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Road Trip to The California-Mexico Border


Before leaving for Oregon I applied for Global Entry passes for Dale and I. When we travel for work I usually carry lots of equipment and it is always a worry when I get stuck in security and my equipment goes on down the line. We also hate the lines in security.

We’d hoped to go thru the interview process in San Francisco or Portland but there were no interview openings until July and August. We got our Conditional Approval while we were at the South Beach. I looked again for interview openings but when there was nothing in Northern CA, I secured interview appointments down in El Centro for Wed afternoon.

Our plan was to go to El Centro via Anza Borrego on Tues, then drive to El Centro for the night. On Wed, we would go to our interview then return home thru Joshua Tree. We’ve been wanting to go thru these 2 parks for several years so this would be a good excuse.

We arrived home from Northern Cali on Monday, repacked and left again on Tues morning. We’d planned to take our RV but then last minute decided to leave the RV at home and hotel it.

The drive down to Anza Borrego was beautiful. We were surprised and wished we were in a sports car instead of our truck. We could imagine driving on the 2 lane roads winding thru the hills, flying low! Someday.
We were so surprised in Anza Borrego. There were so many flowers, so much green. http://www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=638 I had Dale to stop several times for photos.

We made it down to El Centro and after checking into the hotel got a recommendation to eat at D’poly. As it turns out there are 2 restaurants, one a taqueria. We went to the taqueria, as recommended. A little place but great food.

We made our interview and it was as others had posted, simple and quick. We were out in about 15 minutes. Now we had to wait for our passports to be linked.

We started for home but had to have another meal at D’poly, this time, the restaurant. Again the restaurant was hardly larger than the taqueria and food was so good. Dale was the only non-Hispanic in the place.

We drove home via Joshua Tree. https://www.nps.gov/jotr/index.htm. We were under pressure to get home but stopped at several pull outs in the park. The cactus were beautiful and unusual. At the last pull out I stopped to shoot photos of some rocks. As I was shooting I realized there were Big Horn sheep running around the rocks. I’d read that it is unusual to see them.

Nearly too late I remembered my telephoto lens, I ran back to get the lens but then only got one photo. This was a sad lesson on why I need to carry all this stuff, even when it is across a road.

We will return to both Anza Borrego and Joshua Tree, hopefully, next spring. Next time we will camp in the RV for several days at each place.

Now for our next trip.

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