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A Wildlife Cruise

Taking a wildlife Cruse

overcast 50 °F

Day 9

So the day started as overcast and drizzle, not a great day for a wildlife cruise but kids didn't seem to care. They were only thinking of the wildlife we might see.

We got on the boat, an early cruise at 9a.m and our caption met us at the gangplank, a short, balding heavy set man with a hook for a hand. He started right in with the 3 kids and had us already laughing.

The air was cold seas were a little “rollie” as our captain put it so we stayed inside but then he'd see something and all of us would shoot out the door onto the deck. There were only about 20 people in the entire party so we could all scramble out quickly.

We did see a couple of humpback whales initially but the were being very “shy” and “uncooperative” so we went on. Dale and I were becoming discouraged as we were so anxious for kids to see some animals. Kids on the other hand had found the free tea and saltine crackers so making cups of tea with plenty of sugar and stuffing on the saltines. These were much better than the snacks we'd brought.

We did get to the seals, huge seals, mother otters with their babies on their stomachs, mother mountain goats with their babies in tow, and then a wonderful whale nearby. The finally were the porpoises who swam with us darting in and out under the bow of our boat, blowing at us and jumping beside us.

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