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Exploring the Whistler Area

Hiking in the Whistler area and spending time in the village

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We stopped in Squamish for our usual coffee and gluten-free brownies, then, moved on up to an RV park closer to Whistler. This RV park is located on the side of a hill and we love the sites that look over the valley.
We spent the next 3 days hiking new trails and visiting the Whistler Village. The leaves were changing and a chill was in the air. One day it was snowing on top of the mountain, we had visions of skiing.

While walking in the village around we found a store “Ecologyst” with clothing made from organic fabrics and most everything made in Canada. Unfortunately, we hadn’t planned to buy a new wardrobe so we only touched the silky soft fabrics and drooled. In the “Amos and Andes” we found hand-knit sweaters that we must have someday and at Roots, we looked at new bags that we are sure that we need.
At Benz Coffee, we like to sit at the window counter and look out at the Plaza with our coffee. We feel very decadent! It’s always a must-stop for us.
I took Dale to a waterfall at Narin Falls, this is a waterfall at the campground where we camped at with grandkids a few weeks ago. Grandkids and I walked had walked to it without Dale. The waterfall is a nice afternoon walk so I was glad he could see what we’d seen.
The Whistler Interpretive Forest is just south of the village and there is a trail that runs from the Interpretive Forest to the village. The main trail is paved and we waked about 1-mile in. We were joined by bicyclists, runners, and other walkers. The trail is steep in places and we were huffing and puffing. There is a dirt bike trail along most of the trail we walked on which was steep and crazy.
There is a dirt trail through the Interpretive Forest with signs that point out various plants and trees. This is a nice easy trail but probably not for wheelchairs. I loved the branches covered with moss laying on the ground.

The final day we drove past Pemberton, looking to see if there was any land or houses that we’d be interested in buying. We drove this road to Alaska so a little beyond Pemberton we remember the road being steep and narrow, not something we’d be happy to drive in the winter.

We didn’t find anything that would interest us to buy. It appears that most of the ground is on First Nation’s land and we didn’t see anything that would work for us.

We went back to the village where we bought British Columbia Ice Wine and for one last coffee.

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Business and Play in Vancouver

A day spent in offices and another day visiting local ski resorts

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I need to spend time in Canada in order to keep my Permanent Residence or qualify for Citizenship, so it made sense to spend a week and start to figure out some of the info we need for our eventual move. We thought that we’d stay in Vancouver for a few days.

We started our Monday morning at the Canadian version of the DMV. We were going to start the process of obtaining our drivers’ licenses but then decided we’d better wait as we were not ready to give up our California licenses.

From the DMV we went to the provincial insurance company with a list of questions about importing our cars. Needless to say, some of the procedures are different so we had to sort through those issues. We didn’t make it down to immigration but we still need to find out how much it will cost to import the sports cars. Hopefully, we can find some answers by phone.

Although we do not anticipate living in Vancouver, we did want to visit the local ski resorts. We have been to Whistler and planned to go there again, but we have heard about the local resorts and were anxious to check them out.

On Tuesday morning we packed up a lunch and started at the furthest one from our campground, Cypress Mountain, 30 min away. We walked around looking at the ski slopes and maps. Then we happened upon a trail, a loop around the Yew Lake.
The 1.5-mile trail is an easy walk and although the trail is not paved, we did see someone pushing another person in a wheelchair. The lake is quite beautiful, however, the light was not great so photos, while fine, are not great.
From Cypress, we drove another ½ hour or so to Grouse Mountain. Our Vancouver friends ski Grouse and had lots of good things to say. Unfortunately, the parking was not free and one must take a gondola to the mountain so we could not see anything. We decided that we’d just come up and ski sometime in order to check it out.

Our last resort to check was Mt. Seymore. We did not find a hiking trail but did walk around. The resort reminded us of Shirley Meadows, the resort near Bakersfield. It did look like a great little place to take some of the younger grandkids.
We hope to return to Vancouver in January and actually ski some of the ski resorts.

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Visits to Pemberton and Penticton, BC

Visiting places where we might want to live

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As I was waiting for my Permanent Residence Card to arrive, we planned to stay in Canada for 2 weeks. We hoped that it would arrive within that time frame as instructions were that I could not enter the again country without it.
We did grandkids activities for 1 week, then because my card had not yet arrived, Dale took Zoey and Fynn across the border, back to their parents. We decided that we’d take this opportunity to see for ourselves just what the duty would be for bringing wine with us. Those of you who know us well know that between the wine clubs we belong to, we have quite a few cases of wine.

Dale met up with Clayton and Jen and returned their 2 kids, then he headed for a Costco and bought 6 bottles of wine. Well, we learned that we will not try to bring our wine with us in to Canada. Two bottles were duty-free and the remaining 4 bottles totaled about $55.00. The duty was about $50 Canadian. Not a great deal!!

Prior to this trip, we started looking at areas we might want to live in. We thought that this week would be a good time to start looking at these areas. A friend gave me a list of cities that seemed to be a good fit for us to land in. We then sat down with our Vancouver friends and their feeling was that the cities would have too harsh of a winter. In addition, they were further than we felt we had time to visit.

Our Vancouver friends suggested that we visit Pemberton (just north of Whistler) and Penticton, (south of Kelowna).

We loved the little town of Pemberton, the farm fresh food was great. We skied Whistler last year and loved it, however, it was a bit confining in the town with tall mountains all around. We visited the 2 grocery stores and found organic food and lots of gluten-free items. We were told that the farmers market features good fresh local produce.
We then went onto Penticton, about a 6-hour drive from Vancouver. Penticton is in the Okanagan Valley, just north of the Montana border. The city borders the Okanagan Lake.

The Okanagan Valley appears to be home to many smaller communities where various fruits are grown. There are about 300 wineries with about 90 in the Penticton area. We found a favorite for only $14 Canadian and are most anxious to visit the winery.

Along the river, there is a great ice cream shop housed in a small structure shaped like a peach and called The Peach. A great kid play structure is located just off of the shore with slides that go into the water and a small climbing wall. We were told that the farmers market stretches for several blocks, starting at the river.
3 ski resorts are fairly close by, one only 45 minutes away and Banff is 6 hours away.

We will come back in the winter and try various ski resorts, then will come back in the spring and stay through the summer. We want to make sure that summers are not too hot.

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Another Day, Another Museum in Vancouver

The Space Museum

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Today was a trip to the Space Museum with a planetarium show. Kids were excited because they’d never seen a planetarium show.

The show today was on the nursery where stars are born. As we were watching this amazing show, it was very quiet. All of a sudden Emilio said “Oh Wow” over something shown. People in the audience laughed. It was cute, but then he is our grandson so why wouldn’t we think that.

The space museum is not as large as the Science World, but it has things that trigger interest. A replica space suit that kids can stand behind and pose in, replica space boot prints that kids can stand in and a machine to give a little perspective on weightlessness. There is an asteroid that people can try to lift and a moon rock to touch.
A science student from the local college was on hand to answer questions. Fortunately, we were some of the only people there at that time. Zaya and Fynn sat down at the table across from the student and peppered him with questions. They discussed everything from black holes to stars and space travel. We were surprised, however, that Zoey was telling people facts for a while after our visit.
When we had to leave, we thanked the student for spending so much time with the kids. He then thanked us because, he said, that most kids don’t ask questions and he loves to discuss space.

The following day was Zoey and Fynn’s last day with us. Dale would drive them back into the US on Saturday morning. We let Zoey buy ice cream bars for the kids, they ate smores for dinner, and they got to swim as long as they wanted. We did laundry and cleaned up the RV as it was quite messy by then.

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2 Days in Victoria

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I have become negligent in my blogging so now must catch up.

A few years ago we took Zaya for tea at the Banff Springs Hotel. She loved it so much that we thought it might be fun to have high-tea in Victoria with the 4 grandkids. We love Victoria anyway, so it seemed a good fit.

We really wanted to have tea in the Empress, as that is probably the equivalent to the Banff Springs. Alas, there were no reservations available and we were forced to look elsewhere for our high-tea. We found several recommended in Google so, Sunday afternoon, we started out, kids dressed in their camping finest.

We went to the highest recommended but it was closed, as was the 2nd. Finally, we found a tea house, in Chinatown, that was open and ready for the 6 of us. Kids didn’t know that there was any place better, they were completely impressed with their china teacups and tiered trays of little sandwiches and desserts. They thought that this was a buffet of food.
The following day we went to the Royal Museum where downstairs the exhibit of the Mayas was most interactive. Small samples were made to match the original and had signs saying “please touch”. Kids would touch and look at the originals with a new understanding.

Upstairs, the kids thoroughly enjoyed the natural history area, fascinated with a mastodon, seals and other animals before their eyes. They panned for gold, and with the help of a docent, found a gold nugget! https://royalbcmuseum.bc.ca/visit/exhibitions/modern-history-gallery
The Grand Hotel was visited over and over, with plans of where to stay and where to shop. They wanted to get on the train but it wouldn’t stop, so we spent lots of time there while they tried to buy tickets in their imagination. We spent the entire day at the museum, many times going over the same exhibits, they couldn’t get enough.
To finish off the day, kids discovered their beloved Maple Syrup lollipops at the museum gift shop.

The Royal Museum is a must-see for anyone visiting Victoria!

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