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Toronto Hotel Adventures

View_from_the_new_room.jpgIn Toronto it seemed that I was a gypsy. I stayed in about 8 different hotels in 6 weeks. I never unpacked my bags, just kind of piled up my stuff in groups in the bags so that I didn’t have to dig for anything.

The reason I moved so many times was quite simple, the price of hotels went up and down. Of course the Hilton and Marriott’s were quite nice but when the price would go up over $120 then it was time to move.

I used Hotels.com mostly as the best deals were there but also used my free points from the Marriott. So what were some highlights?
I stayed at one Sheraton that I’ll never forget. Apparently it sold the week before I arrived but I’m not sure that it made any difference. This hotel was not in a bad area of town but it was iffy. Older and sort of refurbished.

So I got to the hotel and as I walked up to the counter a young woman, dressed a little skimpy outfit walked past to the elevator. As I got to the counter a man, who had been leaning on a table went to the elevator. And while they did not enter together, there was no one else in the lobby and I thought “oh my”.

I actually had a nice room on the 10th floor, a 1 bedroom suite. If I sat on the couch in the living room, toward the window then I could look out over Lake Ontario. The tower in Toronto was visible during clear days. That was where I worked in the afternoons writing up my estimates.

That 1st night I woke up to yelling outside. I looked out the window and here were 2 women yelling “stop”, walking down the middle of the street. There were no cars around so it was not apparent to whom they were yelling.

One of the last mornings I was there the fire alarms went off at about 6am. Over the speakers/alarms the staff was assuring us that they were investigating and would update. I looked out the door but there was no smoke. Fire engines arrived on my side of the hotel, sirens blaring, the smoke alarms still going off and I made the decision to hike down the 10 flights of stairs. If there was a fire I wasn’t going to be stuck on the 10th floor. I looked around at what I should take; I grabbed my camera bag containing the good camera and grabbed my personal laptop. I decided to leave the work laptop; not my property, not my problem.

Out in the hall another couple was trying to decide what to do; the woman could not walk well at all. I told them I’d take up the rear in the event there was a true emergency then I could help carry her. So down we started. As we went down more people joined us on the stairs. That was the longest 10 flights I’ve walked.

There was no fire, just a big adventure.

The place was sold and the new owners wanted to renovate so there were no rooms when I went to extend my stay. Off to new places.

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Working in Toronto

Toronto was quite an adventure. There had been a huge rain storm flooding basements that were, for the most part finished and used as living areas. I like these sorts of claims as they do not require a ladder to carry around. An adjuster can just walk down to the basement an do the inspection, not burn up on a hot roof.

The people were, for the most part, really nice. Many would insist that I have coffee or would have a plate of cookies on the table and coffee made and we would need to sit down briefly before starting to inspect. Since I can’t eat wheat I couldn’t eat the cookies but that was probably better for keeping some extra weight off.

Then, there was the town idiot who thought that even though I have a husband and family that I’d maybe like to really be with him. He called and asked what was going on with his claim. I told him that it would be submitted soon and gave him the cost I’d calculated. He then told me that his son, a musician, was playing and he really wanted for me to see his son play. I thanked him and was sure it would be a good concert since it was his son but I was busy and actually would likely be gone by then. I didn’t bother to tell him that I really wasn’t into him.

As I was driving to the airport to leave for home he called and asked again what was going on with his claim. I told him that he’d need to call the office as I was leaving for home at that moment. He said “but my son is going to play in a concert and I wanted you to see him”. I was the bearer of bad news when I told him that I’d really rather see my own sons and my husband! Alas, the breaker of hearts!

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Ups and downs of Being an Independent

Working as an independent isn't always easy.


The good news is that I woke up to power this morning but it was still windy and rainy. The wind and rain gave way to a beautiful day.

I had received all of 6 claims up until this morning so I was quite concerned that I’d be making enough money here to cover my costs. I mean really who has earthquake insurance here. I was so upset about the few claims but then calculated and determined that I would probably make the advance that I’m supposed to receive, and soon I hope.

I spoke to the supervisor on this storm and he told me that he had 2 catastrophe adjusters here; one to work Virginia and myself to work D.C. and Maryland. He thought that we would be receiving more claims before the whole thing is over. I had my doubts but didn’t express them. I thought to myself “I’ll hopefully be on a plane this next weekend to go home”.

Even though we had some wind here from Irene, I really doubted that there would be work from the hurricane. Since late morning I have received 5 hurricane claims. Now I don’t have a ladder to inspect roofs which means that I’ll need to buy one that will fit in this little rental car. Fortunately I won’t need one until Wed so I can buy one on Tues.

Tomorrow morning my room is up here in Fredericksburg so I’ll need to move. When I spoke to the supervisor today he suggested that I move to Annapolis which would be lots closer to claims rather than Frederick. I’d actually started to get a room in Frederick yesterday but then just hesitated and then hesitated again today. This turns out to be a good thing since Annapolis is much closer to my claims.

I did check out campgrounds near Annapolis for both tomorrow and for when Dale comes in two weeks. I may have to check it out sooner than later.

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