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May 2017

Summer Trips, What Were We Thinking?

We promised to be lots of places this summer!

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Well, so much for blogging the remainder of our last trip. I suspect that I needed a break from the laptop. Instead of this blog, I started a photo blog which did not require a laptop or writing something intelligible.

We did return from a great trip to Canada and are now in desperate preparations for 5 summer trips. How did we get to this place? We wanted to have some time to breathe. Alas….

So our first trip will be to head back to Northeast Cali, actually just into Nevada, where kids now live. Our oldest grandson is graduating from high school and we must be there.

Because it will be boiling hot at home by then, from NE Cali we will head to the high country in Nevada, Great Basin National Park. Campsites are at the 7,000’ elevation. We do not have further plans for a few days but will figure it out as we go.

From Great Basin we will drive to Washington where we will meet up with our youngest son and his family, traveling up to Vancouver and back. We will travel with them as my parents did with us, meeting along the way.

We will be home for a couple of days before heading off to London and then Iceland where we will car camp for 2 weeks.

After Europe, another couple of days at home then, hopefully off to the Grand Canyon with Grandkids. That trip will include the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest.

Home for 1 day then off to the east side of the Sierras where we will backpack in for several days.

From the Sierras, home to wash clothes and repack the RV. Then off to Santa Fe where we will attend an opera at the Santa Fe Opera House. From Santa Fe, we will go where our spirits lead!

We intend to stay gone until the weather is nice at home. Of course, if a storm hits then we will head that direction.

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Adventures Await

semi-overcast 60 °F

A little over 1 week ago we left for yet again, another adventure. I inspected a couple of last claims as we headed north to Oregon. Now we are heading back to Oregon after a couple of days in NE California.

We have been driving for nearly 8 hours, are hungry and really tired of being in this truck. But not to complain, it is wonderful to be able to work on photos while Dale takes his turn driving, or do word games or just look out the window. Not having to work with my head in the laptop every minute is so amazing!!

Well, you are probably wondering what adventures we have encountered. And yes, we’ve had one doozy, one I’d really rather not repeat.
I always check our bank accounts, every morning 1st thing. Just to make sure that there are no nasty surprises.

Last week I checked our account to find that an electronic check, for the entire amount of our account was being processed. Not only were we out of state but heading soon out of the country with no cash. I called the bank but we couldn’t find out any information as the check hadn’t processed.

The following morning I checked the account and found that someone had taken our banking info and put another name on the check, wiping out our account. Fortunately, the bank reversed the funds but strongly suggested that we put a freeze on the account. We will deal with all of this when we get home.

I wrote a check to one of our sons, from another account for some cash and we have our cards, which charge no foreign transaction fees anyway.

2nd issue we found when we picked up our RV that we’d left at an RV park near Clayton’s. It had rained for 3 days and there on our newly warped kitchen counter top was a puddle of water. We apparently have 2 roof leaks. We will try to tape the roof and then have it repaired when we get home.

On the plus side, we’ve had great fun with grandkids and have enjoyed visiting with our kids. We’ve also had some beautiful weather for the last couple of days.

So we will just keep on moving down the road and see what awaits us. It’s always something.

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