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July 2015

A Visit To A Volcano

a visit to Mt. St. Helens

sunny 80 °F

On to Washington and 1st stop Mt. St. Helens.

As I wrote in an earlier blog, our granddaughter was anxious to see a volcano and here was a big one.

We arrived and planted our RV at the KOA close to the monument, ate some lunch and went off the see the mountain.

The Johnson Observatory is located on Johnson Ridge. This is the ridge where Volcanologist, David Johnson observed the volcano blowing and it is named after him. http://www.mountsthelens.com/visitorcenters.html http://www.fs.usda.gov/mountsthelens http://www.mtsthelensinfo.com/about

At first Zaya was not so impressed, there wasn’t lava running out. Poor girl. We arrived in time to see a ranger speak in front of the volcano. He passed out various types of lava rocks that Zaya found interesting feeling the difference.

Then off to the Junior Ranger program. This was the last one for the day and most people were gone from the mountain so there were only 2 other girls. The program is held in the amphitheater, located on the edge of the ridge. The 3 girls each had great fun, Zaya played Johnson Ridge in the demonstration of how the mountain blew. She was then all talk of volcanos.

Tuesday we were back at the mountain mid-morning. The weather was still cool so it was a perfect time.

Again we got there just in time for a ranger talk, this one was a little different so we learned a little more. We also brought our binoculars so we were able to see the “bowl” and the ice field.

Another Junior Ranger program was to start soon and Zaya wanted yet another badge so off we went. Again Zaya played Johnson Ridge and was quite the pro! The ranger on this program did a small demonstration on how the gas built up and blew using a small, old-fashioned, film canister, red dye, water and a stomach antacid tablet. The kids thought it was amazing.

After the program we were walking up to watch the movies in the visitors center and I was wondering about some steam coming off the Mt. Zaya told us that she could answer any questions we would haveIMG_20150706_171017492.jpgIMG_20150706_164931031.jpg as she knew all about volcanos. So now we have a pro on our hands.

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A Little Hiking

Hiking or trying

sunny 98 °F

Sunday was our last day in Oregon and we spent the morning at Multnomah Falls, a place that Clayton and Jen have been to before.

The park has a paved trail to the top of the falls, however, much of it is steep. The trail to the top is a little over a mile and we got within .8 miles. Fortunately for us, kids pooped out so we had a little excuse for not reaching the top. For the 1st time in months, I got to actually take my time shooting photos. I’d forgotten how I enjoyed my camera.

We’ve had a wonderful family time, but now it is time to leave and move onto the next leg.

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Downtime with the Family

Taking a little downtime

sunny 100 °F

We arrived in Oregon City by 10pm. We were happy to get out of the car, after about 14 hours, and have some wine with our son and daughter-in-law. Grandkids were happy to be together at last.

It has been fun to just take some down time even though I’ve had and still have work to complete. It is also a time to re-group for the next few weeks. We threw things into the RV before leaving so now we can actually put stuff away before we leave.

Oregon has such pretty city and state parks. City parks have water pads, and great playgrounds. I don’t understand why city governments, in other states, can’t invest in things for their children to do.

The kids love the water pads and run between the water and the playgrounds.

Yesterday we spent the morning at Eagle Fern Park, a park with a river running thru it. The river isn’t deep so the kids could walk across, but deep enough to float in an inner tube. There are walks one can take between the large trees and ferns. Cool and inviting and a break from the heat.

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Long Driving Days

Driving all day with kids, animals and the heat.

The downside and upside to long road trips are the long stretches of time in the car.

Yesterday started out well: breakfast with Julie then 2 hours later lunch with friends in Sonoma, Joe and Stephanie. Actually, Joe and I were co-workers when I was working all of the months in Nor Cal. We’d never met in person but spent lots of time on the phone, text and email plus facebook. It felt like meeting up with old friends.

We picked up our wine club shipment in Sonoma then started to the Santa Rosa area where we had 3 more wineries to pick up from. On the way our little chinchilla passed away. It was hot and he was old. We were so sad, he has been with us for many years but we were glad he was with us and not at home alone.

Of course we hit a ton of road delays, lots of work, lots of delays. Finally we had one winery left, an hour off of the main highway and nearly 5pm. The road to the winery is narrow, steep and it was so hot. They have 1-cent shipping to wine club members so we made the decision to have it shipped home after we return. It would have been nice to have the everyday wines on this trip but we will survive. The grocery stores have a good selection too.

We were disappointed when we couldn’t drive until midnight. We were tired and we didn’t want to sleep in the heat of Redding so stayed coastal.

And while we have lost our little Kerbs we have also greatly enjoyed our granddaughter. She has stayed with us for short times, usually with another grandchild or 2. But she has been quite the entertainer without knowing it.

She has been sitting for all these hours in the car. This morning for an hour or 2 she sang; sang songs in Spanish, then English, then sang while rolling her R’s. She told us that she wasn’t singing a real song, just singing words. She draws detailed pictures for hours, plays pretend jump-rope, talks pretend.

What a girl, and what a way to spend a vacation! Next stop, our son and his family in Oregon. We will be so glad to get out of the car!!! Both granddaughters are beside themselves for us to arrive so they can finally be together.

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