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Concerts in Salzburg

A day with 2 concerts in Salzburg

Dieter called early to say that the car was in the shop so they would meet us for dinner in the old city as we offered to share our free meal with them. This freed us up for the day to do as we wanted, but actually we had stops that we really wanted to make, plus a concert that we’d seen advertised.

We started with a second visit to the Salzburg Cathedral “The Dom” just to look up to the dome and to see again the place where Mozart was baptized as a baby. “The Dom” is an amazingly impressive Cathedral; the dome was destroyed during the war but rebuilt, while a very small area of the structure is from 774, it was mostly destroyed by fire. The structure is not so Baroque as some but the statutes are much larger so that it takes your breath away to see. This would be amazing place to visit on a Sunday morning but alas we will be in Vienna by then.

After another ride up the hill to the fortress we got to visit some of the rooms. I especially wanted to see the torture chamber but alas I learned that it really wasn’t used for that. Still the view from the top was great.

Upon arriving in Salzberg we’d learned about a Mozart concert taking place every afternoon at 3p.m in the Residence. As we’d been to the Mozart Residence I assumed that it was taking place there but we found out that it was actually at a place in St. Peters called the Residence where the Arch Bishop lives. We were not able to go before so today we were planning our time around this concert.

After the fortress we still had a couple of hours and had worked up an appetite and were thirsty so thought that we’d hit the beer hall reported to the ‘beer hall of all beer halls’. We walked very quickly to the beer hall as it was several minutes away only to find that it did not open until 3pm. So tired, thirsty and hungry we turned back to the city to find the concert.

We found, thru asking lots of people, where the concert was and made sure that we were first in line, then got the best seat. The venue was held in a small room, probably built in the 1300’s or so with arched ceilings. A harpsichord was in a corner with chairs set up on 2 sides.

At 3 p.m. the director of music (I think that is his position) came in and gave a little lecture on the instruments used during Mozart’s time. Then the harpsichordist came in to play a selection of pieces including the minuet written by Mozart when he was 6 years old. It is simple now but when one thinks that he was so young it is very impressive. This concert was quite fun as it was a very old instrument played in a very old room with about 20 people in attendance.

As we were walking around we saw the Director of Music putting up signs for another concert, this one at 7p.m. with tickets going on sale at 6 or so. The music was 2 Mozart piano sonatas to be played by a Russian pianist.

We arrived 1st once again to purchase the tickets and once again the Director took us to where the best seats would be. This room was in the St. Peters with arched ceilings but set up in one long corner of the room. The piano was set up in the center with seats on 2 sides and about 30 people were in attendance at this concert, our seat about 10’ away from her right hand.

The pianist was a young woman who was from Russia but studied at Julliard and she was amazing. She walked in with no music, sat down and started playing. The hands glided over the keys without any effort, it seemed that she wasn’t hitting the keys just by looking at her hands. She produced strong powerful sounds and then the softest sounds with barely a touch. Both Dale and I were so moved by her music.

Dieter had phoned on my cell phone earlier that the car was still in the shop so we went to dinner after the concert on our own. This was the free meal given to us by the Hotel for all of the hassles we had at our arrival. We just bought the bottle of wine and drank the entire bottle, but the hotel was just a short walk so we didn’t care. But what a great last day in Salzburg.

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Salzburg; Old Town & New Town

A day walking thru both the old and new towns

IMG_4623.jpgDieter and Inge had driven to Salzburg the day we left them so had checked out our hotel and the area already. They arrived in our room as we were packing up our belongings for the room change later. It was good to see familiar faces after the drama from the night before.

Inge wanted to show us the Mirabell Gardens first so we went thru the gardens, she had some idea for some photos which I wasn’t too sure of because of the skyIMG_4684.jpg but from a little hill behind the garden we had a wonderful view of the garden and of the fortress hill in the background. It was in these gardens that Do-Re-Me from “The Sound of Music” was sung, however we did not go for that reason as some people do.

Before we left the U.S. I consulted the travel books and had a list of places that I wanted to visit and knew that Dale would like most of them. The guide book had map pages for each category so the section for best places was marked with the ones we wanted to visit. I reviewed this with Dieter and Inge as I knew they would have other ideas which we did not want to discount but plans would not include paying to enter sites.

As we came out of the Mirabell Gardens we found that we were right across the street from Mozart’s residence, that is the place that the family lived from 1773-1780. The home is filled with manuscripts, Mozart’s instruments, and the audio guide played various pieces of music as we walked. We spent more time that what the book suggested but we were moved to tears by the experience.

A quick walk across the foot bridge and we were in the Old Town; several centuries old as opposed to only a few. We were all starving but I really wanted to eat at Stiftskeller St. Peter’s from the year 803 and reported that Charlemagne ate there. It was very cold in the vaulted areas but seated in the patio wasn’t so bad. We ate the meats as people have for centuries.

Dieter had the idea to take a carriage ride around the city so we shared the cost and took a very touristy tour of the old and new cities. Poor horses had to really kick it up when going along with the cars.

Dieter and Inge left us to the Café Tomaselli, a very old coffee shop from the year 1705 and frequented by Mozart. We sat on the Balcony people watching, drinking coffee and eating chocolates from “The Konditorei Furst” the place that 1st made the Mozart Ball and still make them by hand.

We then went to the Fortress for a sunset look. The Fortress interior was closed for the day but we were able to enjoy the balcony and a look over the city before a dinner at the little café by our hotel.

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