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Heading Home With Lots Of Stops

Heading east before heading west for home. Taking the long way.

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As I wrote, this storm was short lived. Because my claims were commercial, meaning businesses, I had lots of paperwork after inspections. I told my supervisor that we would be leaving the area on Sunday.

After finishing up our last inspection we met up with a cousin of a friend. We were introduced via Facebook but had never met in person. That was really fun to meet in person.
In the meantime, it became possible for our 9-year-old granddaughter, Zaya to join us. Our kids arranged a non-stop plane ride and we found ourselves a granddaughter at Raleigh-Durham Airport.


We drove away from our campsite on Sunday, ready for a long trip home. Dale and I had stops we wanted to make, but, since Zaya was joining us, we changed our itinerary a bit.

First stop, Roanoke, The Lost Colony. I was there when I worked in Virginia and brought a friend to travel home with me. The two of us had never heard of the place but someone told us we had to visit. It was most interesting to learn about how the British sent several groups of people and how the last group simply disappeared. https://www.firstcolonyfoundation.org/history/the-roanoke-colonies/

I thought that it would only take an hour or two for Zaya to get her Jr. Ranger badge and go thru the site. Nope! 4 hours later, after a complete examination of all exhibits, were we able to leave. But, all 3 of us had a great history lesson.
We found an RV park with a site available for 1 night, by the beach. We’d save Kill Devil Hill for another day.

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On The Road For Hurricane Florence

Chasing the storm

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It seems like we were not home for long until we got the call out to go to work the Hurricane, Hurricane Florence that is.

I had photos spread over the dining room table and Dale had wheels off the Ferrari. We had to put everything back together, pack, clean the RV and get out. This time we had a few more days to get ready so we didn’t have to throw everything together.

Driving to Atlanta, the site of the induction, took longer than we’d wanted to take. It didn’t help that we bought some bad fuel along the way and limped into the next repair shop. But as it turned out, they knew exactly the problem and we were on our way within an hour.
Inductions are always fun, we get to see everyone we haven’t seen since the last storm. We take the time to catch up with everyone. Some people keep contact even between storms, but it is fun to see them.

It was here in Atlanta where we realized that we realized we had a slight problem. On the road, a truck pulled up next to us and was pointing to the rear. We pulled over on the shoulder and I ran back. I didn’t see anything, and we went on down the road. Well, what the guy was likely pointing to was, the cap on the bumper fell off allowing the sewer hose to fly out. The sewer hose, while taking off to the wild blue yonder, hit the license plate holder so that went flying away as well. So, we had no sewer hose or license plate.

The hurricane hit land as a very weak storm, it was mostly a water event. I was put onto a flood team, but those claims turned out to be wind damage and the flood damages were likely mostly small claims, as few homeowners have flood insurance here.
I did get some claims for fast food chains and those will go on for a while. But for the most part, there wasn’t much work to go around and it was over before it started.
Our excitement consisted of a cat-rescue. I was working outside at our picnic table for a change from the RV. A couple in a motorhome pulled into the site next to ours. The man was very nice, talking when he was hooking up the electrical, water and dump. The woman leaned out the driver’s window to say hi.

Not long after the woman yells to me out of the window, “Please come quick, get your husband, come quick, we need help” I yelled to Dale to come quickly and we ran into the neighbors RV.

The neighbors had a huge cat that got stuck inside the bed frame. The cat was quite distressed. The man was trying to tear apart the bed frame when we got into the rear bedroom. Dale helped with trying to disassemble the bed but then they realized that the frame was welded together, and it would not come apart.
The man wanted to try cutting the frame but Dale in a very calm voice said to let him try. He worked with the cat to get it onto it’s back and slowly pulled the cat out, inch by inch. We all were holding our breath.

The woman said that they had no children and the cat was their fur baby. They were both crying and loving on their cat when we left their RV.
Hopefully, they plug the hole that the cat used to get under the bed. It probably was not a happy traveler. But we were happy that we could help someone with a pet so important to their lives.

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The Birthday Backpack Trip Is Over

But we have a new plan for Glampacking!

sunny 73 °F

Nate, Bekki, and Camilo hiked out early taking the 2 youngest boys. They left Dale, Zaya and I to pack up as we wanted and hike out at our own pace. But, before they left, Jasper found Camilo’s stash of pop-tarts. He had quite a smile on his face when he was caught eating them up.
We were really tired of freeze-dried food and didn’t feel like cooking up a big breakfast, so we ate some snacks and started packing up. We took the time to enjoy our last moments of solitude.
The hike out was, at least at first, a nice stroll. We didn’t hurry along until clouds started gathering on the north and western horizons. Then the winds picked up. We have backpacked enough to know when to pick up the pace and we did.

Zaya was really great, she stopped every little while, pronouncing each place beautiful and pointed out some point of beauty. She was so glad to spot the Mulshy Meadow from the mountain, later pointing out where she thought that they had camped.
We ran out of water before the trailhead and it was quite warm, not to mention that my pack was super heavy. We were so happy when we saw Nate heading our way with a water bottle.

As we walked out, Dale and I discussed some new ideas for backpacking. We have decided that we will either hire people to carry our stuff or hire someone with a pack service with donkeys.

We told Nate about this plan and he had thought the same thing. He knows someone who does this with donkeys and thinks that the donkeys carry about 100# each. Do you know how much fresh, good food, and equipment I can pack in 100#? Talk about Glam-backpacking! I’m there!!!!

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Birthday Backpack Trip, Day 3

The lost family arrived in time for the birthday party

sunny 75 °F

Nate and family did not show up on Sat. We didn’t know if they couldn’t find us, or if they didn’t make it up to the area at all.

In the meantime, Lucian, our older grandson, woke up with a fever and sore throat. Justin decided that we should hike out.

Dale and I talked and decided that we did not want to hike out and go home. The weather was hot at home and we’d planned to stay until Monday. We gave Justin our extra items, took all of the leftover food and his stove. We had 2 backpacker meals plus the little bit of freeze-dried foods. We also kept the box wine and the port.

Dale and I were eating lunch when I caught sight of Camilo coming down the hill. We yelled to him and waved, sure enough, we were found. Then along came Zaya, she ran, throwing off her hat, sweatshirt and backpack as she ran. Lots of hugs, but more importantly they were out of water and thirsty and we had plenty.
After Zaya and Camilo reported that Bekki and Nate were completely out of water, Dale took off with containers of water and met them along the trail.

Nate and Bekki, with kids in tow, and you must know that the kids walked nearly the entire way; Emilio age 5 and Jasper age 3, arrived at the camp. Kids kicked off their shoes and ran down to the meadow to play in the water.
For dinner, we had fusion Mexican-Pho soup and Quesadillas made with Nate’s Sonora wheat. Then it was time for the party, a Twinkie birthday cake. As we didn’t want to set the forest on fire we did not set out 74 candles.
As for Nate, Bekki, kids and Camilo, they didn’t take the turn onto the Pacific Crest Trail but instead went down a steep trail to another side of Mulshy Meadow. They thought that they saw lights from us but it was someone else. Hence, the delay to our campsite.
Next backpack trip we are taking a good map and making sure that we are all on the same route.

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Birthday Backpack Trip, Day 2

Water becomes most important

sunny 75 °F

We had not camped near water, so we needed to reach our final destination sooner than later. Justin and his boys went to hike up a mountain while Dale and I hiked on to water.

Justin left directions that we would take a left at the junction, staying on the Pacific Crest Trail and should stop at either Mulshy Meadow or a mile or 2 further, Dutch Meadow. Both meadows would be by the trail with no signage.

Nate, Bekki, kids and family friend Camilo, were to arrive in the afternoon and hike until they found us. Nate had most of our food, so we were hoping that they would actually make it.

Dale and I hiked and hiked. Finally, after several hours we sat down on a log. The trail extended out beyond us and we could see that there was no meadow. We googled Mulshy and found that it was several miles behind us. Dutch Meadow did not even show up.
We started back on the trail and figured out where we’d missed the cut-off trail to Mulshy. After walking about 3 miles we noticed a meadow to our right, not right off the trail, but a short walk down the hill.

In the meadow we found water. We filled our empty water containers and discussed whether we should set up camp or not. Dale thought that kids would find us, I wasn’t so sure. To be conservative, we started back to the cut-off to Mulshy.

We were hiking along when we saw our grandkids, then our son and his friend. They were out of water and hoping to find us. They reported that they had found Dale’s boot prints that started over to the cut-off and they went down that trail for a way. The trail to Mulshy was impossible to continue so they were hoping that we had headed on to Dutch Meadow.

We all hiked back to Dutch Meadow where we set up camp. Dale had the right hunch in this matter.
Nate and Bekki did not show up so we made a dinner using our remaining freeze dried veggies and beef jerky. Dinner wasn't bad, especially when washed down with our box wine. And stargazing with a glass of port is highly recommended.

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