frame. The cat was quite distressed. The man was trying to tear apart the bed frame when we got into the rear bedroom. Dale helped with trying to disassemble the bed but then they realized that the frame was welded together, and it would not come apart.
The man wanted to try cutting the frame but Dale in a very calm voice said to let him try. He worked with the cat to get it onto it’s back and slowly pulled the cat out, inch by inch. We all were holding our breath.

The woman said that they had no children and the cat was their fur baby. They were both crying and loving on their cat when we left their RV.
Hopefully, they plug the hole that the cat used to get under the bed. It probably was not a happy traveler. But we were happy that we could help someone with a pet so important to their lives.

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Riding Out the Storm

Storms in the life of a storm adjuster

There are some trips which are impossible to write about, maybe too emotional or not of interest for a travel blog. This trip has been each at various times. When I sat down to write the words that flowed were too emotional, hence, no blog until now.

We went to Dallas to attend a conference for Catastrophe Adjusters. This is a conference I’ve attended each spring for the past few years. After the conference, we have spent a little time with adjuster friends in Dallas and then visited family in Oklahoma.

The conference was a conference. Workshops that included the know-it-all, who asked questions that were nonsense, but he thought he was impressing all. But some good info was gleaned.

Thunderstorms and tornados were predicted while were in Dallas so I made sure that we had candles and food along in our bags. And while we didn’t lose power, we had an amazing light show of non-stop lightning. Management put a letter under every door explaining how the tornado evacuation would work. But we went to sleep and didn’t worry about a thing.

I’ve been through storms, while working storms before, and I reflected on some of them during the storm in Dallas:

- Cleveland area: I was working flooded basements when tornados started forming around us. I was living in my RV, having driven alone and living outside of Cleveland. The management said that if a tornado came thru to go into the bathroom, a brick building. I had the TV on and
tornados were all around but fortunately, we didn’t get anything.

I was on a claim, inspecting the damaged basement with a policyholder and family friend who happened to be a policeman. As we were inspecting he got a call saying that a tornado was headed our way. I grabbed my keys and said I was going home, I meant to California. The
cop said no, I wasn’t going anywhere. I said no, I’m going home. He assured me I couldn’t outrun the tornado and wasn’t going to let me leave the basement. The tornado didn’t hit the house but I was ready to run.

- New Orleans: I was working a windstorm and had brought my niece, Laura, to work with me. We were staying in an Extended Stay when a hurricane formed and was projected to come up the mouth of the river. We decided to ride it out, we were on the 4th floor or so of the hotel and I couldn’t imagine that we’d get hit so hard. About 11pm Dale called and asked if we had emergency supplies and I said no. So Laura and I went to the Target nearby, buying candles and holders, plus some food. The hurricane lost its power before landfall so we escaped that one.

- Hurricane Ike: I was working a hurricane and staying in the KOA located at the bottom of the levee in New Orleans. Hurricane Ike formed and was forecast to hit nearby. I decided to ride it out in the RV. Twinkle was with me on this one. As the winds increased, the RV started shaking and the roads around us closed. Twinkle got under my feet as I sat at the table blogging at my first real blog. The management said that if the levee broke to get on the roof of the bathroom, which at the time sounded fine but then, in reality, I was uncertain on how that would work. Fortunately, the hurricane hit south of us so we just got some wind and rain.

- Washington DC and Maryland: I went to DC to work the earthquake but when I got into DC a hurricane was coming up the coast. I got into DC before the storm and stopped to buy a lighter and a few more supplies. I’d brought candles and some food from home. I was staying on the 3rd or 4th floor of the hotel which lost power once the hurricane came onshore. Fortunately, I had candles, a flashlight, and food. I had to go north, into Maryland for claims but was following the storm so still had no power for several days. Staying in hotels with no power was a challenge, charging the laptop and cell phone with my inverter, using candles for light, no AC.

I much prefer an earthquake even though they are not predictable. This California girl is just not into tornados and hurricanes.

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