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April 2009

Equipment for China

Photo equipment I'll carry to China

After working in Nola I was able to pick up my new camera. For a couple of years I’d wanted to buy a Canon 40D for my travels but, when I started looking, I found that the 50D would be out in about 1 month. I waited for the month and then ordered the 50D. This is a 15 mp, digital SLR.

The 50D is heavy but a great camera. It has manual and auto settings, depending on what is applicable. I have one lens that I’ll take, a 28-105 zoom. I have a 8gb memory card and plan to buy one or two more as I hope to shoot in RAW and in jpeg since each card will only hold 250 photos.

I’d hope to pick up a storage drive in order to copy all of the photos but unfortunately, having had no work come in for the last few weeks more equipment won’t be forthcoming before my departure in 3 weeks.

I’d also hoped to purchase a backpack camera case. I have now decided that a new case wouldn’t be necessary as we have a sturdy padded backpack that I bought on my last trip to China. It will hold my camera and case, and all has enough room for personal belongings.

I have a very old but incredibly great tripod that I was planning to carry, but my mom gave me my dad’s tripod which is much lighter and just as sturdy. The nice thing about my dad’s is that it is smaller and will fit into my carry-on bag. I’d just purchased a new bag for my old tripod and was going to feel very smug carrying a fancy tripod check-in bag and the new camera. Now I’ll send it back.

Alas I won’t be able to fool people into thinking I’m a professional photographer.

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Prepping for the trekking

Working out preparing for hauling the photo equipment around China

As I wrote yesterday I was going to the gym today working toward getting ready for trekking in China. I did put weights in my lightweight backpack, the one I carry every day instead of a purse, and went off to the gym.
I got to the gym and met the trainer at the entry but then the head of trainers, Frank, came by. I told Frank what I was going to do and that I had the weights in my pack. Frank said absolutely no, I was not to wear my backpack like that when working out, I’d hurt my back and wouldn’t work out at all.
Frank gave me a 25lb weight vest that I’m to use for my workouts, much safer as it Velcro’s, fitting close to the body. Then he sent me off to the treadmill where I walked at a steep incline for 30 minutes at 3 mph.
This is the workout I’ll do on days I go without my husband as we do strength and endurance training when we work out together. I’ll have him take a photo when we go back and I’ll post it.
Should be able to run up the Great Wall

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Working out

Preparing for treking up the Great Wall and other walks in China

As my husband and I were working out at the gym today I started thinking that I’d better get in a few extra workouts before heading off to China. I’ll be hauling my camera and tripod along in a backpack up the Great Wall and around the country.
I have a meeting with a trainer tomorrow morning at 10am to see about getting trimmed up once I’m home from China. I decided that I’ll load up my pack with weights and work out after meeting with the trainer.
After returning home I weighed my tripod and camera, which is about 7 pounds total. I’ll load up the pack with 10 pounds of weights and workout on the stairs and the treadmill at an incline.
Should get another good workout tomorrow.

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The Visa

applying for the visa

Finally, my new passport came in the mail yesterday.
I called Mike and he said that he is working in the Bay area still and hasn’t had any time to get in for his visa. I’ll take care of his when I get mine next week.
Downloaded the Visa application from www.visarite.com/China_Visa_Form.htm and filled it out on-line, then printed the app ready to take to the Chinese Embassy. For Mike, I mailed his that I partially filled out. He will leave the completed app at my moms and I’ll get it next week. My mom and I will make a day of it.
3-1/2 weeks to go!

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Preprations for China Part 4

Setting the itinerary for China

We had to go to Santa Barbara to take grand kids home on Sunday night so Nate and I thought that it would be a good time to start the final plans for the China trip which is only a month away.
Nate put our trip mostly together while I sat there; Beijing, Luoyang, Xian, Yangzhou, Three Gorges, he just needs to make sure of the flight schedules. I know that we will need to cut some activities in Beijing that I’d like to take Mike to like Temple of Heaven, Pearl Market, and the Summer Palace, but we have many places to go and see and so little time. I’m just not sure what we will have to cut, Tinamanim Square and Forbidden City are must see’s.
We will see what Nate comes up with for a final plan. Unfortunately 12 days is not many when trying to see China.

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