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July 2009

Grandkids Vacation is Cancled.

Dale's work is sabotaging our vacation.

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Kids had their 1st day of summer camp: computers, kick ball then swimming in the morning. Afternoon of kayaking, surfing and boggie boarding. We didn’t have much food to send, only a sandwich and water so they were starving after it was over. We went to Trader Joe’s and bought a ton of food for snacks and lunches for the rest of the week. By 8:30pm they were all asleep. Easy week for us.

I went back to Bakersfield and picked up Dale after dropping kids off. He has been swamped with his night job, a major pressure cooker these days. Now he was told he couldn’t take his vacation as he had requested. I know that we requested the days off before I left for Oklahoma, over 4 weeks ago. He was told today that he must give a request 4 weeks in advance. In reality there is no one to work for him as they are completely short of RN’s.

We are now trying to salvage our grandkids vacation. Good thing we didn’t go forward with the Alaska plans.

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First day of the Grandkid's trip

The first week of the grand kids trip


What a long day. We left at 6am for Santa Clarita to work the farmer’s market. We’d baked so many cookies only to find out when we arrived in S.C. that we were not yet approved to sell them. Seems that Nate forgot to tell me that he didn’t get all of the info into the market manager.

People actually came and asked for the cookies, one guy was specifically told by his daughter to pick up some. So we gave out cookies as samples building some good will I hope.

We came on to Santa Barbara where we will mostly be for the week. Grandkids have summer camp starting tomorrow at UCSB. They will have activities in the a.m. and then do a kayak/surfing camp in the afternoon. They are quite excited.

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Home Today, Gone Tomorrow

Home today, off to Santa Barbara tomorrow

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After driving all morning we arrived back home this afternoon. Got to talk to the neighbors about the local happenings. The lawn is looking sad, overgrown and brown, I’m sure our local watchdog is not very happy with us. Oh well I clean up next week. For now I’ve got to finish up the work I brought home and we leave for Santa Barbara tomorrow for a couple of days.

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A day in the Life of Taos

Spending a day in one of our favorite places in the world

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Taos is an eating extravaganza, and our plans were no different. We had limited time and lots to do. 1st eating sopapillas at Michaels along with Huevos Rancheros and a fresh green chili sauce, then a walk around the plaza to look for either a coyote or kokopelli sculpture for the backyard like we saw about 20 years ago. Wonder why we couldn’t find it or the store carrying the plate that we wanted to buy more of?
After walking off breakfast the sky was so beautiful we had to go down to St. Frances of Assisi’s and shoot some photos. I still haven’t done anything with my China photos so had to delete some photos from the camera card on the spot and make room for more photos. I’d forgotten to pack my poor old tripod so I had no tripod at all for the big camera. Oh well, I wanted some photos now so shot as many as I could.
Boy did we work up an appetite by then, plus it was 2pm and we had to eat some “blue corn enchiladas” before checking out by 5pm and hitting the road. So back to the plaza where we did a little more looking for the sculpture and dinner settings, then to a restaurant on the plaza. We got exactly what we wanted to eat and stuffed the whole meal in.
We did find out the very important information on pinion wood and when we can buy a load. We will plan to head back this fall for that and another round of eating and our firewood. Love Taos, it is one of my favorite places in the world.


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Abluquerque to Taos

We left Oklahoma, picked up Dale in Albuquerque and started to Taos via Santa FE


Twinks and I were on the road at 5:15a.m, on the way to Albuquerque, we had to pick up Dale at 12:40. We sailed along but I was watching the clock. Then I remembered that NM time was likely not the same as Oklahoma time. A rest stop was in order and after a quick bowl of cereal I found that the time was different so I had an extra hour to get to New Mexico.
We got into Albuquerque and down to the area but without thinking got off on the exit before Sunport Blvd. Of course there was road work going on so it was impossible to get back on the freeway for 1 more exit, we had to go several miles out of our way then come back up to the exit we needed.
We got into the airport and I thought that I’d just park quickly then find Dale. We went into an oversize area but there were no places for the truck and RV. Trying to get out of the lot was a major hassle as there was only a little area where the RV wouldn’t scrape the roof. A ticket person came out and helped guide me backing and forthing until I could get the rig out. He directed me to a lot across the street for RV’s.
I got into the next lot and a shuttle came up right away. I looked at the clock and told the guy wait, my husband is due in just a few minutes. I threw Twinks in the RV, locked the doors and jumped onto the bus. After picking up a few more people in the lot the driver asked who was in a real hurry and I told him “I am, my husband is due in at 12:40. Another passenger looked at his watch and said “well since it is only 11:40 you still have an hour”. Opps, I guess I was using Oklahoma time. I went back to the RV picked up my laptop and went on to the terminal.
Dale and I started up to Santa Fe when the traffic stopped. There was a car that had gone off the road and rolled over. We stopped quickly and Dale ran to help the driver as he is an RN. Then before our eyes another accident occurred. We were glad to get out of that accident alley.
We’d decided to eat at “The Shed” a place we’d found when kids were young but it was closed for the afternoon. Apparently many restaurants here open for lunch, then close at 2:30 only to re-open at 5 for dinner. We found La Casa Sena next door and had some wonderful mini fish tacos and mini buffalo burgers while sitting in the patio. We went into their wine shop and got some NM wine for our dinner. Then it was on to Taos.
We set up camp in a campground we’d stayed in before, right in town but then it was too late to eat dinner. Smith’s grocery had some great cheeses that went with our wine at the picnic table under the stars.

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