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A Fall Trip

A 3-day trip that ended up being a 3-1/2 week trip

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Dale and I each subscribe to a site on Facebook called 395. This is a site for people to post and\or enjoy photos from areas off of the 395. For those of you who don’t know what 395 is, it is a highway that runs from north of Los Angeles to Canada, on the east side of the Sierra Mountains. It accesses Mt. Whitney to the west and Death Valley to the east.

We’d been home about a week from the grandkids trip and the trip to Morro Bay. We had checked Facebook and were admiring the photos posted on the 395 site. We both, at the same time, said to each other that we should go to see the leaves changing off of the 395.
We thought that we’d take a short trip up to our favorite spots, North Lake and South Lake. These are areas that we have backpacked out of before; North Lake before we were married and then with kids and South Lake in recent years. The leaves turn beautiful colors around these lakes in the autumn.

We had an appointment for Friday so we thought we could just throw everything into the RV and leave after the morning appointment. We’d already cleaned the RV up from our last trip so it just needed to be packed.

We realized that we would need to see my mom on our way out so that would be our 1st stop. Then about Wednesday, we realized we’d be ½ way to Nate and Bekki’s so it made sense to continue north. Of course, then we’d be nearly to Clayton and Jen’s in Oregon so may as well stop there, then being only 5 hours from Seattle we may as well see Dale’s cousin Norman, then we may as well go on into Canada and start scouting around for an area to live.

We let kids know that we’d stop at their house, in Oregon in time for Clayton’s birthday. We’d probably need to have a meal together. Well after letting Clayton and Jen know our plan they asked if we could be at their house on Sunday, Oct. 5th and stay for a full week as they would need help that week.

Our trip expanded from 3 days to nearly 4 weeks in the matter of a day. We expanded it further when we decided that friends should join us at the end of our trip with a stop back in the Sierra’s.

We quickly packed the RV, now with cool weather clothes and warm weather clothes. It took a little longer to pack then we’d hoped but were able to leave Friday afternoon.
By the time we got to see my mom, it was nearly 3 pm. We visited for an hour and took off. We’d decided that we’d only drive to Red Rock Canyon 1-1/2 hours. We wanted to stop while it was daylight for our 1st night out.

Red Rock Canyon is a favorite place, we have camped there with our boys, their friends, the neighbor girls, and grandkids. There are no hookups, no cell service for the internet, only wind and quiet. It was a great place to stop for the start of our trip.

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An Old Car and An Old Friend

Driving our Jag to celebrate a friend's 100th birthday

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We had to rush home from Canada because we had a 100th birthday party to attend for a family friend. We’d taken our Jag over to British Sports Cars to get a new top before leaving on our trip. We figured that we’d get that done while we were on our trip to Canada.

Our grandson came from work on Thurs evening and Friday morning we left early for the coast. He loves the Jag so he is always ready for a look at the old girl.
We picked up the Jag and drove off to the 1st of the parties, in Los Osos at the park. We found our friends that Dale has known since they were children. Our friend’s children were there, some we haven’t seen in 30 years and 1 daughter for the 1st time. We exchanged text numbers, facebook info, and Instagram info.
We were invited to a party that evening. The party was in a home in the foothills of Arroyo Grande and included dinner. We’d brought a few things to share from our small ice chest, and a bottle of wine. The views were amazing and it was nice to sit and get to know some of the kids and catch up with friends.

The following day we went to the official party. We found Dale’s brother and sister-in-law who we haven’t seen in a couple of years and an old friend who we haven’t caught up with in several years.

While we were standing and visiting, someone came up with an elderly gentleman. We were told that he wanted to meet the owners of the Jag. He had worked on Jag parts many years ago and loved our car.

We insisted that Dale give him a ride and convinced him that his wife and daughter would be fine. Before he got into the car, he had a walk around it, oohing and awing. When he got into the car, he had a smile from ear to ear.
Dale gave him a ride of his life, stepping on the gas so that the car would leap out. I took photos and sent them to him so he could take the memory.

After the party, we were invited to our Moro Bay friend's house where our brother and sister-in-law were staying. We talked into the night.
On Monday, we were invited to yet another party and BBQ. We were feeling festive because it was Dale’s Birthday. Dale was surprised with a birthday cake.

We’d met the host couple many years ago but didn’t keep in contact, we didn’t even know that we had much in common. We all love traveling the world and we all love New Mexico and the NM food. They have a house in New Mexico so we are anxious to visit when we make it there.

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Visits to Pemberton and Penticton, BC

Visiting places where we might want to live

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As I was waiting for my Permanent Residence Card to arrive, we planned to stay in Canada for 2 weeks. We hoped that it would arrive within that time frame as instructions were that I could not enter the again country without it.
We did grandkids activities for 1 week, then because my card had not yet arrived, Dale took Zoey and Fynn across the border, back to their parents. We decided that we’d take this opportunity to see for ourselves just what the duty would be for bringing wine with us. Those of you who know us well know that between the wine clubs we belong to, we have quite a few cases of wine.

Dale met up with Clayton and Jen and returned their 2 kids, then he headed for a Costco and bought 6 bottles of wine. Well, we learned that we will not try to bring our wine with us in to Canada. Two bottles were duty-free and the remaining 4 bottles totaled about $55.00. The duty was about $50 Canadian. Not a great deal!!

Prior to this trip, we started looking at areas we might want to live in. We thought that this week would be a good time to start looking at these areas. A friend gave me a list of cities that seemed to be a good fit for us to land in. We then sat down with our Vancouver friends and their feeling was that the cities would have too harsh of a winter. In addition, they were further than we felt we had time to visit.

Our Vancouver friends suggested that we visit Pemberton (just north of Whistler) and Penticton, (south of Kelowna).

We loved the little town of Pemberton, the farm fresh food was great. We skied Whistler last year and loved it, however, it was a bit confining in the town with tall mountains all around. We visited the 2 grocery stores and found organic food and lots of gluten-free items. We were told that the farmers market features good fresh local produce.
We then went onto Penticton, about a 6-hour drive from Vancouver. Penticton is in the Okanagan Valley, just north of the Montana border. The city borders the Okanagan Lake.

The Okanagan Valley appears to be home to many smaller communities where various fruits are grown. There are about 300 wineries with about 90 in the Penticton area. We found a favorite for only $14 Canadian and are most anxious to visit the winery.

Along the river, there is a great ice cream shop housed in a small structure shaped like a peach and called The Peach. A great kid play structure is located just off of the shore with slides that go into the water and a small climbing wall. We were told that the farmers market stretches for several blocks, starting at the river.
3 ski resorts are fairly close by, one only 45 minutes away and Banff is 6 hours away.

We will come back in the winter and try various ski resorts, then will come back in the spring and stay through the summer. We want to make sure that summers are not too hot.

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Another Day, Another Museum in Vancouver

The Space Museum

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Today was a trip to the Space Museum with a planetarium show. Kids were excited because they’d never seen a planetarium show.

The show today was on the nursery where stars are born. As we were watching this amazing show, it was very quiet. All of a sudden Emilio said “Oh Wow” over something shown. People in the audience laughed. It was cute, but then he is our grandson so why wouldn’t we think that.

The space museum is not as large as the Science World, but it has things that trigger interest. A replica space suit that kids can stand behind and pose in, replica space boot prints that kids can stand in and a machine to give a little perspective on weightlessness. There is an asteroid that people can try to lift and a moon rock to touch.
A science student from the local college was on hand to answer questions. Fortunately, we were some of the only people there at that time. Zaya and Fynn sat down at the table across from the student and peppered him with questions. They discussed everything from black holes to stars and space travel. We were surprised, however, that Zoey was telling people facts for a while after our visit.
When we had to leave, we thanked the student for spending so much time with the kids. He then thanked us because, he said, that most kids don’t ask questions and he loves to discuss space.

The following day was Zoey and Fynn’s last day with us. Dale would drive them back into the US on Saturday morning. We let Zoey buy ice cream bars for the kids, they ate smores for dinner, and they got to swim as long as they wanted. We did laundry and cleaned up the RV as it was quite messy by then.

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A Day at Science World

Back to Vancouver and more museums.

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We’d hoped to get an early start to the day, as we wanted to get to the mainland early. But with 4 kids and an RV to pack up, early is subjective.

We just missed one ferry so we parked the truck and RV in the proper lane then took kids to run at a playground close by. Kids ran around pretending that the ground was an ocean. Zoey rode her sea horse while the others were fish or fishing.
Once onboard the ferry, kids went to hear a naturalist program while Dale and I drank Cappuccinos. We ran into an off-duty ship captain who gave us lots of info as well, on where to spot seals and other wildlife. We didn’t spot much so the kids made themselves happy with ice cream.
Once on the mainland, we let kids swim in the indoor pool and play at the playground.

We had 2 museums that we thought would be great for kids, one a hands-on science museum and the other a space museum. We decided to go to the science museum first. https://scienceworld.ca/

The science museum is a 2 story complex with every kind of puzzle or experiment a person can think of. There are also exhibits of bugs; cockroaches and pregnant cockroaches, stick insects, and so on, that kids think are great to see.
It is a great place because kids can be let loose and find the things that interest them. We sat and drank coffee while kids would run past us from one experiment to another. Once in awhile, we’d catch up with one or 2 but usually, it was kids just going back and forth.
Downstairs in the center, there are demonstrations that go on every so often. Zaya helped a chicken to fly while Fynn put a marshmallow in a vacuum chamber to show what would happen. There were demonstrations with raw eggs balanced, bubbles, balloons and so forth.
There is also a great playground next door to the museum. Kids went on the zip line over and over. We were all exhausted by the end of the day.

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