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June 2010

A Wolf Family

A Wolf family in Denali National Park


Day 14

I wanted to go in just to Eielson Visitor Center about 40 miles away and after everyone complained about going on another long bus ride decided to go by myself. At the last minute all decided to join me.

We hopped on a very early bus and on the way out to Eielson got a good view of the mountain, Denali. The mountain is so incredibly majestic and we were so lucky to see iIMG_3125_crop.jpgIMG_3086_crop.jpgt, we have had just small views of it to now but here was a massive view.

On the way back to the campground the bus driver stopped where she knew some wolves had a den. There on the river bar were 2 adult wolves and 4 pups. The pups nursed then played while we watched them. What a remarkable sight.

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Grand Slam in Denali National Park

Seeing one of every big thing.

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“A Grand Slam”, that is what our driver called it; when one sees the mountain, a lynx, snowshoe hare, bear, Dall Sheep, caribou, moose and wolf.

Because we are camped in Teklanika River Campground we were able to purchase a pass for each Dale and I to ride the bus; kids ride free. With this pass a person must reserve one ride but may ride on any other bus to any stop as long as there is room on that bus on any day while camping. Today we went as far back as the buses go, to Wonder Lake.

We were so concerned that the kids get to see the animals and we saw it all!!! The wolf and Denali were not that clearly visible but peeked out at us. As for the other animals we did see them but the most fun for all of us were the bears. We'd seen several bears including one a mother and 2 spring cubs where the cubs were playing and wrestling. Then on the way out we were going along and there, near the road was a mother and new cub. The cub was eating while the mother was nearby, then she laid down and rested while keeping an eye on her baby. It was so cute and kids were so thrilled.

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Teklanika Campground

Camping in Denali

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IMG_2959_crop.jpgDay 12

We came into Denali early afternoon only to find out that we could have gone into our site at 11a.m. We are camping in Teklanika, a campground about 30 miles into Denali National Park with about 60 sites. From here campers must stay for a 3 night minimum and may only hike or ride the Forest Service bus.

We found a campsite at the back edge of the 1st loop so that we face the river bar with about 50' of trees separating us from the bar. The bar has about 4 separate small rivers running thru it, the deepest about 1' deep. Wolves and bears are known to frequent the bar hence kids must carry walkie talkies at all times and yell frequently. Yelling frequently does not seem to be a problem as kids are constantly yelling at each other or at the dog.

The kids really like the campground and especially the bar area as they “mine” the glacial flour for something or another.

We are right next to the amphitheater so we got to attend a program the 1st night on the lynx and other animals in the area. The next program is Saturday on the faults in Denali.

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Equipment fits

Traveling with breakdowns

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Day 11

A most important part of traveling with grandkids is staying positive and focus on how to make the difficult situation work for you and your kids.

We are pulling a 24-1/2' fifth wheel, small but it fits in the state parks, a major point for us. We are a bit squished in but we really have all the room we need. We can stop when we want and dry camp as needed.

Before starting Dale had checked out everything possible to make sure each item was in good working order. We did buy new batteries for the RV and a couple of new tires. Unfortunately we could not afford to put all new tires on the truck and RV but we were sure that we could make it back home.

We had spent the 1st dinner with Justin and Jenavieve so didn't need hot water until the following evening when we found that the water heater did not work. Dale worked and worked with the heater settings but it would not start with propane. The water heater does work with electricity so we have enjoyed the moments with hot water when we have hook ups. Mostly we use the old fashioned method of heating water in a pot then adding it to the sink or bathtub.

Two days ago we found that our fridge had quit working and we could not get it re-lit at all. Dale called the RV repair where we have much of our work done and the owner gave Dale several suggestions, none of which worked. We gave up and decided to just put everything in the ice chest once the fridge started getting warm. We did bring along a large ice chest for the items that we couldn't fit in the fridge so have lots of room in it.

We decided to just make the best of the fridge and water heater not working and not fuss about it. Kids didn't care one way or another so it seemed better to not worry about these things either.

Last night we couldn't camp in Denali because there was no room so we went north to the next town where we found a campsite with hookups. Now our fridge works and we are just hoping for the best

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Hiking Exit Glacier

Trying to hike Exit


IMG_2946_crop.jpgDay 10

We'd planned to hike Exit Glacier today out to the Harding Ice Field, a strenuous 3.7 mile hike. Unfortunately it started raining last night so hiking was not a great option then at the rangers station we learned that the trail was still full of deep snow. We decided to just hike to the edge of the glacier.

The hike was mostly easy, kids ran part of the way. We took the scenic route leading out to the river, crossing a couple of times over logs. Kids got to feel the glacial waters, very cold!

We were standing by the glacier when Elias noticed a bear near the top. We watched the bear cross the top of the glacier, good thing it wasn't close to smell our smoked salmon we were eating.

We have renamed ourselves the Bear Family, as Christabel put it; “we like salmon and are blobs like the bears”.

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